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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle


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R. Stokes

14. Januar 2022

Works great

Sounds great

S. Niinikoski

14. Januar 2022


I was suprised how versatile it is. Saves alot of time and cpu.

J. Morrison

13. Januar 2022


Use this on anything, track’s, groups, mixbus & mastering, awesome!

Y. Chistyakov

13. Januar 2022

API Preamp

Ich mag diesen Preamp. Bei geringer DSP-Auslastung erhalte ich einen warmen und angenehmen Klang, kann ich nur empfehlen.

K. Savage

13. Januar 2022

Love the punch.

I compared this to some other channel strips. I really dig the sound of this strip. There's is this sort of punch this strip has that other strips don't. I dig the switchable eq as well.

A. Cabrera

13. Januar 2022

The go getter

People swear by the Avalon but In reality it’s all about your taste. Althought this thing has step knobs it gives you a nice tone for both tracking and mixing. if you cannot currently afford one of the stand alone gate plug ins this thing will provide you with a decent one. A good all in one plug.

E. Jackson

13. Januar 2022


Simply Awesome!!!!!!

S. Lucksman

12. Januar 2022

Excellent plugin for the price

I bought it as a pre-amp. Very clean preamp and Channel stripe add extra values


12. Januar 2022

API Vision Channel

What a Great Surprise, Great Diversity & Great Presets that Give a Guy liike me a Head Start into Own Own Discoveries of How, When & Where to use this

I. Amien

12. Januar 2022


Great sounding checked
Versatility checked
BEAST checked

Absolutely lovely

D. Taylor

12. Januar 2022

Very close to the original!

I own an API AXS LEGACY and this plugin sounds very close! I normally use it on my Apollo twin in Unison for mobile recording or for mixing with I want to start molding the drums because I send them it a bus the the SSL strip

J. Juhala

12. Januar 2022


Hug it, love it, will hype it!

K. Wu

12. Januar 2022

Great Deal

Got this plugin for $19. It's a great deal!

e. ceric

11. Januar 2022


I love it

t. takamasa

11. Januar 2022

Best Preamp!!

Amazing Preamp!!

t. takamasa

11. Januar 2022


The best channel strip!nice!!

B. Ward

11. Januar 2022

API Vision V2

Classic sounding punch, quality upgrade, more versatile EQs, what's not to like! A resizable GUI would be nice......


11. Januar 2022


I put this on my percussion bus and the section just sing! You can hear the effect of the compression in action, but that's not a bad thing in the case of this plugin as the compression is incredibly musical. I'm lucky enough to have used a real API 2500 Bus Compressor and this plugin sounds just like it. Brilliant!

K. pentecost

10. Januar 2022

Ultra Clean Control

If I want a source to have that clean sound and less color, I go for the API Vision strip. The EQ is very intuitive to use and it has become my go to for acoustic guitars recorded with an AKG 414. I’d buy the Neve preamps for unison first, but this should be the next one on your list.


10. Januar 2022

first step

to go

341-360 von 1891 Ergebnisse