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Capitol Chambers


321-340 von 685 Ergebnisse

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J. Carr

18. Dezember 2020

The Ghost of Sinatra

The beautiful sound of the Capitol Chambers brings back fond memories of sitting in a session at Capitol Studios and sending the Aux Channel to Al's Chamber.
Thank you UAD for allowing me to embrace the sound all over again and again.

AuDioLeaD .. J. Carr

J. Dewald

16. Dezember 2020

Warm and realistic rooms

Though I was used to many different reverbs so as Dreamreverb or Lexicon 480 from UA or the East West Spaces this one still makes a difference. I am impressed by the warmth and authenticity of the chambers. Using it for my own voice in a recent production made me go wow. Easy to handle and worth every Euro for me. As a producer for video and commercials (TV and Radio), I can say I do love it.

s. riviere

15. Dezember 2020

Une merveille de reverb

Couleur exceptionnelle, rondeur, maniabilité de l’interface, super reverb.

B. Ward

13. Dezember 2020

Capitol Chambers

Designed by Les Paul, what more is there to say!

s. Pfeiffer

13. Dezember 2020


Phenomenal. A must have. No other IR reverb on the planet comes close. Be prepared to sacrifice a boatload of DSP though...

A. Fronius

13. Dezember 2020

Awesome Reverb... DSP hog

The reverb sounds amazing. But I can only run a single instance of the plugin at any time. It uses 70% of my DSP. Still in the troubleshooting phase, but I'm seeing a lot of similar comments. Wishing I could just use my CPU's power and not be limited like this.

A. Mazzaev

13. Dezember 2020

The best!

This is definitely one of the best tools for your vocals and guitars. You don’t just hear the space on the track, you can actually feel it!

s. Ha

12. Dezember 2020

nice work~!

This is the product I've been waiting for~!!! Highly recommend.

K. Jardine

11. Dezember 2020

The real deal

This is easily the best reverb available on the market for vocals. Simply perfect.

R. Burggraaf

11. Dezember 2020


Not compatible with Logic

K. Insulan

11. Dezember 2020


Finally! A Reverb that I can put to much of in a mix and it sounds just organic and beautiful. I'm producing more and more of my music with less instruments - relying on good playing, hopefully - but this requiers a really good reverb. Capitol Chambers is like an instrument almost...

M. Lara Riquelme

10. Dezember 2020


it´s so elegant and Beatiful !!!

M. Gaspari

7. Dezember 2020

New favorite Reverb

So much character, my new go to.

A. Szendel

7. Dezember 2020

Really a fun plugin, sounds great and interesting to use. So many options, so little time!

A real candy store of effect options with lots of little details to play around with if you choose to. I thought I got quite a bargain for a really amazing plugin.

R. Lartois

5. Dezember 2020

Best natural reverb

One of the best natural reverb. Gives life and depth to guitars and vocals.

d. perez

4. Dezember 2020


La vengo usando en todo la verdad, muy conforme, crea un espacio suave y natural. Muy flexible.

D. Dias

4. Dezember 2020

Sounds great, but...

Is incredibly dsp hungry (37% of the available dsp on a 2core duo card for one instance of cc), caused a bluescreen once, which never happened to me with other uad plugins.

k. su

2. Dezember 2020

A very unique reverb that creates a sweet and beautiful space

Natural and smooth response, analog sound, and vintage tail. I live it !

G. Gwyn

1. Dezember 2020


THE best most realistic reverb I've ever used!

c. pettus

28. November 2020

great but unloadable

it sounds great. but... the algorithm for allocating DSP is so poorly conceived that a resource hog like the Capitol is literally unusable half the time. on a system with 14 cores at 42%, it can't be loaded and projects saved with it won't open. and yes, I've tried all of the suggestions re load lock et al. clearly UA needs to rethink its approach to distributing resources. Once they do this will be a winner.

321-340 von 685 Ergebnisse