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Capitol Chambers


281-300 von 685 Ergebnisse

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P. Woehl

18. März 2021

Nice and simple!

Simple to get a lush verb that sounds great.

P. McAnnally

17. März 2021


Super inspiring reverb - the best chamber reverb I've found, kind of amazing every time I use it.

A. Eriksmoen

16. März 2021

Great verb

Smooth and gorgeous

L. Kranjc

10. März 2021

Most convincing room model in my experience

This is my go to end of chain processing. Depending on how much you push it, it adds lush harmonics to musical recordings (i use it on vocals and el. violin). A very convincing room model that feels as if you're standing right there. Other applications work great as well. The only limiting factor for me is small number of rooms you can choose from. Would love to see them adding made up rooms with crazy specs! Anyway amazing product.

R. Walsh

8. März 2021

Great Reverb

This came with my recent Satellite Octo purchase. What a very pleasant surprise. I own the EMT and Lexicon plus the Pure Plate. This is so different. Best "room" sound I've used. A must have

S. Roth

25. Februar 2021

Oh great! Feels silky smooth

I guess by now we all have plenty of reverb‘s, but this one is really special. It just feels comfortable, like a warm blanket.

B. Tari

24. Februar 2021

Tetszeni fog!

Ez azt teszi, amit kell, sem többet, sem kevesebbet!

A. Picciafuochi

18. Februar 2021

Excellent natural reverb!

Capitol Chambers is an excellent natural reverb, with it I can give three-dimensionality to the sounds in my mixes!

T. Camp

16. Februar 2021

Sounds incredible

It has such great character to it that is unique to any other reverb I have ever used. A lot of people go for Valhalla or the Lexicon, which is great for sure... but I prefer this and Ocean Way for adding depth and realism to otherwise dull sound sources. It works great if you print the aux send to audio and treat it as a separate room mic. I love it.

D. Willis

9. Februar 2021

I'm In Love!

When the Supreme Court finally changes the law to allow humans to marry plugins, I will take this one for my bride. So much yummy audio here. Beautiful classic sound yet also sounds very modern. It just does not get any better than this. This plugin alone makes me glad I dove into the UAD universe. Can sound warm, alive, close, far, etc. Try it!

T. Gapski

6. Februar 2021

Great sound! If you need Reverb you'll get Reverb.

Makes me curious to see and check the original chambers at Capitol Records .

S. Roth

29. Januar 2021

it does one thing - perfectly

it's a full - lush sound - that you recognize from so many songs - I love it

A. Jannotti

19. Januar 2021

Stunning musical ambience-

It sounds beautiful -the lines between 1 & 0's and reality are disappearing!!

D. Perini

19. Januar 2021

Capitol Rev

Capitol è fantastico!!!

M. Rahali

18. Januar 2021



D. DiPietro

16. Januar 2021

Becoming the "go to" verb

Nothing to add to what all the other 5 star reviews have already said. Great verb and surprisingly versatile.
Verb's are like compressors- you can never have enough.

M. Galavan

15. Januar 2021

Capital Chambers plugin

I find Capital Chambers to add nice classy depth and sparkle as opposed to my other plugin reverbs. I personally think this would be especially useful when doing slow vocal ballads. I run it by duplicating the original vocal track and mixing it in around 30% of the mix.

L. Martella

15. Januar 2021


Like most UA Plug-ins. Fabulous!

S. Pasic

14. Januar 2021


One Capitol fits all!

C. Prey

14. Januar 2021

Worth every penny

Along with the Ocean Way, the Capitol Chambers became my new go to reverb plugin in almost every project. I'm using it not only for music mixes, as it works equally well for sound design and post production. Very natural and authentic sounding, molding tracks together...love it.

281-300 von 685 Ergebnisse