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B. Bell

28. Dezember 2016

This is "THE" Vocal chain for an expensive sound

Ever tried the 1176 followed by LA2A trick on vocal compression? Well don't because now you need to try the 1176 to Manley Voxbox vocal compression trick. 1176 first to stop peaks, then dial in this wonderful vocal box's EQ and the best De-Esser I've ever come across. The key is to make the De-Esser frequency the same frequency you add in the EQ section a la Pultec EQ. It gives you that crisp high end mixed with superb De-Essing. In a word, Awesome.


28. Dezember 2016

Gospel Beats

If you want your vocals to shine in your DAW, without loading your track with 4 or 5 plugins, I highly recommend this plugin. The presets are awesome, and instantly improve the sound of your vocals. This is the best sounding vocal plugin I have came across so far, don't really see any drawbacks, happy with my purchase.

F. Batiste III

22. Dezember 2016


Some EQ plugins will blur the top end of your music and shrink your stereo filed. Massive Passive does the opposite. It broadens your stereo field and adds clarity throughout the sonic spectrum. On your two bus it can really liven up a track. UAD is the best hands down.

R. Arafat

21. Dezember 2016

Best H/w Best software

Perfect emulation

A. Hylander

19. Dezember 2016

Manley at it's best

No exception here with this VoxBox, Manley at it's best!!
Unison option makes it even more attractive as you are getting the right sound from the get -go before even is recorded. A must have plugin!

c. walraven

18. Dezember 2016


Control the impedance of the pre is the way to go for preAmp emulation!!!!

r. pressinger

17. Dezember 2016

not only vox

but also Bass and Guitar , this box makes it easy to find a good Sound. starting off with one of the presets, i got what i want quite quickly.

S. Roefs

16. Dezember 2016

One of a kind

Very unique sounding unit. Awesome compressor, useful eq. Not so much of a fat sounding unit like a lot of other stuff. It's more airy and hifi with clear contours.

K. Gilroy

15. Dezember 2016


I actually A/B'd just about every EQ Plug with scopes and white/pink noise too. AND after all my sonic ear testing...SHE WON! The Massive Passive is so silky on top, it's your Whipped Cream On Top EQ! I really don't think there's 40k AIR in some others... You A/B and let me know what you think. Really great sound. - GILROY

A. Thomas

15. Dezember 2016

Great lead vocal or feature instrument clean preamp option - different from the rest of the Unison pres

I like this preamp as a clean, warm, rich unit. It sounds different from the rest of the Unison pres and fits what I'm looking for a lot of the time, especially for lead vocal - a clean, warm, modern, colourful (more harmonic richness than the 88rs), yet not overly aggressive (such as the 1073/610) nor compressed (as the API often feels to me, even without compression engaged) sound. I found this to fill the niche that was missing in the lineup of Unison preamps - a great feature preamp for a clean lead vocal.

I would say in regards to other comments of 'smearing' that it's more about the settings for me. I think that the compression is 'on' and limiting is 'on' as the default setting is a choice I might have done differently. Both the compression and the limiting (moreso) change the sound and colour. I found what I was looking for by starting with those bypassed.

Possibly my favourite feature is the transformer. I think I'll always leave it in, but it's gratifying being able to hear what it sounds like without.

The compression and de-essing are very good. Manley nailed it with the 3:1 ratio. The compressor can kick in very subtly without seeing anything on the GR meter, just enough for some mojo and magic and smoothness. The compressor section changes the tone and colour a bit just being engaged without compression, which can be a great thing. With the de-esser section, I was confused a bit by the 'limit' thing on the de-ess knob because I have never used the hardware unit, but figured it out pretty quick. Otherwise, the de-esser is very transparent.

As with most of their sims, in my case, I'm not rating it comparing to hardware units (that said, I've had to match other hardware preamps in the past with the sims because of things that were tracked in another studio on gear that I didn't have on hand - with a touch of eq, it's been pretty easy to do as their sims are really close) - I'm looking for 'real world' usability, and this one knocks it out of the park - a boutique mic pre for a fraction of the price that I can put on every channel (if I'm inclined).


13. Dezember 2016

One Word-Amazing!

The clarity in the plugin really helps my voice shine. I A/B'd my previous vocal chain with this plug and this plug adds that sparkle I've been looking for. I was a little unsure about spending the money on this plug, but I can really say that it was great investment. Oh, I got in on sale with the Black Friday special. A win/win.

m. wan

13. Dezember 2016

Perfect voice plugin

Very smooth and clear voice
Future estimates can not be separated from this plug-in
The best of the best people to deal with the plugin

J. Johnson II

13. Dezember 2016

Sounds Great Just Not My Fav

The Voxbox sounds really good to me. I love Manley gear all day everyday. As far as channel strips go in the UA line, I just love the Neve 88RS and API Vision way more than this, and they would always get the nod over the Voxbox.

许. 笑荣

11. Dezember 2016


I like it !!!! i'v been using VOXBOX everyday !I use it to record guitar record vocal !!

D. Myers

11. Dezember 2016

Tone shaping magic

My go to E.Q. On the master bus - has a subtle character to it - a nice transparancy that isn't overbearing when sitting in the mix-bus chain. A worthy addition indeed!! Awesome !!

P. Brown

10. Dezember 2016

When it works on a track it's wonderful

I owned the hardware unit for years and this seems very faithful to me. Just lijke the hardware, it didn't work on everything but when it works it's that marvelous fairy-dust tubey-thing. Love it on BG Vox and lead vox. Don't forget you can use it as just a comp, just a passive EQ, just a limiter etc although it is CPU intensive- hey, just bounce it down if that's an issue. I was on the fence on spending the money on this one (it's just after Black Friday sales I'm writing this) but I'm really glad I did. Great job UA!

R. DeHart III

10. Dezember 2016

Go to mastering EQ

Been using this as my first master eq lately. I love how it crisps the highs without the added harshness.

P. Thörne

8. Dezember 2016

I love it!

The best I've tried, really makes magic for the leadvoice. Totally perfect

V. Shageev

6. Dezember 2016


This is the best EQ plug in of ever. Just bought 2 octo satellite and use it on each channel. Sounds amazing!

s. tucci

5. Dezember 2016

Ottimo fa veramente il suo lavoro

Ottimo veramente fa il suo bel lavoro

1341-1360 von 1735 Ergebnisse