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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


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L. Poposki

10. Dezember 2020

Great UAD plugin reverb

UAD plugin LEXICON 480L is the best reverb and effexts I ever used...
Thank you UAD

T. Marrison

10. Dezember 2020

Classic reverb that still beats the competition

I have springs, plates, rooms and chambers from UAD but was looking for a great algo reverb for ambient stuff. Did a mega shootout against LexiconPCM Native, Neoverb, Valhalla Vintage Verb, Seventh Heaven Pro and Relab and this was the clear winner for my tastes, huge, rich and lush sounding. I got the UAD 224 bundled with something a while back, and love that for the Bladerunner vibes but the 480L is the one to beat.

G. Balistreri

9. Dezember 2020


very good... my favorite.

N. Machado

9. Dezember 2020

Uses a LOT of DSP and super expensive

Reverb sounds great but other options such as the ones made by relab sound just as good and can cost you a lot less during holiday sales, plus, relab runs natively. The UAD version demands too much of a single DSP, making it very difficult to use if you only own a solo or twin interface, making you believe you need to buy more DSP power, which might not be the best way to go.

P. Bonney

7. Dezember 2020

Yah, this is nice.

There've only been a handful of plugins that really impressed me over the years. For UAD it's been the Century preamp and the SVT bass amp, along with the 1176LN comp. But man, this thing is really incredible. I've searched and tried dozens of reverb plugs, but this is the one that made my hair stand. Yah, this is nice. Sound quality is truly amazing, price was right with the discounts. Love it!

D. Pezzati

7. Dezember 2020

A great recreation of the "real one"

Owned and used the "real one" and love how this plugin recreate that sound. Great presets and easy to use and to experiment. Well done guys!"

E. Bandini

4. Dezember 2020

Excellent Plugin !!

Use it on everything especially on vocals, I love the "Double" effect and the overall superb quality of this Reverb !! Love it.

E. Munda

4. Dezember 2020

Lexicon 480L

The Best

J. Wycislo

3. Dezember 2020


Der Soundqualität ist sehr gut, ich nutze d. lexicon für Drums und Gesang.

J. Vargas III

2. Dezember 2020

What can I say!

This is definitely CLASSIC!!! Never disappointed with the lush reverbs! Worth the $$$

R. Miranda de Freitas

2. Dezember 2020

The best.

My favorite reverb, perfect for voice.

C. vonSneidern

18. November 2020

Fast settings, smooth sound

The banks, presets, simple controls make it an easy and fast solution without having to lazily rely on the same preset every time you open it. So far I've found the reverbs to sit in the music even at high levels without sounding like "added reverb."

A. Downes

13. November 2020

Nice to have it back

I loved the real thing when I had the chance to use it, now I can use it everyday. Easily one of the best reverbs out there.

D. Beken

13. November 2020

Another purchase which pays for itself...

Like everything UAD do in the plug-in world, I still don't think they sound "the same" as the original, but what they do do is absolutely capture the spirit of the original in exceptional quality and you can't ask for more than that. Using the 480L plug as I would the hardware unit it does precisely the same job rather beautifully.

A. Krasavtsev

11. November 2020

Excellent reverb!

Its main convenience is that you get very quick access to presets, which is very convenient when working.

A. Wolfsberg

19. Oktober 2020

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb

This is by far the best reverb i ever had, the sustain i great and very clear.

E. Koch

11. Oktober 2020

DSP Load Fits On Tracking Vocal..

i am just putting together two tracking signal chains...at first i was worried, but it loaded into my aux, on the primo vocal channel i had set up, with just one compressor swap..
if i audition while i am mixing, i might actually end up laying down the vocals with the aux processing.

R. Whiting

29. September 2020


Brilliant reproduction. If you take the time to learn it, you will find ways to add depth, width, and lush to your mix.

R. Rosu

21. September 2020

Old loves never end

Welcome back home !!!

P. Maier

17. September 2020

Versatile and just beautiful

The perfect Plugin to get beautiful lush reverbs, transparent rooms or to experiment with extreme settings. My new go-to Reverb!

181-200 von 502 Ergebnisse