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API Preamp


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B. Spence

16. Juli 2021

Great Deal! Better Sound

Great Sounding Preamp that easy to use and a great way for me to get the API sound I like, bought during the during the "Half-Year Sale" and with voucher - how could you go wrong. Also used with my bass as D.I.

I. Ortiz

15. Juli 2021


Simple yet effective

C. Coffie

15. Juli 2021

API mic pre


P. Rackley

14. Juli 2021


This pre is phenomenal!!! It’s a must have if you record live instruments! Period!! Hot!!!!

Z. Mo

14. Juli 2021

Solid purchase !!

Well , you can check my video on it on my youtube channel if you want to hear it in action or want to know my live and direct feeling , against the neve preamp for exemple .( i'm not at all proting my channel by the way ...
So here it is , soncially it seems more precise ,and it dives depth to sounds while the neve gives more meat and density , so it's not at all redundant to have both , i didn't gave it 5 just because until plugin resize , i will not give 5 stars witch means exellence !!
But sonically you can't go wrong with this one , and one big plus is that dsp hit is less than the neve one , you also have non stepped gain structure witch makes A/B easy unlike the neve .
Also the fact that you have a metering is a plus , with time if you're new to this , you will spot sonically AND visually the sweet spot per material type !!
In both cases (neve and api and coming ones) a mix knob would be great !!! but not at all a deal breaker .
Another usefull info is that if like me you own all other api stuff , it's cheaper to get the preamp and THEN upgrade to the api bundle than upgrading directly to the bundle ;)

First insert that will make you next mixing / production moves less necessary or drastic , it really helps , like real good preamps ;)

A. Mitrofanov

10. Juli 2021

Best emulation of preamp

Отличная эмуляция предусилителя. Хорошо "прогревает" сигнал. При определённых настройках работает как лимитер, незаметно режет пики! отличное решение - сделать его отдельным плагином!

C. Atria

7. Juli 2021

loved this plugin

great to adding color to multiple tracks. mixing using a little more saturation and little less eq and compression, works wonderful for me

UAD User

7. Juli 2021

Mac niff

This is definitely my go to mic pre superb

UAD User

7. Juli 2021

Mac niff

This is definitely my go to mic pre superb


3. Juli 2021

Tone on Top

Great character sound, love in tracking and also adding color and saturation into my mixing duty's.

C. Uquillas

30. Juni 2021

Great !

Great plugin

F. zakariya

24. Juni 2021


Nice preamp clean and very enjoyable

M. Horneman

24. Juni 2021

API Goodness

Great plug-in and frees up dsp to track across multiple channels for drums.

C. Tuke

23. Juni 2021

Great addition to my set up

Does exactly what i want it to do, gives me an API sound on any of my tracks. Love it

S. Mgele

22. Juni 2021

Great Plugin: Great Value

This plugin is a great addition for API Vision owners and well priced. Haven’t any regrets with this purchase, sounds great (an upgrade from the the now Legacy API Vision Channel Strip pre-amp). It maintains the saturation while introducing high end clarity which is more suited for modern pop/urban music, not to mention saving DSP while tracking!

B. Sullivan

20. Juni 2021

A Great Addition!

I love these simple, but yet powerful preamps. I have the Neve preamp and the 610, and this one did not disappoint! Makes the recording process easy and enjoyable.

A. Joseph

19. Juni 2021

The baby API

Sounds just like the channel strip!

J. Bru

18. Juni 2021


Utiliza poco DSP. A parte del carácter que aporta, me encanta la integración que tiene en Luna. Suena muy bien.

F. Lockwood

17. Juni 2021

Très très bon

Ce Prèamp API amène de belles couleurs ! Je l’utilise presque sur tout ! Juste une touche !

J. Moore

14. Juni 2021

API and Neve

Got it all covered, sounds amazing!

101-120 von 141 Ergebnisse