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Hitsville EQ Collection

Hitsville EQ Collection


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Verleih Deinen Tracks den unverwechselbaren Sound von Motown.

Die Hitsville EQ Collection liefert Dir den Sound voller Soul, durch die speziell angefertigten grafischen Equalizer, die den legendären Motown Sound geprägt haben.

Die Hitsville EQ Collection, die nur bei Universal Audio erhältlich ist, verleiht Deinen Tracks den satten Sound der Geheimzutat-EQs, die von den Supremes über Stevie Wonder bis hin zu den Jackson 5 verwendet wurden.

*Use of artist name does not constitute official endorsement of Hitsville EQ Collection software.

Hol Dir sofortigen "Motown Sound" mit den einzigen EQ Emulationen, die offiziell vom legendären Hitsville U.S.A. Studio lizenziert wurden

Heb die Qualität Deiner Aufnahmen an mit sieben Bändern eines EQs voller Soul, der der Originalhardware nachempfunden ist

Stell sattklingende Vocal-, Drum-, Bass- und Gitarren-Sounds mit den gleichen EQ-Kurven ein, die auch bei Motown-Klassikern verwendet wurden

Produziere vollere Stereo-Mixe mit Hitsville's seltenem Mastering-EQ, Custom "Motown Filters" und Mid/Side Control


Hol Dir den Sound des historischen Motown Studios

Hol Dir den Sound des historischen Motown Studios

Die von den Hitsville-Ingenieuren speziell angefertigten Geräte waren entscheidend für den satten, energiegeladenen Sound von Motown. Durch die gründliche Emulation der originalen Hitsville-EQ-Geräte — mit Hilfe der Techniker, die sie gebaut haben — kannst Du Deinen Produktionen endlich denselben druckvollen, offenen Sound verleihen, den man bei unzähligen Motown-Hits hört.

Gestalte Sounds mit einem Grafik-EQ voller Soul

Gestalte Sounds mit einem Grafik-EQ voller Soul

Von Gesang und Schlagzeug bis hin zu Bass und Keyboards — das Hitsville EQ Plug-in lässt alles besser klingen und verleiht Deinen Tracks die hitverdächtigen Frequenzen, die Motown-Platten förmlich aus den Lautsprechern springen ließen.

Füge professionellen Glanz mit Motowns klassischem Mastering EQ hinzu

Füge professionellen Glanz mit Motowns klassischem Mastering EQ hinzu

Veredele Deine Tracks mit der weltweit einzigenEmulation von Hitsville's ultraseltenem Mid/Side Disk Mastering EQ. Hör, wie die legendären "Motown-Filter" und die Half-Speed-Frequenzeinstellungen Deinen Produktionen den fetten Vintage Hi-Fi Sound und die Energie einer klassischen Single verleihen, die frisch vom Motown Produktionsband kommt. Hitsville, in voller Pracht.


Hitsville EQ Collection

K. Garry

18. Juni 2022

Great mix buss tool, Pultec contender?

Couple weeks in…. Learning M/S techniques is a big reason i purchased this and I really love what it can do. The sheen on the top end is really sweet, still digging into the 1/2 function, not clear on what it does. Four stars because I am a post mixer and the fixed Hz are limiting, but I know that’s what I signed up forhere. Overall, a great EQ and FUN alternative to a Pultec.

R. Bouma

16. Juni 2022

unique tool- thank you + thank you UAD

What can I say? Once you start to work with this beautiful machine you are hooked.. Or? You don’t understand music and sounddesign at all -I would dare to say:). The frequencies are specified for a certain age of time where vinyl was THE medium. Nevertheless if you understand and love that sound, the shapes she creates are wonderful! The MS also work really well. In every Masterchain it has its basic spot now. But ! i do use more tools around, preferably with a clear sound like the maselec, to fill the gaps. The color is very natural, warm and trusted but it can have a nasty bite in the higher frequencies. All together one of those machines that are so rare, that I am very happy about the fact that UAD made it possible to ‘have one’. Thanks UAD!

R. Rattay

14. Juni 2022


Very good addition.
You get to your destination quickly.
Ideal for mastering too.

C. Bergström

3. Juni 2022

Amazing sound

And you can’t overthink it since the frequencies are set and there’s no analyser.
According to plugindoctor it looks like it cramps, but who cares if it sounds great


2. Juni 2022

Hitsville EQ Collection

Great Eq! Using it on all my projects...

T. Schofield

29. Mai 2022

Never Have I EVER!!!

Wow! Just wow! Absolutely incredible plug in. Turn it up all the way and it will still sound great. Sculpt and shapes like a charm. This plug in paired with the studer is an absolute menace. Bite the bullet and buy it now!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

Š. Kominko

26. Mai 2022

The sound I've always been looking for.

I tried the demo in detail and I must say that this equalizer got me very quickly, with its absolutely perfect sound. It's the equalizer I've always been looking for. A wonderful and perfect sound for me. I invest the next earned money in this equalizer. I didn't think UA could still raise the bar higher with already perfect plugins, but they did it. For me, UA is the absolute unit in the market. Thank you for the excellent work you do 1000%. Thanks to you, we can also make professional sound at home.

B. Epps

23. Mai 2022

Hard to Let Go!

Well, I stared working on a new mix, so of course I had to test this Plugin out. Wow, it fit right into my workflow.

I usually don't buy right away, (initial pricing) but with nine days left on my demo, I had to make this purchase. It didn't take long for me to realized that I wouldn't be able to remove this excellent EQ from my mix!

It's not magic, it doesn't fix bad mixes, but if you have a nice clean mix, you'll definitely hear the flavors this has to offer. Nice one!

M. Petrillo

20. Mai 2022

Simple & Soulful

This plugin is fantastic. Quick to find your frequencies to tailor, and doesn't crap out with harsh edges. Would use it on all channels if I could!

L. György

20. Mai 2022

Great Plugin!!!!!

I use it in Spark subscription, awesome EQ.
Better then Api or Neve... and MO-Q;)
Congrat UAD!

D. Marais

18. Mai 2022

Wow....just wow

Just got the demo, but I know this is going to be purchased after my next payday. This eq is so velvety and gorgeous and really does impart that Motown vibe and silkiness. When this eq plugin was announced, I thought there was no way I needed another eq, but this, like so many of the iconic UA emulations, carries a signature sound that is exquisite. The tracking/mixing eq is such fun and the mastering box adds a magical, hi-fi sheen on the mix bus. Killer. Bravo, UAD and the geniuses at Motown who originally engineered these beauties!