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Capitol Chambers


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J. St Marthe

21. November 2020

All the reverb you will ever need

This is a great sounding and versatile reverb...amazing..I rate 4stars cuz this plugin is very heavy on DSP

D. Yowell

21. November 2020

Simply unparalleled!

I can’t say enough about this reverb! It’s truly a dream and hearing Jamie Lidell sing “A Rose” sold me immediately!

d. dice

14. November 2020


truly amazing, when you add this to a musician with talent

D. Alley

13. November 2020

Capitol Chambers

Excellent product.

N. Dyer

11. November 2020

Smooth as a baby's ......

This has to be one of the smoothest reverbs in my arsenal. One of my major gripes with most digital reverbs is the diffusion in the high frequencies. With the Capital chambers, glockenspiels and bells sound the most realistic in that capacity of any of the reverbs I use. It's also my go to reverb for acoustic piano. If I only notice a reverb when I turn it off, then I know it's the reverb for me. Capital Chambers does it for me every time!

M. Leys

5. November 2020

Great reverb

Such a nice reverb, love it

C. Naes

4. November 2020


Awesome plugin! Make you vocals sound pro. Actually stick any instrument in the chamber & you can’t go wrong! I love this!!

G. Balistreri

4. November 2020


I like it

M. Strickland

3. November 2020

I know this sound!

I work at a facility with an enclosed nine-story concrete ramp. The ramp is 13 feet high, 14 feet wide across the switchback, and about 80 feet long from end to end. It’s essentially a nine-story trapezoidal chamber, and every time I walk through it I’m in awe of the long and lusciously diffused reverberation that washes through it. It’s seemingly endless decay is very musical, and almost ethereal. When I first heard the Capitol Chambers plug-in demo tracks, I immediately recognized the unmistakeable sound of the trapezoidal chamber reverb and knew I had to have it. The plug-in has far surpassed my expectations, with the different chamber and mic options, and the ability to adjust mic placement, decay, filters, and stereo spread. A must have for everyone’s collection!

R. Weldam

27. Oktober 2020

The One and Only

Basically the only reverb you will ever need. Sounds great on everything.

R. Weldam

27. Oktober 2020

The One and Only

Basically the only reverb you will ever need. Sounds great on everything.

S. van Servellen

24. Oktober 2020

Annoyingly good

Unfortunately for me it sounds great, so I had to buy it. No regrets.

S. Costantino

22. Oktober 2020

I most natural sounding reverb I own!

I love the way it brings warmth and cohesiveness to the mix!
It’s definitely one of a kind and breeds new life into everything!

S. Costantino

22. Oktober 2020

The most natural sounding reverb I own!

I love the warmth and cohesiveness that it brings to the mix!
It breeds life into everything and is definitely one of kind!

C. Paschall

18. Oktober 2020

Best Chamber I own

Best chamber plug I own. A bit of a processing hog but worth it!

H. Spiodic

17. Oktober 2020

This is the one!

When it works It’s amazing but it might need an update, sometimes when I open it my whole project starts glitching like my computer is overloaded or something (might be Cubase issue) but it’s a great sounding reverb (Gonna try it in Luna)

n. kauffmann

8. Oktober 2020

Softly now

I record in a small room with acoustics that are quite alright but not perfect. Capitol Chambers seem to fit my room perfect when I apply it in modest amounts to my room tracks. Smooth like silk to my ears.

U. Sound

6. Oktober 2020


Brilliant sound. Very special character, you will not find this anywhere else

N. Brody

5. Oktober 2020

Elegant Chamber

Just the final ingredient that brings life to the mix

E. Bass

5. Oktober 2020

One of the most natural sounding reverbs

This one sounds incredibly natural - and good range of options too.

341-360 von 685 Ergebnisse