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Verleih Deinen Tracks den unverwechselbaren Sound von Motown.

Die Hitsville EQ Collection liefert Dir den Sound voller Soul, durch die speziell angefertigten grafischen Equalizer, die den legendären Motown Sound geprägt haben.

Die Hitsville EQ Collection, die nur bei Universal Audio erhältlich ist, verleiht Deinen Tracks den satten Sound der Geheimzutat-EQs, die von den Supremes über Stevie Wonder bis hin zu den Jackson 5 verwendet wurden.

*Use of artist name does not constitute official endorsement of Hitsville EQ Collection software.

Hol Dir sofortigen "Motown Sound" mit den einzigen EQ Emulationen, die offiziell vom legendären Hitsville U.S.A. Studio lizenziert wurden

Heb die Qualität Deiner Aufnahmen an mit sieben Bändern eines EQs voller Soul, der der Originalhardware nachempfunden ist

Stell sattklingende Vocal-, Drum-, Bass- und Gitarren-Sounds mit den gleichen EQ-Kurven ein, die auch bei Motown-Klassikern verwendet wurden

Produziere vollere Stereo-Mixe mit Hitsville's seltenem Mastering-EQ, Custom "Motown Filters" und Mid/Side Control


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Hol Dir den Sound des historischen Motown Studios

Hol Dir den Sound des historischen Motown Studios

Die von den Hitsville-Ingenieuren speziell angefertigten Geräte waren entscheidend für den satten, energiegeladenen Sound von Motown. Durch die gründliche Emulation der originalen Hitsville-EQ-Geräte — mit Hilfe der Techniker, die sie gebaut haben — kannst Du Deinen Produktionen endlich denselben druckvollen, offenen Sound verleihen, den man bei unzähligen Motown-Hits hört.

Gestalte Sounds mit einem Grafik-EQ voller Soul

Gestalte Sounds mit einem Grafik-EQ voller Soul

Von Gesang und Schlagzeug bis hin zu Bass und Keyboards — das Hitsville EQ Plug-in lässt alles besser klingen und verleiht Deinen Tracks die hitverdächtigen Frequenzen, die Motown-Platten förmlich aus den Lautsprechern springen ließen.

Füge professionellen Glanz mit Motowns klassischem Mastering EQ hinzu

Füge professionellen Glanz mit Motowns klassischem Mastering EQ hinzu

Veredele Deine Tracks mit der weltweit einzigenEmulation von Hitsville's ultraseltenem Mid/Side Disk Mastering EQ. Hör, wie die legendären "Motown-Filter" und die Half-Speed-Frequenzeinstellungen Deinen Produktionen den fetten Vintage Hi-Fi Sound und die Energie einer klassischen Single verleihen, die frisch vom Motown Produktionsband kommt. Hitsville, in voller Pracht.


Hitsville EQ Collection

D. Frey

30. November 2022

Hitsville EQ ok but not special

Eq is okay but uses much CPU on a new studio Mac, quality is not so well like dangerous bax and Manley
Hitsville is a normal eq that UA describes as special but it is not special!!!!
But expensive!
And you will only get useless 20 year old plugins from UA if you buy Apollo twin or Apollo x6
The great surprise is that UA tells you you can choose up to 2000dollar plugins and if you register the x6 you get a choice of unusable plugins that are 20 years old and useless in this times !
And UA is to stingy to give you polymax or good plugins!!!
A joke and now they will earn nothing from me in future!
Well policy!
Customer friendly

E. Bureau

9. November 2022

Incredible and colorful EQ

The perfect companion to the Pultec and 1073/84 for colorful EQing. It sounds beautiful and adds magic to any source. The EQ bands are just right and very musical. I can dial mids and low like with no other EQ. The Mastering EQ haven't left my mixbus since I got the plugin and the ability to EQ M/S is incredible helpful for gently sculpting a wide and powerful stereo image. The filters are also really nice if you're trying to achieve a vintage sound. Beware of demoing this thing, if you don't intend to buy it. Once you hear it, you cannot unhear it.

L. Ooley

26. Oktober 2022

The classic vibe, and the just right frequencies

The geniuses who built the hardware dialed in the perfect set of frequencies to sculpt character and nip problems in a mix. Obvs never used the hardware, but this is one hell of a musical, natural-sounding plug. I've been using it on everything since i got it. The mastering version is incredibly useful too.

C. Nicolaidis

14. Oktober 2022

Very Smooth!!

Perfect for instruments and vocals. Accurate with loads of clarity. Works well on the bus channels as well!!

J. Rodney

12. Oktober 2022


This plugin is very nice great sounds…. Easy to dial in. I definitely recommend it

P. Grimm

12. Oktober 2022

Very nice for voices

It gives clarity

M. Perno

8. Oktober 2022


stupidement musical!

S. van Servellen

7. Oktober 2022

Subtle and different enough from the others

So far this EQ seems subtle and different enough from the many other EQ’s I have it was worth buying when discounted + coupon.

W. Slaughter

7. Oktober 2022


Almost EVERTIME its on the mix bus!

T. van Vliet

23. September 2022


Easy to use EQ with lots of presets. I'm using it for vocals and bass. Gives the extra sauce on your mix. A new favourite.

I. Ortiz

20. September 2022

warm sounding eq

M. Ranauro

16. September 2022

Hitsville EQ Collection

A very good investment. From very analog , silky needs , to something that goes into louder directions . Different Fron Massive Passive . And the others . Bravi , Michele Ranauro.

R. Bjurstrom

14. September 2022

Subtle but pleasing

A nice subtle analog sounding EQ. Smooth and warm.

w. dawkins

6. September 2022

Perfect for dance music

Trying to get the right tone in any bass heavy productions? Well this is the eq of choice. Just start dialing the knobs and you will clearly see why this was an eq of choice for soul music. The frequencies chosen are so perfect for the bottom end. Try it on drums, bass and yes even vocals. Words are not enough to describe what seems like a simple eq. It's a hidden gem. If you do EDM, HIPHOP, REGGAE you need this one

J. Dollard

6. September 2022

Very authentic

Very authentic
It really does have that vintage sound. It seems to be hard to authorize on UA connect but I’m doing something wrong.
But it works fine in Luna, logic definitely worth having

M. O'Brien

6. September 2022

Win, Win and win.

Great warm sound. A most have.

P. KIng

1. September 2022

Perfect overlay

I have a good collection of UAD plugins which I find really enhance what I’m producing as a demo songwriter. That said, I recently used this Hitsville EQ on previously recorded vocals and reworking mixes. Even my wife noticed the difference. Subtle, but it seems to lift everything in a really positive way.

V. Koenig

18. August 2022

Sometime you need a touch of fine Mojo...

This is not a goto Eq for all Signals, but it's a goto Eq at the End of all Signal Chains.
Surprise Surprise :)

C. Lee

17. August 2022

Sounds good on literally everything!

This Plugin is wonderful! Great job on this EQ!

G. Millard

14. August 2022

First ever underrated Plugin ??

OK, so the video and even the reviews for this plug in seem a little restrained ?
I've dropped this EQ into both the solo vocal channel and the mastering buss of several projects and each time the result have been like "Wow!!"...
Finally they have released a "magic button" of a plug-in and they don't have the bottle to back it with the hype it deserves?! Really!!??
Well, either way, it's going all my group and master busses from now on.
Beautifully subtle, but staggeringly noticeable.. what more do you want from an EQ ?