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Capitol Chambers


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11. Juni 2019

There no words to describe the Absolute Beauty



10. Juni 2019


very beautiful Chamber 4

J. Russell

10. Juni 2019


This has got to be the smoothest Reverb I’ve heard. UA have taken it to a whole new level with this one.

T. Blake

10. Juni 2019

Very cool vibe....

Lot's of use so far. Loving the short room tones you can get with dialling distance and length back......and you can automate the pre-delay to get some mild pitch modulation!

T. Pierson

8. Juni 2019

The reverb in my head

This sounds like the reverb I picture in my mind, no matter the setting. Stunning. Pretty high dsp so it usually is my only verb on.

D. Ho

7. Juni 2019

Al Schmitt Chamber 4

Capitol Chambers is the main reverb on my upcoming album of traditional music from Suzhou, China. Al Schmitt's signature Chamber 4 gives the Pingtan and Kunqu vocals a surreal and spiritual presence. This is my new go-to reverb for vocals!

J. Jordan

7. Juni 2019

Not sure of authenticity...but vibe is amazing

I’ve never recorded at Capital, but this plugin is now part of my template. I do wish I had waited to pull the trigger and taken advantage of the $50 discount...but it’s still worth it.
This won’t be one of those “plugs you own but never use” deals.

R. Belgie Jr

7. Juni 2019

Been wanting this for a long time and now it's here!

Ever since I heard a video with Al Schmidt at Capital using the chambers I've wanted this in a plugin and now it's here! Sounds great!

N. Bolas

7. Juni 2019

Scary good...

I just cut and mixed two records at Capitol, and we used the UA plugs _instead_ of the live chambers - they are that wonderful.

R. Dodd

6. Juni 2019

Thank you!

Sometimes a 'plug in' matches expectations. In this case they are exceeded.
I have witnessed the use of the actual chambers on various mix projects (and one major mastering project).
Those examples were presented to me via choices made by the recording engineer.
This new option allows me to both experience the essence and flavour of these remarkable rooms with the bonus of convenience. I wonder how many times at Capitol an Engineer chose to use the room as it presented its self, because experimenting with mic or speaker position would either be time consuming or worse. ‘eyebrow raising and finger wagging’.
Thank you UA.
Another game changer addition.

P. Uszyński

5. Juni 2019

Too good, a new addiction, take it away from me!

After utilizing 480L heavily, another reverb gem from UAD comes. Capitol chambers are just incredible on vocals, like anything else. This is the most natural, rich vocal convolution verb I've ever heard (worked with IR-1, Reverberate, Nuendo on-board convolution and Altiverb so far). Sure, it is not that versatile, it's not your new go-to for film post or any instrument, but these vocals, gosh...

Get it, having the sound of Capitol for a couple of bucks is absolutely priceless and crazy.

R. West

5. Juni 2019

A stand out

I have and use lots of really, really good reverbs. It's not often that a new one stands out amongst some of my better ones like the EMT250 and 480L, but Capitol Chambers does. It's sure to be on many of mixes moving forward. Well done, UA.

S. Campbell

5. Juni 2019

Wish this was just my big secret.

Not only does it sound insanely real, warm and just magical. It's more flexible than the real thing with options for short decay. To think this is now just a few clicks away. Just wish I had waited for the half year sale, non the less i had coupons.

M. Hunter

4. Juni 2019


I said that I was done buying plug ins for a while, well when I heard this......this is what I have been waiting for and the sound that was in my head, I was close to it with the Lexicon 480L, but this is it, with a little delay you wont be disappointed.

P. Rizzo

4. Juni 2019


Sounds like the real thing. The depth and detail is like nothing else I have heard in a plug-in.


4. Juni 2019


There is no spring or plate or digital device that can do what these rooms do. Don't know how we did without them before now.


4. Juni 2019

UAD got me

I told my self about 3 years ago that I will not buy any more UA plugins since they are so expensive. So when this reverb came out, I panicked. Why? Because it is easily the best chamber reverb I have ever heard. Reverb is my weakness and for years I had been fighting the urge to purchase UAD reverbs. I had bought the Spring reverb and the lex 224 a while back and decided that was it. But Capitol Chambers sounded too good. I had a dilemma. I just did not want to spend 350 on one plugin. Then UAD launched their summer sale. They also gave me two 25$ Coupons. And the rest is history. I used their 3+1 deal. I also bought 2 other plugins separately. Capitol Chambers, RMX 16, lex 480l, EMT 140, EMT 250 and Ocean Way Studios are now all in my arsenal. I must say I am happy with all of these. None the less, this is the story of how UAD got me.

P. Pendlebury

4. Juni 2019


Sometime we have to remind ourselves not to take this kind of thing for granted. Having these chambers "in the box" is an amazing gift to those of us who don't have easy access to the real thing.

P. Bond

3. Juni 2019

Absolutely glorious

So much character and depth. You really feel like you must be connecting to a massive chamber underground somewhere and not a plugin. Put a vocal or strings through this and... it does have a classic flavour (like Sinatra 60s records) incredible.

C. H-Volumen

3. Juni 2019

C Chambers

amazing :)

661-680 von 685 Ergebnisse