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ENGL® Amplifier Plug-In Bundle


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R. Brummett

6. Dezember 2013

A little different than all the rest

I ran the demo of this plug in and had to have it.

First of all I have all the good amp sims out there. I think they each have their own pros and cons.

This one is a little more realistic to me at conservative gain settings.

it does get a little gainy and harsh if pushed like that but most of the guitarist that I know use way more gain than is needed anyways!!

The presets for the most part are not that good except a few but if you are willing to pick one and do some tweaking you should be able to find something that you like.

Would definitly be anxious to hear some other amp models of different amp manufacturers.

Plus the built in effects are just a bonus.

B. Thomas

5. Dezember 2013


The BEST Amp Sim i ever hear...
Perfect in the Mix Integrating, with Effects or not.....
The Sounds Best.....
Best Ear- Catcher i had........
Thanks Engl and UAD.....,,,,

FB Audividumdv / Bährle Thomas

D. Brown

29. November 2013


absolutly great / wish i could afford the other one

S. Atkinson

19. November 2013

Excellent Sim

This plug is very, very useful for meaty traks. Other than a little compression to peak up the highs, it sits well in the mix. The fullness is unparalleled to any amp sim I've used, in or out of the box, almost too full, but thats a present issue and easily dialed back. The low-mids are the best I've heard in a plug.

A. Joyce

13. November 2013

Like the interface

It's a tuner. Works just as well as my rack Korg...should be free though, would be a nice gesture on behalf of UA as this is a utility and probably didn't require much R&D.

B. Herle

12. November 2013

Expected better

This tuner seems slow and hard to trust. If you want a good tuner, get cleartune for iPhone. 1/4 the price and 5 times better. Love almost everything else UAD though :)

J. Cabrera

8. November 2013

Very Accurate Tuner

Before this, I was using the tuners that come bundle with Cubase. But this thing blows them away. It is very accurate and a must have if you do a lot of recordings using amp simulators. Plus, it's cheap!

J. Whitt

5. November 2013

Great studio tool

Does what it advertises. For that price, it's stupid not to buy.

K. Nassiri

14. Oktober 2013

must have

this is the only tuner plug available for live tracking with the apollo, so it's a no brainer for guitarists. and it's about the price of 2 big mac meals.

E. Perin

13. Oktober 2013

Very accurate.

Very accurate even with a bass Drop D.
Always on in my Apollo 1st slot, no needs to launch my DAW.

I. Ivanov

12. Oktober 2013

Not the best sim I've heard

First of all the design and usability are perfect. Great and easy to use and you've got some nice addons like the Delay for example.
The issue for me is the sound. The simulations are realistic enough but sound not well defined and a bit blurry. The attack is bad, the sound is a bit hollow and the EQ does not help too much. Still prefer my LePou sims. Hopefully UA will solve some of these issues in the future because quality does not justify the price.

P. Bouley

7. Oktober 2013

extraordinaire de réalisme

Ce Engl 765 est extraordinaire de réalisme on a réellement l'impression de jouer avec un ampli à lampes. Mais attention il faut jouer avec une guitare branché en Hi-Z sur la carte son sinon le son n'est plus du tout intéressant. Avec l'apollon c'est vraiment bluffant de jouer en direct comme sur un ampli Engl physique. De plus le fait d'enregistrer avec le Engl sans l'enregistrer comme effet permets par la suite dans le DAW de régler plus finement lors du mixage. Vivement les Mesa Boogie ou autre Marshall en Plugins UAD… Bravo

D. Jones

2. Oktober 2013

I like this amp sim

I think it is pretty awesome. I've got a wall of old amps which I have collected over the years. I find myself practicing with this amp sim all the time. I like the semi distorted - distorted rock tones I get with this. The clean sounds are pretty good too. But, I've never really found any simulator of any kind(including the famous profiling amp simulator) that gives me the response that I get when I play my old black face Fenders.
Cleans: Live - Good, Recorded - Great
Semi Distorted: Live - Great, Recorded - Great
Distorted: Live - Great, Recorded - Great
For Apollo users: Definite BUY.

M. Allums

28. September 2013


I was extremely excited when I saw UAD was finally offering guitar modeling plug-ins. So I downloaded the demos for the ENGL Amp Sims. If you're into heavy metal and that type of tone then you may like it. I am more into classic rock and blues and this just does not fit my needs. Come one UAD develop something for the blues and classic rock players and we'll buy it. But this is not going to become part of my UAD plug-ins. I own the Waves Guitar GTR3 for the same money and seriously there is no comparison. Waves blows these plug-ins away. Come on UAD. I want to buy your plug-ins but this is a poor attempt. The EQ is just very boxy and not at all natural. I could not find anything useable for me.

M. Allums

28. September 2013

Not My Tone

I was extremely excited when I saw UAD was finally offering a guitar modeling plug-in. So I downloaded the demo. If you're into heavy metal and that type of tone then you may like it. I am more into classic rock and blues and this just does not fit my needs. Come one UAD develop something for the blues and classic rock players and we'll buy it. But this is not going to become part of my UAD plug-ins.

C. Sundqvist

26. September 2013

Very nice.

Wonderful sounding Amp simulator. It will be a pleasure to use on future songs. Christer

C. Sundqvist

26. September 2013


I had no high expectations when I read those first reviews. It took a long time before I tested this amplifier. But when I finally tried, it took me 30 minutes to be convinced. This is the guitar simulator I've tested that sounds closest to a micked amplifier. I had Nigel in mind but this is so much better. The sound is fat and not to much processed. A very good basic sound for mixing. Thanks Christer.

J. Alea

23. September 2013

Engl baby

I really like the sounds that I can get from this amp sim. It sounds great distorted, but the clean sounds are also very nice. I use an EMG equipped guitar with this sim and it just really roars. If I am searching for a clean tone, then it can also do the trick.

I would normally knock down my review a STAR if the presets aren't that good (as is the case with this plugin) . So many presets setup with BASS on 10 is a little half-a$$ed, but I will let it slide because I like to make my own tones anyway and this sounds GREAT in the MIX which is SO important.

N. Vainshenk

21. September 2013

Brainworx bx_tuner Plug-In

I like this tuner because he is precisely and very simple for use

M. Schirmer

19. September 2013

it is good to see the note value

But one star less because some material is not detected.

but nice overall for most material.

541-560 von 592 Ergebnisse