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Capitol Chambers


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R. Whiteman

22. Juli 2019

Incredible sound

The level of detail blew me away. My new go-to reverb

UAD User

22. Juli 2019

Capital Chambers

There are so many great reverbs out there.
But this one is as lush as it gets.
Very well done!
Adds such a great flavor to any application.

I. Bandera

21. Juli 2019

Grande reverbero

Il prezzo è un po' alto ma è comprensibile dato che è uscito da poco.
Lo trovo veramente interessante, molto intuitivo.
Suono spettacolare e assolutamente flessibile.
Lo sto provando su molti strumenti diversi, chitarre, batteria, voci e aggiunge sempre la dimensione di cui hanno bisogno. Ottimo acquisto.
Bravi i ragazzi UAD

A. Rizzo

20. Juli 2019

Simply Breathtaking

Just wow. The best reverb plug, EVER, by a country mile. Sounds stunning on vocals, Brass, Guitars.. Bought it as soon as I heard it.

B. JeongHun

17. Juli 2019

Lit, Lit, LIT

What to say,... What more can I say, This thing is rich! It really makes my vocals come to life!

E. Bureau

16. Juli 2019

Gorgeous room modeling

I’ve never heard a plug-in sound this ‘real’. It really makes my vocals and guitars come to life!

S. May

15. Juli 2019

Rich Audio

When I bought this I thought it would be good but it has surpassed all my expectations just sounds so so good

J. Verbeeck

15. Juli 2019

Best ever !!

What to say,... Believe the hype. Best reverb ever, period.

B. McDade

15. Juli 2019


What more can I say, tried it with bv’s and lead vox. Fabulous! But wait till you try it on string arrangements, it moves to the ethereal! If you want some fresh ambiance and sparkle that sounds natural and unprocessed, this is your plugin. Well done UAD, and thanks to Capitol for allowing us lesser mortals, the ability to enter into one of the best recording environments available. Thanks.

c. chamberlain

14. Juli 2019

Wow from a amateur music recordist.

While it's true I'm a card carrying union (42 years in local 695) production sound mixer (we record dialog on location or stages) for film, TV, and commercials, I am an amateur when it comes to music recording as it is a passion and hobby, not a job. Been having fun doing so for 15 years now. Some years back I moved up from a PT 003 rig to a Apollo 16 and Apollo twin & UAD2 Satellite rig. I heard the improvement straight away. I've bought a descent number of cool plugins from UA and have had a blast learning to use them. When Capitol Chambers came out I was tempted but I also had many other plugins that covered the territory and was reluctant at the price point to jump in. I've been to Capitol EMI Studio A three times for filming. Still awed by those shoots, seeing and being in the A&B rooms. I met many cool people there while filming. I also read and knew about the chambers and their history. Last time I was there I met a fellow (wish I remembered his name) mixing in Studio C. He was tweaking a mix using the chamber(s). He let me watch and listen to him for awhile. As I thanked him when I left to go back to our shoot, he casually mentioned that mixers/producers/artist from all over the world send work there to use the chambers. That was an eye opener for me. Never would of occurred to me. Thinking back to that I decided to pull the trigger on Capitol Chambers. Really glad I did. The two songs I've used it on so far were better by far(to my ears). It takes a great effort on my behalf to not over use it. Big fan of Capitol Chambers and UA.
Crew Chamberlain

UAD User

13. Juli 2019


This reverb sounds amazing! I've seen a lot of other producers in Nashville using it already. Definitely my new go-to for vocals

S. Durrant

13. Juli 2019

The awesome Capital Chambers

Here at my studio Stiwdio Un I have many hardware and software reverbs but the capital chambers are now my go to for almost everything I have recorded since buying them. They are simply magical. You will not regret buying this plugin. Totally awesome.

B. Palmer

12. Juli 2019

3 dimensional sweetness

This thing is rich! Space for days. I’m glad I bought it.

C. Wilson

12. Juli 2019



UAD User

12. Juli 2019


This one is amazing!!

D. George

12. Juli 2019

Old school lush!

Love this verb on vocals and spacey guitars .... UAD does it again!!

J. Poole

9. Juli 2019

The Image You've Been Waiting For...

Ocean Way = Mini Me
Capital Chambers = Dr. Evil

M. Gormaley

8. Juli 2019


Ok, when deciding on which audio interface to purchase, the big question you need to ask is, “Can it run Capital Chambers?” If not, walk away. Actually, run away.

T. Cerniglia

7. Juli 2019


This is thee best reverb plug-in I have ever heard on vocals. It breathes with the singer in and around a track. It can hold the vocalist on a cloud of velvet riding just on top of the mix. The second I heard it I got the chills with the hair on my arms standing straight up. Tears filled my eyes it sounded to so good, it sounded so real. And to think I was worried that it would sound old school pre demo. It is simply amazing.

UAD has given us a gift. A digital recreation of the most incredible sounding reverb chambers in the world. Each and everyone of us can now own a piece of history and use it to enhance our music and mixes. All with a click or two of the mouse. Unbelievable!

A brilliant work of art and technology. Great job to all that had a part of making this plugin. Salute.

D. Gillis

7. Juli 2019


Please use sparingly.
We don't want this showing up on every record or ours won't sound original anymore.

441-460 von 525 Ergebnisse