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Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery


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S. Datskevich

26. Dezember 2013

number one!!!

is widely regarded as one of the most relevant for me to work on mastering plugins. I watched for a long time and experimented with this plugin. now bought. and none of the songs from my studio is complete without a K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug-In! Thanks Bob Katz!) UAD thanks!) believe in YOU! Happy New Year!

C. Papastephanou

24. Dezember 2013

Great plug-in to enhance your mix

The K-Stereo Ambience recovery plug-in adds depth that any other stereo enhancer plu-in does. Really great

D. Gilkinson

22. Dezember 2013

Put a little life in your performances

I purchased the K-Stereo Ambience plug-in while working on a CD featuring a singer who wanted his performances to sound like they would in a live club setting. With the K-Stereo plug-in we were able to add just a touch of ambience/depth to achieve the feeling he was searching for. Thanks UA, this was just the right tool to have at just the right time.

C. Newcomb

19. Dezember 2013

good k

works! makes my tracks wider and more present for a change of dimension. Get this if yiu can't get tracks as wide as you would like and it will help. Helps my cooking and dish washing also.

K. Cheung

18. Dezember 2013

very useful for mastering

it can make a great stereo image in your mixing ,mastering and any other track if you want!

G. Piazza

17. Dezember 2013

Great, but limited to mastering tasks

Having used the Algorithmix version for 5 years, I am familiar with the use of this plug-in. It is designed to extract and/or enhance existing ambience from recordings, generally stereo mixes or stems. It does this job well. It does not do much for individual tracks, so only get it if you do mastering.
A/B'ing it with the Algorithmix, the Algo sounds better to me (probably due to the 80 bit calculation depth of the Algo). But the Algo is @ $1,000 US and has not been updated for 64 bit OS or Windows 7.
I admit the difference is subtle and not worth the extra $800 unless you are very discriminating.
Indispensable in a mastering engineer's arsenal.

R. Boyce

15. Dezember 2013

A must for the mastering toolbox!

K Stereo is amazing for bringing life back to a mix during the mastering process or just getting that little extra polish on the master! Nothing else like it! Thank you UA and Mr. Katz!

P. Thompson

14. Dezember 2013

Amazing tool

You never know what your going to run into when mastering tracks. K-strereo does what it says, it recovers the ambiance and it can dial it back. Flat dull mixes can have life and reverberant mixes can be toned down. Heck throw it on a bass track it will work wonders!

N. Russell

13. Dezember 2013

Love it

Great way to add that bit of space. Very effective if you want to make some room in the middle. M/S and L/R gain. Great tool.

B. Nutcher

26. November 2013

Transparent widening

When I have something important to master I send it to a mastering engineer. But for the people who can't afford it this tool could be useful. I honestly only played with the plugin for a half hour and briefly read the manual. As a transparent widener it does the job. There's other ways to achieve this coloration through normal processing. I might use this on a clients work only if he can't afford a "real mastering engineer". I may write a second review later when I fully understand the plugin. For my quick tests though I would only give 1 star but I gave three because I haven't used it enough-to be fair.

Brad Nutcher
Brad Allan Studios

A. Thapar

26. September 2013

Very subtle, but magical nonetheless!

Helps bring out that beautiful ambiance, clarity and wideness to individual tracks and masters.

H. Bendall

15. September 2013

K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Genius

Goodness knows how this works but it is one of those pieces of equipment or software that is magic.

I've used it so many times on mixes now that I've actually come to rely heavily on it. It's absolutely fabulous for adding space and transparency to piano, Fender Rhodes, some of those rather annoying "stereo" synth sounds and orchestral ambience.

I've very recently used this plug-in on an orchestral and vocal album to wonderful effect, as well as on various film titles and progressive electronic music.

This piece of fantastic software is as I titled above, genius.

Thank you UAD for this and so many other beautiful tools.

K. Vrijsen

8. September 2013

If you want depth in your mixes !!

If you want depth in your mixes this is a truly great plugin. Recomended ..

S. Cooley

28. August 2013

puts the space back in

I have found that the K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug-In helps greatly to restore depth and space to the recorded image, in my mixes and mastering files sent to me.
It has become a go to for all my work. The special sauce to top it off, every time.

J. Hamilton

9. August 2013

Use this a LOT

This has become one of my favorite plugins. I will use it just to twist the tone of the room mics into place on a mix of material I did not track... or even put it across a whole drum stem or clean guitar stem or backing vocal stereo stem just to push it out past the boxes a little... GREAT plugin. THIS is what plugins should be: extensions of complex processing that has always existed, but now breaks new ground by being packaged perfectly.

Z. Ou

7. August 2013

Must have!

To make real sound image, ocean way is my left hand, this one is my right hand. A must have tool to working.

A. Brady

6. August 2013

Great finishing touch.

This plugin is great for anyone recording in a dry room like me. I hear no phase issues and the eq really lets you pinpoint the good stuff and eliminate the side effects. The subtle side effect that I noticed was a fast slapback delay above 10k. Kind of like bouncing a basketball in an indoor court. Cut the eq above 10k and it's gone. Bob Katz is a great engineer and his puritan attitude towards audio is sometimes needed to pull us all back in our seats.

Over all conclusion: Great, subtle, transparent plugin that makes everything shine a little bit more without sounding hyped.

M. Kartashev

14. Juli 2013

This is a secret weapon (:

This one is a real gem on certain buss...
it makes things wide and deep in a unique way and makes me be able to enhance a mix in a unique way!

i haven't found it effective on the master buss because i feel it effect the transients to much
but on individual chanels like pads its a gem!

M. Kartashev

14. Juli 2013

This is a secret weapon (:

This one is a real gem on certain buss...
it makes things wide and deep in a unique way and makes me be able to enhance a mix in a unique way!

i haven't found it effective on the master buss because i feel it effect the transients to much
but on individual chanels like pads its a gem!

M. Voss

12. Juli 2013

k stereo

this tool...really lifts it uo...makes the rooms readable and gives u the extra stereo spread you always tool

181-200 von 274 Ergebnisse