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K. Tracy

10. Mai 2014

Easy Tuning

This is a simple plugin which does a simple job, and does it well.

D. Sirls

1. Mai 2014

Will Be Heard On My Next CD

Great emulations, this will definitely be heard on several of my new tracks!!

Y. Picard

1. Mai 2014

Its's a real Engl

This amp is incredible. I can dial in tones that sound as good as my tube amps, from clean, to crunchy

D. Cherednichenko

29. April 2014

Good stuff

Excelent tuner. Easy to work. Nice design and simple to use

J. Peter

27. April 2014

very good

this is a very very good emulation

thanks a lot

juerg peter

D. Oastler

24. April 2014

Nice Tuner

I was in need of a digital tuner and this fit the bill perfectly

S. Casamento

22. April 2014

A great tuner

BX has a really nice and accurate tuner here. great to be able to put on all my guitar sessions to keep me tuned!

Nice job UAD.

J. Perez

20. April 2014

Engl E765 is the "real deal"

This is the 1st gtr plugin that my circle of "Old School" guitarists would ever use to record!! I can't say enough about "zero latency"!!! Hearing yourself in realtime , whether it's a voice or any other instrument, makes all the difference. The way the guitar reacts to NUANCES through this plugin is REAL!! I tweaked every preset like I would do on a real amp, and couldn't believe the bell like tones, even on the clean stuff... Overdriven sounds were amazing as well. Then after finding your amp settings, you just sift thru the different mic setups whether you prefer a 57, 421 or a ribbon mic, with or without EQ , to exactly fine tune your tone.

F. González

16. April 2014

en estereo no funciona

buenas tarde en una pista en estéreo no funciona, y este plugin no es cromatic

C. Cumming

14. April 2014

Brainworx needs minor surgery

The plugin is ok, but it jumps around a lot when compared with my boss chromatic tuning pedal and some of the other tuning plugins I've used. I'm not comfortable with it yet to rely on it. Hopefully it can be tweaked to become a bit more user friendly so I can rely on it all the time, it would cut out having to take a tuning pedal for external sessions.That being said, it's very cheap, which is a plus.

S. Casamento

13. April 2014

Wow for the ENGL E646

This amp is incredible. I can dial in tones that sound as good as my tube amps, from clean, to crunchy, to dirty! For me the is the best software amp I have ever used.

N. Sagar-house

13. April 2014

BX Tuner

Simple but very helpful.

I would have liked to have a reference tone as sometimes quicker to tune by ear and saves me from setting up virtual instruments.

Like the idea of changing the hz although could have more experimental frequencies such as 432hz, Pythagorean and Fibonacci.

Despite the negatives it has been an essential tool for me and happy to have bought it.

P. Gharapetian

8. April 2014

nice little tuner

Not a bad little tuner but i would like more tuning options such as 432hz as A instead of choosing between 438hz and 442hz.

F. Cadela

8. April 2014


Nice plugin, save time .................................

A. Machin

7. April 2014

It works but needs sensitivity adjustment

It works. I feel the tuner needs to hold the notes longer. I run a compressor in front to make the notes last longer. Seems like something they could adjust in the plug so it responds to lower level signals.

D. Bires

3. April 2014

Very Impressed With ENGL

I have searched long and far for a Guitar Plugin That Boasts a sound like this. Let me sum this up to the importance of why this plugin is the real deal. Its very simple. I fired this engl up and I heard what I have been hearing for years when I mic a cab. You can hear the mics and say that is a shure 57 or a c414. The stock tones are amazing because they are flat sounding but thickened up the right way with no harsh high end freq. like you here in other demo guitar plugin vst. Listen to any recording out there and what you hear is guitars that have more of a flat sound so the starting points that ENGL gives you is where you want to be. I love this and finally have what I want. Thank You!

B. Jester

2. April 2014

Handy Tool

I don't use it much but it's nice to have in the chain to check guitars as the parts are going down. Also when the guitar player forgets his tuner or needs a quick reference.

G. Avramidis

2. April 2014

Very far from realistic....unfortunately

I was excited to see that UAD released a guitar amp simulator but it turned out to be a very poor sounding. Unfortunately the plug in is not only far from the ENGL amp, but also very far from any gutar amp. The sound is very dull, can't hear any valve sound in the signal path. I think that the worst thing is that it doesn t "feel" like a guitar amp. The "delay" though is very, very well made. I don't know if it was a bad moment of UAD or it is that the plugin was developed by Brainworx, but I think that the company should consider twice before releasing a plugin with such a poor sound. I love all the others plug ins I own from UAD and I think its the best sounding plugin system, and it's a pitty to hear somithing so mediocre like the ENGL.

B. Buckley

31. März 2014

works well

its simple and its nice to be able to tune without using other software or a dedicated tuner when your working on the fly!!

C. Bower

24. März 2014

Awesome with Apollo!

I previously reviewed this plugin when I was running just the UAD2 quad card, and if you read below you will see that I was very pleased with it. My only issue was that tracking with E765 wasn't possible due to latency and required re-amping. I have recently upgraded my interface to an apollo quad and I can now say that I really don't have any serious issues remaining. Now I have two excellent options for tracking with the E765, with plugins and zero latency: 1) DI into the apollo utilizing both the preamp and poweramp sections of the E765 and 2) preamp send from my amplifier into the apollo, bypassing the preamp section in E765. Both are very usable solutions for recording guitar in my home studio. Thanks UA

481-500 von 592 Ergebnisse