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API Preamp


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I. Krstic

17. April 2022

Great PreAmp

Very clean preamp that takes up only 3 % of DSP.

M. Contreras

21. März 2022


Fantastic punchy sound, put it on guitars, drums or vocals, everything sounds great.

A. Tyler

20. Februar 2022

Put in Unison for Guitars and never turn it off :)

When tracking guitar amps via mics or... even if plugging in the output of a modeler like Axe-FX or a Kemper to the UAD. Toss this in the Unison Preamp and hit it just hard enough to hear the magic warmth and analog top-end sizzle take over. Makes real amps through good mics sound like they are going through a real API 312 and running a modeler through it makes those sound less digital. Also works great in the DAW as the first insert before an amp sim plugin at mix.


1. Februar 2022

Really good from Tracking!

Really good from Tracking!

j. mora castillo

1. Februar 2022


Rápido y fácil me gusta

J. Weber

31. Januar 2022

Just the right flavor

Very happy with my purchase!

P. Christian

27. Januar 2022

Quick and Easy

Great plug-in. Easy to set up and low DSP. Great classic API color.

E. Jegu

27. Januar 2022


14.2% of (1) DSP ressources used with API Preamp instead of 30% with the API console. Great ! Only If you are short with DSP... minus 1 star because it's not free for the full console user/buyer.

M. God

26. Januar 2022


Great Plug-in 5 Star

i. becerril

26. Januar 2022



C. Knight

18. Januar 2022

This is actually great and welcomed!!

Thanks for this, it's perfect for quick mixing.

P. Radivojevic

18. Januar 2022

Pure API sound without any fuss

Pure API sound straight to your Apollo

Same clean signature API sound as it's big brother but less DSP use. I have not regret having both. UAD nailed it on this one!

A. Mladenović

17. Januar 2022

Great pre!

This is one of my favorites for recording drums and vocals with my x8p!

R. Walsh

15. Januar 2022


I like preamps. I have most that UAD offers. Each has a different sound. The API was the latest I have purchased. It should have been the first.

C. Sanchez Gebauer

14. Januar 2022

api preamp

excelente ponch

S. Wright

14. Januar 2022


This is it, if your looking too be radio ready, I highly recommend this one, the best pre amp they've made by far & not as expensive which a STEAL. Love it!!

Y. Chistyakov

13. Januar 2022

API Preamp

Ich mag diesen Preamp. Bei geringer DSP-Auslastung erhalte ich einen warmen und angenehmen Klang, kann ich nur empfehlen.

e. ceric

11. Januar 2022


I love it

t. takamasa

11. Januar 2022

Best Preamp!!

Amazing Preamp!!

V. Derbenev

10. Januar 2022

Good Preamp !!!

Feels like using a real console !

81-100 von 185 Ergebnisse