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ENGL® Amplifier Plug-In Bundle


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A. Sinha

27. Dezember 2014


When I originally started recording direct (through Guitar Rig), I bought a lot of high output EMG pickups to help get a better high output tone. After purchasing this plugin, I went back to classic pickups and settings because the realistic tone/sounds on these amps are just amazing! Using some tips from Pete Thorn, I have been blown away with the sound reproduction and variety! Kudos all the way around! Never been more happy with a plugin. Just waiting for Strymon to start making UA plugins!!

H. Petersson

27. Dezember 2014

Not just for high gain!

Don't make the mistake I did, thinking it was only for metal heads. This amp delivers some of the most beautiful clean and crunchy sounds!

The different channels sound different from each other. This makes it a very versatile amp suitable for many styles.

This is probably the most realistic sounding amp sim I've heard to date. But given the price and the high DSP usage it doesn't come cheap.
$75 would be a more appropriate price if compared to other excellent offerings such as S-Gear and BIAS.

The presets does suck. And the amp, while beautifully rendered, looks ridiculous in my opinion. I wish they had gone with the Powerball II instead.

But all in all one of the best amp sims out there! One that continues to wow me.

M. Antonides

22. Dezember 2014

essential but basic

I have other tuners that I prefer to this one, but having this as an insert in Console is very handy for quickly checking tuning between takes without having to open a separate application like Strobosoft or one of my tuner apps for iPhone. It is a "slow" tuner, so setting it to the highest speed is my preference. I wasn't too impressed at first, but I'm using it more & more. It "does the job."

D. Thum

21. Dezember 2014

Brainworx bx_tuner Plug-In

The large display tuner is helpful to keep up when tracking.

P. Loraine

11. Dezember 2014

Tuner Plug-In

I was looking for a unit and someone told me that this was available with my Apollo. It's Simple and very effective

M. H.

10. Dezember 2014

Amazing emulation

Wow -
I tested my guitars "Fender Stratocaster (built early 70th)", my "Gibson SG (early 80th)" - simply using the settings provided via plugin presets.

My impression: Amazing!

Just to denote what I've used before (and what I still use have to use on stage): Digitech RP10

Comparerd to that RP10 box: The plugin-sound is much much more direct, and comes nearly absolute noiseless, but bites!

Best wishes,

J. King

27. November 2014

Brainworx Tuner

My first thought was 20 bucks?! I got to try this. Not only is it great for tuning guitars its perfect for finding the key for your songs and vocal tracks. GET THIS PLUG IN ASAP.

I. Gutierrez

27. November 2014


This is the amp that you can use for many styles.
I Love it

M. Chan

25. November 2014

Brainworx bx_tuner

Very accurate, precise. Good looking. Easy to use as well.

S. Makarov

20. November 2014

ENGL® E646 VS Plug-In

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to have such a cool sound using Apollo and plug-ins from Universal Super!

Yours Faithfully Sergey Makarov!

K. Nelson

16. November 2014


Works great if you need 440hz tuning, but I find it frustrating that the developers took the effort to support different frequencies, but then limited it to +/- 2hz in each direction. It seems like it wouldn't be any extra engineering work to go +/- 10hz, which would support the most common non-440 A's (like 432 and 444).

B. Tonak

15. November 2014

Won me over

At first I was skeptical, and I didn't like these amp ENGL amp emulations as much as my Line 6, but after demo-ing it again, I decided I had to buy it. It gives much more realistic sounds. I do tend to favor less high-gain type sounds, but lower gain sounds are available here if you work harder to dial them in. I do wish they had an open-back cabinet emulation, and some non-celestion speaker cabinets. Bottom line, this thing is great for practicing and occasional tracking through my Apollo.

D. Quinn

13. November 2014

Excellent affordable alternative to a pedal

I've used the Brainworx bx_tuner Plug-in on 3 sessions this month and I find it to be very accurate, fast to react and easy to use. I've used it on electric guitar, bass guitar, Rhodes and Wurli and it worked equally well on all of them.
It's a very useful alternative to having pedals connected constantly or having to go in an dout of tuners in between takes.
I just swap over to my UA console, turn it on, have a quick tune and straight back to tracking in my DAW. No muting of channels or switching leads.
I've A/B'd it with the Korg TU-3 and find it to be just as accurate and easy to use.
It's great value also.

I. Ivanov

11. November 2014

not precise enough

As I said- tuner is not precise enough. The metering is sluggish. Never liked it. Gave it 2stars only because I'm UA fan.

T. Child

11. November 2014

Simply does all I want in a tuner

I use this for a variety of things, from tuning external instruments to monitoring the tuning of samples and drums to keep in tune with a track.

It seems precise, better than the couple I have used in DAWs and takes up less room than external tuners ;-)

Try it on the console as well.. So no need to fire up DAWs for simple tuning jobs.

Y. Chistyakov

5. November 2014

Brainworx bx_tuner Plug-In

Tuner for 19$ - very nice, thank you. I use it for my bass, guitar every time. perfect :)

J. Reboul

29. Oktober 2014

really good sound but it takes time to tweak

I have tried several options :
- for distorted sound (heavy sound), it is quite easy to ger a huge sound on my stratocaster USA (with van zandt pickups). I have never got such a sound with other softwares ! I am rally happy for lead sound.
- for clean sound amazingly I could get a fantastic sound but it took me some time to adjust ... I am really happy (I have now my favourite presets). Personnally I have 2 options : direct to ENGL OR (and it sounds really good too) first thru API preamp (UA plugin) and then ENGL amp on a bus (I just send the recorded sound thru the api preamp to the ENGL plugin... easy to tweak and find the best clean sound I want).

In short I am very happy !

E. Taliercio

28. Oktober 2014

may the shred be with you

i own a real Engl amp , the Ritchie Blackmore one, no plug-in could match the richness and fullness of a class A tube amp untill i tried this one , it s really good , and like my amp , this plug covers a wide range of sounds from vintage blues and rock to modern metal, very simple to use and it has a huge advantage over a real amp , you can choose the amount of distortion after tracking the guitars which can be life saving especially if you're into a wall-of-sound type of music, shred on dude !!!

A. Kosinski

27. Oktober 2014


I am very pleased with this purchase. Want to play every day. The sound is great!

D. Gil

26. Oktober 2014

Best amp modeling ever...

I've been playing ENGLs for 10 years and believe me, this sounds like the real thing. The best amp simulator I've ever tried by far. Just awesome.

401-420 von 592 Ergebnisse