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Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery


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A. Gallo

15. Juli 2014


The "State-Of-Art" in stereo imaging!
A great tool for your mixes!

G. Hebert

7. Juli 2014

K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug-in

This plug-in really rocks! I was looking for something that would give me a little magic for mastering and this plug-in delivers !
Georges Hebert

N. Mendez

4. Juli 2014

The Magic Bullet

This Is a Very Essential plug in,it is unique for what it does and the space it creates,Makes the image of your mix automatically wider...

N. Kim

2. Juli 2014

amazing plug in!!

it's amazing plug in.
it makes big sound as stereo imaging.
i like it!!

P. Roth

8. Juni 2014

very good plug ing

all instruments naturellemnet take their place. that's incredible

S. Gilroy

23. Mai 2014


Sonalksis stereo tools is just as good if not better. Another UAD senior citizens plugin. They are the leaders in this area.

G. Platt

5. Mai 2014

K Stereo is very cool

I've tried probably every "widener" out there and they mostly all have the same issues and mostly the one that gets everyone is that in mono the widener screws up the sound. Therefore, mostly I can't ever use them, especially because I'm mastering music for CBS Television all day. Mono actually IS part of my world, still.

HOWEVER...This puppy is amazing, I don't hear any issues going to mono that anyone would consider odd sounding, including myself. NO idea how Bob Katz did this, but I don't care. On tracks that could use some more size, I use this unit all the time. You will notice a slight EQ change in the lower mids, from what I can tell, but you can easily adjust that.

Nice Job Bob and Universal Audio! Rock on.
Gary Platt

M. Sartini

25. April 2014

Very handy.

This plug-in definitely helps with stereo imaging when you lack one. It saved the day when I had to master a high school production that was poorly recorded. It also does a nice job on spreading any mono source in mix.

P. Sassi

11. April 2014

K-Stereo review

i have only two word to describe this plugin

simply fantastic
happy with my purchase

thank you UAD


Paolo Sassi

D. Hall

2. April 2014

Wow, a wonderful sound

I have been blown away before by UAD plugins but this takes the cake to a whole nother level as we say at DRPZyion records. This is simply amazing and makes your mixes and final mastering sound just like you had $20,000 mastering gear. Just amazing. If you don't believe me go to



then wait for the remixes to come out on this site



R. Bortoluzzi

12. März 2014


Ho sfruttato a pieno le capacità di questo plug in in diversi lavori di mastering.
I risultati sono stati eccezionali.
La naturalezza e' incredibile, le potenzialità in m-s altrettanto.
Davvero indispensabile per ottenere un sound di alto livello....consiglio di verificare i suoi effetti in cuffia oltre che sulle casse siano esse sia near che far....

A. Varnado

14. Februar 2014

LOVE IT!!!!!!

K Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug in has been one of my best investments although every plug in I own from UAD are all my fav's!!! TOP NOTCH!!!!!

F. Maliseno

3. Februar 2014


only one thing,, I LOVE IT !!! makes the sound wide and warm at same time

M. Hunstone

23. Januar 2014


There are some tools that are simply a "NO BRAINER", K stereo is such a tool! If your asking yourself, Is this a plugin that I will get plenty of mileage out of, the answer is "YES"! think of it as a tyre that never loses tread! But don't take my word for it, activate the demo for yourself and you will find it enhances what is already there, be it a single instrument, a stem or a stereo track. Now i'm not saying you should use it on everything but it should be part of any serious engineers arsenal !!

A. Tarasenko

22. Januar 2014

Good, but not enough

Works perfect on everything, excepts drums, or any transient instruments. Kills the sound of it. So it's useless for mastering. On vocals, synths or anything else it's perfect.

S. Rayeen

17. Januar 2014

Go for it !!

Want to give space to track then go for it..
It is really good. Does something to track which sounds good.

R. Fierst

12. Januar 2014

Subtile and excellent

I love this plugin. Its so smooth. It gives my productions the final tough. I use it on vocals and guitars or in the mastering chain. It creates just that bit of space that's needed to make it sound like a 100K dollar production. I cannot do without anymore.

P. Cinquin

10. Januar 2014

Awesome !

This plugin is essential for a perfect placement of your intruments in your mixing. One thank you to UAD for their professionalism

J. Cuniberti

9. Januar 2014

A skeptic’s two cents.

I have tried all the so-called “stereo widening” software and felt the trade-offs were to great to be used in mastering. When I was faced once again with some material that needed to be opened up I gave the K-Stereo a shot. All I can say is wow, this thing works. I have no idea how but it does a brilliant job of bringing out detail in the stereo field. Thank you Bob for a tool that, when needed, I can feel comfortable using on a clients project.

C. Meyer

7. Januar 2014

Test this thoroughly before buying and check under headphones.

Not sure about this, really. I bought it because I initially liked the effect on busses or the mastering chain. Though, the more I use it the more I tend to leave it off after A/B-ing.
It certainly does give wideness and a sort of depth perception, but it also changes a carefully crafted mix to a degree that I'm not sure I can tolerate: Transients and impulses on drums etc. seem to suffer from the typical stereo widener-effects. While this plug may initially seem wonderful, it just does the typical ms-delay on a stereo source like most others, albeit in a more sophisticated way. I might use this for sound design and fx, but not for a traditional music master that's elaborately done. This is too expansive for what it claims. Sorry, Katz.

181-200 von 294 Ergebnisse