Precision K-Stereo™ Ambience Recovery

Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Natürlichen Raumklang aufgenommener Signale verbessern und Summenmixes "aufziehen".

Mit dem Precision K-Stereo™ Ambience Recovery Plug-In für UAD-2 und Apollo Interfaces kannst du die Stereotiefe und -abbildung deiner Mixes ohne unerwünschter Artefakte anreichern.

Das in Zusammenarbeit mit dem berühmten Mastering Engineer Bob Katz und exklusiv für die UAD-Plattform entwickelte Precision K-Stereo Plug-In empfiehlt sich insbesondere für kritische Mastering-Aufgaben der Stereosumme – von Jazz über Rock bis zu HipHop – und bietet eine natürlich klingende Lösung für vollgepackte und spitz klingende Mixes.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Tiefe und Stereoabbildung von Instrumenten und Gesang ohne künstlichen Halleinsatz verbessern

Räumlichkeit aus dem Ausgangsmaterial extrahieren und dem Stereofeld natürliche Tiefe und Breite hinzufügen

Mit Hilfe der Mid/Side Gain-Regler die Balance von Mitten- und Seitensignalen anpassen

Den Gesamtsound mit dem 3-Band Ambience-Filter-EQ zusätzlich bearbeiten


Einzigartiges Tool zur Wiederherstellung von Umgebungsinformationen und Stereobearbeitung

Entwickelt und patentiert vom Mastering Engineer Bob Katz

Entnimmt dem Quellmaterial Cues und fügt natürlich klingende Stereoabbildung und -tiefe hinzu

Ideal um überladene, eindimensional klingende Mixe im Masteringprozess aufzuwerten

3-Band Ambience Filter EQ zur Effektformung

Mid/Side Gain Controls zur Justierung der Center-to-Side Balance

Left/Right Gain Regler zur finalen Stereobildbearbeitung

Spezielle Presets von Bob Katz

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

H. Song

15. November 2019

Wide! Easy to use!!!

It's very easy to use, a great tool to make sound Wider.
Not like other plugins, K-Stereo can make a solid sound, but transparent with vivid!
A great choice!

H. Song

15. November 2019

Wide! Easy to use!!!

Easy to use, make your sound wider easily!
Solid but transparent with vivid!

P. Uszyński

14. November 2019

More than stereo!

This little thing is really special. It can widen your sound and it's great at it. It can also give your mono sources that signature K-Stereo ambience which makes thing shine in the mix so nicely. I have been using it with synths for quite some time, now started applying it to vocals. All with terrific results!

S. Auclair

16. Oktober 2019

Wide controlled STEREO Spread!

I use it on all my mixes ;)))

j. colin

19. September 2019

Essential for every engineer

Depth, width, thumb!! all of the good stuff to make that mix hit!!!

j. colin

19. September 2019

Essential for every engineer

Depth, width, thumb!! all of the good stuff to make that mix hit!!!

S. rubino

17. September 2019

Prezzi più contenuti.

Plug in che fa il suo lavoro,l’unica pecca come tutti i plug in uad è il costo un po’ esagerato nella sfera totale di plug in per audio.
Si acquisterebbe molto di più se i prezzi fossero contenuti.
Per là qualità tutto ok.

A. Kouvatsis

25. Mai 2019

K-Stereo Is must

It's more than fantastic. It gives what is needed for a professional sound. No big difference, but it is as long as the final result has to shine. If you want to stand out, you get it

G. Funes

13. Mai 2019


It does his one trick pony very well

A. Clark

10. April 2019


Literally use this on every track. One of the most reliable stereo imagining plug ins I have ever used. I honestly didn't want to get it because of the price and it never being on sale but after one demo I realized there was no way to recreate how great it sounded with anything else in my arsonal. Great plug-in, worth every penny.

A. Warren

25. März 2019

Nice addition to the armoury

Ok so I watched the add and tried the demo. Use just a little or on Mono tracks
I bought it. It does exactly what it says. It's simple to use.

s. fujimoto

3. März 2019

One step forward

I am currently using this to about 80%.
It is an item that breathes life at once.

O. Lamas

12. Februar 2019


This is a plugin meant to be used in a subtle way. Once you get that, it is pure magic. It will make your mixes stand out. Truly extraordinary.

h. hyakkoku

24. Januar 2019

It is not blatant like S - 1 of Waves, but I thought that it can spread very elegantly when you want to get a little sense of wide stereo. Just passing this plug-in I felt the sound a little glossy. but Just me?

J. White

22. Januar 2019

Excellent widening tool

I don’t get much use out of the ambience recovery on this, but just widening the master buss by 1-2db makes a massive difference to a mix!

T. Engel

22. Januar 2019


Holt den Gesang nach vorn, hört sich gut an und tut was es soll....Ambience Recovern...das auf eine einmalige Art. Das Plug sollte von jedem UAD-User getestet werden, da muss man selbst entscheiden, ob man es gebrauchen kann...

D. Thierry

13. Januar 2019

Merci UAD

Super plug-in. J’adore

A. Araujo Cunha

12. Januar 2019

Stereo Image sounds great

Well, that's the UAD tool that I never knew I need, now that I have tried in my mixes I realize that I cant drop it anymore, that's a marvellous tool that transform your track in a stereo wider than no other plugin can do. I am very pleasant of using it and works great on mono tracks like vocals, perc, and so many other instruments, just test and see what happens. Thanks to Bob Cats and UAD.

R. Stephens III

21. September 2018

Very nice

Great plugin to have. I love the way it helps in a lot of my different types of music

E. Ananda

22. Juli 2018

Just the Spread I needed!

Moved to Ableton and didn't have a stern spread to use, this solved my solution very well.