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Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects


61-80 von 502 Ergebnisse

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H. Zsombor

23. Dezember 2022

U’ll need it

U have every sound you want in this plugin

A. Mujic

21. Dezember 2022

Lexicon 480L by Universal Audio

I love presets of this legendary reverb unit by Universal Audio. It throws me to 80s when I put it on instrument or vocal.

Thank you UAD,
Allen Rix

C. Bors

15. Dezember 2022

Limitless variations, endless spaces

I heard about this plugin so much, now bought at the holiday sale. Wow... Eat quiet lot of DSP , but you get some special reverb. I think we have (in the box producers) only this way, to know the legendary hardwares on this budget-friendly solution. Thanks UA.

E. Zunic

14. Dezember 2022

One of the best (if not the best) reverbs on this planet !

What can i say guys.... It's freaking authentic, amazing presets, and just an intuitive tool. Believe me, besides the 224, there is no other reverb which comes close. You will recognize this thing on so many classic songs you know once you get used to the tone.
Go for it !

E. Tcaciuc

14. Dezember 2022

Great Reverb

Great reverb for me. Classic sound

A. Gorobets

11. Dezember 2022


When I first time listened to 480, just said WOW.

M. Croitor

9. Dezember 2022

don't even doubt it's the best you've heard!!!

thanks for making such a cool plugin!!!

J. Moore

9. Dezember 2022


This covers so many classic sounds. Great.

P. Dudzikowski

9. Dezember 2022

One of the best!

As I said - one of the best reverb ever! I have a lot of experience with oryginal unit and I love it. Ofcourse there is difference between analog path of sound and digital sterile sound surgery. This plug-in is very close to oryginal and realy like it. Great fun - very recomended!

K. Maruyama

9. Dezember 2022

What I wanted

Nostalgic, brilliant, and perfect reverb for me.

E. Kushch

5. Dezember 2022

the best reverb

I tried many reverbs from different manufacturers, 480L is the coolest, it sounds stylish, it's a buzz, it is very suitable for any tasks

D. Eriksson

27. November 2022

Just Fantastic!

Why didn't I buy this until now.

K. Jackson

20. Oktober 2022

So Good

Waited so long to get this plug in! It was definitely worth the wait!!

n. hiro

14. Oktober 2022

Excellent plugins

Excellent plugins

C. Domenico

11. Oktober 2022

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L scale for algorithm-based digital reverb effects. The UAD version has well earned the original seal of the Lexicon brand. not all emulations on the market have this .-)

R. Ghiran

3. Oktober 2022

A very good reverb, but missing some good features of the hardware.

I would have gave 5 stars, but half of the banks are missing (some of them were really good) and there is no configuration setup for A/B machines. Overall, the emulation is an A+ quality, a very good job made by UAD team!

R. Gomes

26. September 2022


Perfect Reverb! A lot of options in my mixes.

T. Basso

30. August 2022


Congratulations for the excellent work

A. Keuter

8. Juli 2022


Love this sound

R. Mannucci

2. Juli 2022

Loved it!

Loved this reverb!! So clean and so intricate as well! Loved it!

61-80 von 502 Ergebnisse