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Verleih Deinen Tracks den unverwechselbaren Sound von Motown.

Die Hitsville EQ Collection liefert Dir den Sound voller Soul, durch die speziell angefertigten grafischen Equalizer, die den legendären Motown Sound geprägt haben.

Die Hitsville EQ Collection, die nur bei Universal Audio erhältlich ist, verleiht Deinen Tracks den satten Sound der Geheimzutat-EQs, die von den Supremes über Stevie Wonder bis hin zu den Jackson 5 verwendet wurden.

*Use of artist name does not constitute official endorsement of Hitsville EQ Collection software.

Enthaltene Versionen

UAD Nativ
Läuft auf Deinem Mac oder PC ohne UA-Hardware.

Apollo Realtime & UAD-2
Läuft beschleunigt auf Apollo Interfaces und UAD-2-Hardware.

System-Anforderungen: UAD Native Plug-ins laufen sowohl auf macOS 10.15 Catalina oder neuer als auch auf Windows 10 und 11. Schau auf unsere UA-Support-Seite für Systemanforderungen.

  • Hol Dir sofortigen "Motown Sound" mit den einzigen EQ Emulationen, die offiziell vom legendären Hitsville U.S.A. Studio lizenziert wurden
  • Heb die Qualität Deiner Aufnahmen an mit sieben Bändern eines EQs voller Soul, der der Originalhardware nachempfunden ist
  • Stell sattklingende Vocal-, Drum-, Bass- und Gitarren-Sounds mit den gleichen EQ-Kurven ein, die auch bei Motown-Klassikern verwendet wurden
  • Produziere vollere Stereo-Mixe mit Hitsville's seltenem Mastering-EQ, Custom "Motown Filters" und Mid/Side Control

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Hol Dir den Sound des historischen Motown Studios

Hol Dir den Sound des historischen Motown Studios

Die von den Hitsville-Ingenieuren speziell angefertigten Geräte waren entscheidend für den satten, energiegeladenen Sound von Motown. Durch die gründliche Emulation der originalen Hitsville-EQ-Geräte — mit Hilfe der Techniker, die sie gebaut haben — kannst Du Deinen Produktionen endlich denselben druckvollen, offenen Sound verleihen, den man bei unzähligen Motown-Hits hört.

Gestalte Sounds mit einem Grafik-EQ voller Soul

Gestalte Sounds mit einem Grafik-EQ voller Soul

Von Gesang und Schlagzeug bis hin zu Bass und Keyboards — das Hitsville EQ Plug-in lässt alles besser klingen und verleiht Deinen Tracks die hitverdächtigen Frequenzen, die Motown-Platten förmlich aus den Lautsprechern springen ließen.

Füge professionellen Glanz mit Motowns klassischem Mastering EQ hinzu

Füge professionellen Glanz mit Motowns klassischem Mastering EQ hinzu

Veredele Deine Tracks mit der weltweit einzigenEmulation von Hitsville's ultraseltenem Mid/Side Disk Mastering EQ. Hör, wie die legendären "Motown-Filter" und die Half-Speed-Frequenzeinstellungen Deinen Produktionen den fetten Vintage Hi-Fi Sound und die Energie einer klassischen Single verleihen, die frisch vom Motown Produktionsband kommt. Hitsville, in voller Pracht.


Hitsville EQ Collection



M. Oja

22. September 2023

Amazing plugin

At first I didn't quite understand this. Now that this has been tried in different contexts, I am slowly starting to understand this better. Very musical, absolutely brilliant for acoustic guitar. One of the best equalizers I know.

S. Ramsay

20. September 2023

Perfect on the master bus

I use this on my master bus in M/S mode to help widen the sound. It's hard to make this plugin sound bad!

D. Mallon

8. August 2023

Really cool.

It’s really subtle. Nothing too extreme goes on in this plug in so you don’t get too lost in tweaks. I like that, it adds what you need or subtracts and you will be able to improve on the source signal in a very nice understated yet effective way.

g. parenti

21. Juli 2023


Excelente eq para agregar color y genial en sus curvas musicales

I. Finney

15. Juli 2023

Wonderful Musical EQ

This shines as an EQ plugin. The top end is silk. One of the best EQs I use and have heard.

w. dawkins

11. Juli 2023

Wayne Dawkins

I don't know how the designers of the hardware did it, they must have spent years on trial and error and critical listening to design the perfect curves and selected frequencies. This thing was absolutely made for music with predominant low end.
Just play your bass and listen for any thing you don't like. Start tuning the low frequencies and in minutes you will hear a familiar sound that is pleasing to the ear. It is quite obvious to me that UA has expertly modeled this piece. They made me feel special because it almost seems like they made this plugin for me. It's incredible, a must have for pop, reggae, hiphop, rnb and jazz.

A. Lemos

10. Juli 2023

Love this plug in

Fantastic plug in working with Protools ….

A. Lemos

10. Juli 2023

Love this plug in

Fantastic plug in working with Protools ….

W. Manke

10. Juli 2023

You can almost smell the capacitors burning.

Very fun to use with a cool and useful tone. Lots of character. I'm glad this is a plugin and not hardware, because you can hear it almost burning up as it pushes the sound.


7. Juli 2023

au revoir plugin alliance !!! and welcome UAD :-)

I'm having bad experiences with plugin alliance! All my plugins bug on Logic pro!
we're not in the same category!
UAD plugins work perfectly, and the color they bring to my track is incomparable. Thanks to UAD, your plugins are up to date :-) not like alliance plugins!

M. Verblakt

5. Juli 2023


This is a great EQ. Next to the Pulteq my goto on classic tracks

D. Groulx

17. Juni 2023

Original tones

Love this EQ!

O. Cuellar

12. Juni 2023

best eq

please buy , UAD plug ins are second to none

O. Cuellar

9. Juni 2023

Great eq

Your best eq , must be paired with Pultec. Cheers UAD

M. Murphy

9. Juni 2023


Phenomenal EQ.. for top end sizzle… I’ve never heard anything like it. I’ve honestly never appreciated how radically a great EQ can improve your mixes!!

S. Ramsay

3. Juni 2023

One of my most favourite plugins!

When using this plugin on the mid/side setting, you can really dial in a warm mono bass and widen the sides with some lush highs. It's my secret sauce on the mastering chain.

A. Lewen

2. Mai 2023

No magic here!

If you think you instant will get a vintage sound or some natural warmth with this your fooled. You can reach the same results with stock plugins. This is not a must even if you're in to the vintage sound. The nice interface might inspire though.


29. März 2023

Not you again...

I swore myself that I had enough plugs and didn't need to buy anything more from Uad, but this Eq is soooooo smooth that, as soon as I pushed the demo button, it became instantly my go to Eq. I literally loughed out loud when trying the different presets in my current project. The presets are really good BTW.
It made his way on almost every track, I did tried to replicate with Pultec Eq but Nah... This one has is own flavor.

The Mastering Eq is a joy too, (the preset "Make mix sound better" doesn't lie), it's just magic.
Well done Uad, you know your way to my wallet.... Holy crap

L. sharma

22. Februar 2023

Best Eq Plugin Ever Made By UAD

Works great On Vocals , And on Master ! , I use to Used Pulteq EQ on Vocals & master & manley on Master , but after using it i found this eq so good ! now i can not feel working without this eq , I like the way it is , I love the way it doesn't add too much color ! , this Eq Is Like Fixes & shines ! , I would rather buy this EQ than manley EQ even

C. Domenico

31. Januar 2023

Back to the Future

UAD - Hitsville EQ Collection takes you back to the future. The famous Motown sound of the 60's and 70's. Big thanks to michael & Universal Audio.