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Behind The Scenes — Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. XIII

Behind The Scenes — Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. XIII

Take a Deep Dive with Apollo X Audio Interfaces at AIR Studios

Go behind the scenes with producer/engineer Fab Dupont (Shakira, Santigold) as he works with Grammy-winning producer Jacknife Lee (U2, The Killers) creating the Apollo Artist Session at London’s AIR Studios — the debut of Apollo X Audio Interfaces.

Dupont follows Lee and Two Door Cinema Club vocalist Alex Trimble as they reimagine the band’s 2012 hit “Sun,” bolstered by the London Metropolitan Orchestra. Over the course of four days, Lee and Trimble work from the original session files, selecting parts to keep, while also auditioning a variety of vintage synths for new textures.

Dupont then details how he tracks drums using three Apollo x8p interfaces and various realtime UAD plug-ins like the Neve® 1073®, UA 610 Preamp & EQ, 1176 Compressor, and more. Finally, Dupont interviews orchestral arranger Davide Rossi and engineer Olga Fitzroy about composing and recording the London Metropolitan Orchestra at AIR’s legendary Lyndhurst Hall via four Apollo x16 interfaces.

Learn more about Apollo X at: www.uaudio.com/apollo-x