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Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery


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J. Chaney

16. November 2012

K-stereo is really nice

Just bought it ! The song i'm mixing has linear programmed beats and up the middle vocals. panning and reverb aside it still sounded dense and narrow. Simply putting the K -stereo on the master fader more than did the trick. In fact I have always struggled to get my mixes More 3D, wider, deeper etc. Rock, Pop or whatever. I have used the manual style hass effect a million times. ( sample delay's this, stereo that ) But this plugin packages it all up for you with some noticeable added magic. helping to achieve that all encompassing mix. and i'm just scratching the surface, can't wait to get more familiar.

P. Je

16. November 2012

Precision K-Stereo Plug-In review

this is good chance for saving your money.

you can save 50%

very useful for mixing ,more space .

T. Yun

16. November 2012

K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug-In

It's a very cool tool, I love it so much! Thanks, UA!

S. Stoerrle

15. November 2012


A wonderful tool to give your Mix or Master more wide and deep! Thank you UAD thank you Bob Katz - we can learn from him!

A. Jan

15. November 2012

A real good one

First I must say: I checked the "original" by Bob Katz/Algorithmix, which is almost the same but rather expensive.
When it comes to imaging and filling up gaps within the stereo field, I found very nice results with it. So everyone who doesn´t have other proper tools should go for it, as it´s quite easy to handle and the mid/side function is a so nice attribute.

On the the other hand I get the same or even better results by using the equipment I own anyway. A TC 3000 stereo programm (based on mid/side technique) or some short Altiverb/UAQ Lexicon 224 reverb or the combination of both (to taste) will do the same.

But for the money you can´t go so wrong ....

D. Carter

14. November 2012

Lovin life

Absolutely love this plugin. Gonna have to start charging more to mix and master. Love what this jewel does for a mix. U guys rock. Thanks for another great plugin.

I. Papagiannidis

13. November 2012

John Jeff Touch

One of the most useful mixing tools...

Makes every instrument sit so easy in the mix without using patents .
makes your mixing life easier ...

John Jeff Touch
singer/vocal teacher/producer


7. November 2012

This is awesome

and tested the trial version and the other stereo plugins are light years of K-STERO, it threw a new life to my productions,
very good job UAD and BOB KATZ

M. Brown

6. November 2012

OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!

I was really skeptical about this plug in and what it could do. So after a few sessions with the demo I found out I could not live without it. This plug in really bring out the best in my mixes really took them to new heights. I use it on my mastering jobs this is a must plug in for any sound engineer highly recommended.

I. Duarte

5. November 2012

Still trying to learn how to use this

I just bought it as soon as it was out, but I am still learning how to use this.
It is a very transparent plug-in. You almost can't notice it's there, but the good thing is that when you mono it, it doesn't sound terrible like other stereo image plug-ins do.
I will rate it in the middle because maybe the problem is that I haven't figured out a good way to use this, but at least I will use it in my mono tracks to make them sound a little wider

M. Olsen

3. November 2012

I am able to get better results on my own using Haas and M/S

Send to a bus.

Insert Voxengo Sound Delay (free) on the bus, change to dual mono mode, set left to 10ms and right to 15ms (also try the other way around in your mix).

Insert Voxengo MSED (free) next on the bus and mute the Mid signal.

Adjust bus fader to taste.

To me this sounded better.

C. Boennemann

1. November 2012

Amazing transparency

I just used this on a acoustic guitar track and on backing vocals. Both were sounding too narrow how they were recorded.

The K-Stereo plug-in added a stereo image to it with amazing clarity and transparency while leaving the signal itself completely untouched and uncolored.

Also the phase of the mix wasn't harmed, it kept it fully mono compatible.
I already like this plug-in a lot.

G. Piazza

1. November 2012

Excellent process for mastering!

This is a unique processor, mostly useful for mastering.

I haven't tried the UAD version, but I've had the Algo... version for 4 years and use it on 50% of my Mastering jobs. Considering the great job UA does with their emulations and the price of the competition's version (about 5 x), this is a bargain.

The K makes mixes bigger, wider and fuller without adding a new reverb. It can really put a final sheen on a good mix, bringing it up another level. It also can adjust the Mid and Side levels.

That said, if the reverb in the mix is bad, the K will only enhance the bad reverb. It extracts and enhances already present ambience. You need good ambience to start with; then you will have a big smile on your face!

P. Marczuk-hildebrandt

1. November 2012


Damn, what a good processor Plug.
I could write, it makes your signal wider, deeper, brighter etc.
But words can't described it.
It's THE new monster from UAD.

261-274 von 274 Ergebnisse

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