Pure Plate Reverb

Pure Plate Reverb


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Pure Plate Reverb


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A. Russell

16. September 2020

Easy To Use, Great Sound!

Let me preface this by saying I'm a songwriter that needs to create reasonable work tapes for my publisher to review prior to an official demo recording. I am not an engineer and prefer easy to use plugins with great presets to get the sound I need. i.e. live recording either guitar or keyboard with vocals, presets to get the sound I'm after without too much tweaking, then a quick master with BX Masterdesk Classic. I do own quite a few UA plugins but only write a glowing review about a few of them...this is one...

This is my go to reverb...so simple to dial in the sound I'm looking for! Perfect for my needs!

J. Park

13. September 2020

Very simple and easy to use reverb

If you want simple but high quality tube style reverb plugin, it is perfect fit for you.
I highly recommand.

J. López Uribe

12. September 2020

Simple and great

It just works for my snares and lead vocals. It fits perfectly

J. Wilson

11. September 2020

One of the best reverbs ive ever used

This is just the sauce i look for on nearly any mix - has just the right amount of warmth and is the perfect reverb for a bus

E. Grebeznieks

10. September 2020

easy, nice

Very easy to use, and most importantly gives a first-class result

R. Metelkin

31. August 2020

pure, easy, nice

Vocals and strings.
And much more.
Seriously, this reverb is awesome, and wherever you mix it, it sounds everywhere.

E. Koch

20. August 2020

better than a crusty SPX-90 plate.

some people would probably want to hang me for saying that, but i had a rack mount SPX-90, and i seriously do not remember the plates sounding as good as this unit..
maybe it was the noise...i had a buzz in my old SPX that was just loud enough to drive me nuts...this, of course, is dead quiet; except for the lush plate verb sound it dishes out so well....totally excellent.

A. Olivera

19. August 2020


Basically since the first time I tried the demo of this reverb I fell in love completely. She definitely became my partner when it came to mixing and recording vocals. Pure Plate makes you feel in a deep space perfect for singing or playing any instrument. I use it on vocals mainly but also on drums, guitars, whatever ... Pure Plate is an expensive sounding reverb at a friendly price.

E. Zambrano

29. Juli 2020


Easy and simple to set up, just the perfect go to plate, and also gentle on DSP usage

M. Postnov

25. Juli 2020

By far the best in its simplicity!

Absolutely must have! Loved it’s incarnation inside the Ox Box and having the ability to use it in LOGIC makes my reverb itches complete forever. Pure 70s, lush, rich and expensive!

c. glakas

17. Juli 2020

Great, easy, fast reverb

You can get a great sound in less than a minute and it doesn't soak up all your dsp!

A. Alphonse

12. Juli 2020

Time Saver

Super easy to use. Get results fast and move on to the next thing on your checklist.

A. Colon

11. Juli 2020

I just love it!

Amazingly beautiful!

J. Marshall

6. Juli 2020

Really nice plate reverb

Great reverb for vocals and acoustic guitars.

C. M

6. Juli 2020

Pure Plate Reverb

Very nice, super clear sound. Especially on vocals!

H. Kim

4. Juli 2020


Good Quality!

o. fashanu

4. Juli 2020

5 star

This plugin works great

N. Pinto

1. Juli 2020

Great plate!

Simple to use and sounds great. A little heavy on DSP compared to other (native) plates.

G. Polito

27. Juni 2020

It's really a good plate!

Very simple to use, gives a really nice space and sound! You should really get it!

G. Rothwell

25. Juni 2020

Wealth of Reverb

So much range it like a wave washing over you , from a shimmering sound to cave like echos.


1-20 von 253 Ergebnisse

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