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Capitol Chambers


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A. Yacovelli

10. Mai 2020

Capitol Reverb delivers!

This is a great plugin for experimenting with reverb in a CLASSIC recording space! The visuals are very strong. With generic reverb plugins, you don't always understand the placement of the walls and mics from the description. This gives your brain a great visual to work with and unparalleled sound. Cool to tinker with some of the infamous settings, like the Brian Wilson presets.


10. Mai 2020


Best reverb for me, I use it for emulating rooms. Works a treat

m. peraldo

7. Mai 2020

Great reverb!

Never been at Capitol Studios, but this reverb sound amazing!
Not a go to on every genre or source, but in the right context it is so powerful, love it!

S. Gerard

5. Mai 2020

Capitol Chambers

The UA Capitol Chambers plugin is as advertised, if not better. I am really pleased with how it performs on vocal tracks, as well as drums. Just feels right.

M. Mchangani

4. Mai 2020

Love it

I dial it subtly on drums...it always works! creates space and lush vibes.

P. Reynolds

1. Mai 2020

Wonderfully pleased!

First plugin reverb I've encountered that inspired me like a beautiful sounding location.


30. April 2020


Wow...just wow! Hands down one of the best reverbs in the game!

A. Alphonse

30. April 2020

Game Changer

Cool as the concrete rooms. Warm as the mics used. It's a must have. 100% lush.

A. Pashka

27. April 2020

This is what heaven sounds like.

Wow. I thought the EMT was fire. Like Franks Red Hot, I put this on everything.

J. Cunningham

27. April 2020


This thing is pure heaven.

F. Leclercq

26. April 2020

superbe reverbe

Je ne me lasse pas de l’utiliser sur les voix, Capitol chambers ne ressemble à aucune autre reverbe. Elle sonne riche et naturelle. Etonnante sur les toms !

M. Tjäder

22. April 2020

Simply awesome!

Easy to use, sound great with minimal tweaking. Quite expansive and takes a lot of processing power, but still worth it.

M. Lambertz

22. April 2020

Depth and Space

It sounds very natural and is one of the best possibilities to put things far behind your mix. And it's very flexible. I love it!

M. Pixley

16. April 2020

Most natural sounding verb you can use.

I struggle to believe reverbs, most have a bit of a "digital sheen" on them...I listened to the audio files of this plugin with the typical skepticism that goes with every plugin, I tend to prefer outboard gear and use it whenever I can...I have some very good outboard verbs...lexicon, Kurzweil, glass nexus, and even a vintage tube spring reverb...
I pulled the trigger and bought this version...and right up front it is without question the best reverb I now own...the presets are quite versatile and while it WILL chew up your dsp resources, it is worth it...stick it on a bus and fade to taste...

If you are looking for a reverb that you can set and forget this is it...it is the most natural sounding reverb I have ever used...it will automatically place some distance in your mixes...makes m more interested in the Ocean Way rooms...it sound much better in person than the audio files you hear online...demo it and see for yourself.

A. Fradin

14. April 2020

Fantastic Reverb !

What a nice reverb. Really cool on drums, vocals. One more nice reverb after the 140 and AKG. Thanks

T. Cook

13. April 2020

Its sound great.

With all the great stuff UAD offers I'm a little disappointed in how poor the dsp usage is not properly tuned between plugins and hardware equipment. With 2 quads, an apollo quad, and an octo processor for doing things like running numerous Capitol chambers plugs, you start to see the flaws come out. Sometimes I can run 8 or 9 instances of the verbs and sometimes you can't even get 2 or 3 to load without disabling. Then it disables random things and when your into a massive session this starts to become a problem when it takes 5 minutes to reload the session. However, I will say I'll just continue to bite the bullet, reload sessions and work around the many many errors because this is the best reverb available. Nothing even comes close. As for dsp errors, this is the only plugin that has them. I gave it three stars for the inability to use the device more than once consistently, even with a ton of dsp hardware.

A. Breyer

13. April 2020

To add some sizzle, this thing's the shizzle.

You can easily go overboard with this, so be careful. But that's only because it sounds so dang impressive at just about any setting. If only the listening audience wanted to hear the qualities of reverb chambers all day instead of a snappy melody!

l. dorville

13. April 2020

Au Top

Magnifique réverbe

A. Ohlström

12. April 2020


I use reverbs from two manufacturers. This one and Valhalla. This could be the best plugin ever invented the last 10+ years.

N. Mieczkowski

9. April 2020

A truly irreplaceable plugin

This is a kind of reverb you didn't realize you need until you actually laid your hands on it. For me such a long reverberation time was achievable only with digital reverb plugins but at the same time they sounded flat and unnatural. Maintaining a very long lasting reverb (up to 9.5 seconds!) Capitol Chambers on the other hand sounds great and is capable of adding an amazing ambient to a track. A truly irreplaceable plugin!

341-360 von 590 Ergebnisse