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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


41-60 von 502 Ergebnisse

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V. Shevtsov

23. Mai 2023

Great Reverb

That's what I was always looking for. Lexicon is able to breathe life to any source that is passed through it. Incredibly fast at the same time and detailed adjustment of the device allows you to achieve good results. It embodies any of my fantasies, so I'm glad it's in my collection.

R. Cruz

11. April 2023

Tremendo Plugin

Excelente calidad, me encanta lo bien que suena este reverb! 100% recomendado!


8. April 2023

The Most Famous one!

This reverb will always be my first choice!

c. rosario

29. Januar 2023

Just the org.

WOW, Do I miss this sound

A. Thierry

18. Januar 2023


I Hope this beast became native become it work on almost everything .. such a character and fit in the mix .. thanks Uad

R. Reid

16. Januar 2023

Great Reverb

This is a great reverb. Perfect for that old school 80s sound, but versatile as well!

J. Tornay

15. Januar 2023


I inserted this plugin into an aux in Console, sent some vocals from the singer I was tracking, and the result was immediately impressive.

R. Juniel

14. Januar 2023

Amazing Plugin


S. Myers

14. Januar 2023

Awesome Reverb

This thing is a beauty! A bit of a resource hog, but worth it.

i. ramos

14. Januar 2023

A classic reverb

A classic must-have device, not only for reverbs, but also for changing the signal over time

R. Rodas Buleje

14. Januar 2023

Excellent vintage plugin.

I've been waiting a long time to get it. I use it as my main reverb.

J. Weber

9. Januar 2023


Great retro reverb!

b. cheung

9. Januar 2023

i love this thing

So much options and love this thing. It uses up a lot of DSP tho


6. Januar 2023

Really like it

It's making my mix up level. I use it for most of my pop mix.

a. maceroni

6. Januar 2023


the true 480 sound on a plugin, it's a dream

J. Esp

31. Dezember 2022

Great Lex 480 plugin

Great versatile plugin for so many applications

A. Yaskevich

26. Dezember 2022

Beautiful sound

This is a good reverb, but you should be aware that it uses a lot of DSP resources. On my Apollo twin one stereo plugin uses about 35-40% of all resources. Other than that, I love this plugin.

S. Cabatut

26. Dezember 2022

Lexicon 480L Reverb digital și efecte

Lexicon 480L Reverb digital și efecte ????? nu este licenta in spark???
UA, te rog include-l în spark!!!

L. Lesniewski

26. Dezember 2022


So many types of reverbs in one plugin!

L. Spilger

23. Dezember 2022

Legendary 80‘s sound

Dial in that 80s-sound you love and know from countless records. UA, please include it in spark!!!

41-60 von 502 Ergebnisse