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Pure Plate Reverb


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R. Olmos

25. November 2022


Sonido muy suave, muy sedoso, perfectos para cualquier instrumento o voz, simplemente perfecto !!!

J. Ng

22. November 2022


Changed it from the stock reverb plug-in and heard the difference. Amazing:)

Z. Gargaronis

15. November 2022

Qualitative reverb

Excellent plugin! Really pleasure using it!

J. Szeszel

14. November 2022

Very nice!!!

Best plate reverb for vocals.

A. Viktorovich

14. November 2022

A great and simple reverb

A great and simple reverb

C. Laroche

11. November 2022

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!!

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!! Thanks to the whole Universal Audio team for offering us all these products!

J. Vierra

9. November 2022

Pure Plate is Pure Gold

Absolutely fantastic reverb that can be used in many different applications. Another great one from UA,

D. Amanov

1. November 2022

wow, best reverb)

I am very glad that I have such a super reverb, cool reverb, thanks UAD!!!

R. Sortwell

13. Oktober 2022

Love it

Rev rev rev verb

E. Zavala

6. Oktober 2022


This reverb sounds great! There's not much else to say. Don't hesitate to pick this one up.

E. Marks

6. Oktober 2022

Free plate verb

Can't complain got it for free and works great alot of presets and easy to alter and tweak to find the sound you want, great for sound design.

T. Kingen

6. Oktober 2022

A worthy addition

The Pure Plate is a worthy addition if you need a plate reverb a little simpler than the EMT140.

A. Smith

6. Oktober 2022

Clean sound

Great reverb to add that extra dimension to your mix.

A. Ayer

22. September 2022

Good plate

Good plate reverb. Not my go to plate but it is useful.

R. Vilhelmsen

20. September 2022

very nice

I really like the sound of this plug in. it just sounds like the plate reverb i have heard on so many great songs. it is crazy that we live in a time where its possible to get that sound at home. mind blowing.

N. Stolz

19. September 2022

Review pure plate reverb

I like this simple plugin with few knoobs, it's easy to use and it gives a great sound combination with my audio. I will use it in future

R. Donnelly

16. September 2022

UA email prompted review.

I like simplicity and the most important tools present and this reverb offers that and a most pleasing sound to boot.

W. Bangladesh

14. September 2022


Love this Plugin

P. Wallin

10. September 2022

Handy for recording vocals

Usually I track vocal dry, but when singer really want some ambient I add this to phonemix, but not print it, since I want to tweak settings later in a mix.

C. Özdemir

9. September 2022


It feels so good to play/sing with in the aux channel

1-20 von 360 Ergebnisse

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