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Pure Plate Reverb


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D. Lewis

10. Juni 2024

Clean and Accurate!!!

This plugin gives me clarity and the true reverb behind anything I put in front of it .. from vocals to instruments!! Use this in EVERY session!!

E. Guimarães

7. Juni 2024


very good

K. Khaleel

28. Mai 2024

Absolutely Excellent!!

I have waited many years for UAD plug-ins to go native , this plate sounds absolutely perfect for my vocal recordings along with their other plugins used in my latest productions . Love it !!!!

D. Mitchell

26. Mai 2024

Pure Plate Reverb

As an owner and user of EMT and Echoplate mechanical units over 45 years I must say the UAD Pure Plate does a very good job emulating a real plate, Real plates all sound a little different depending on temperature of the plate and tension (tuning) of the sheet metal so there is no definite sound of a plate but this emulation does what it does very good. Well pleased and besides I don't need a basement to house it.

N. Viet

19. Mai 2024

Disappointing buying experience

With a friend I was discussing what made Motown so special, he believes the musicianship. I believe the sound (it's both of course, but not one without the other). To prove my point I try to make a song sounding like Motown and as a hobbyist this plugin ((partly) essential Motown) on offer was within my budget (€31). However, hours after buying and installing it I saw UAD also had on offer a five plugin bundle, including this one, as wel as a.o. the praised Space Echo and Pultec emulation, for €59. I would have preferred that, but I was too late, I already had installed my purchase. I should have done an extended search. Let me be clear, I understand offers are valid for a limited time, but these two were valid, and still are, for the same period. Complicating factor is that UAD mails me, a Windows user with the EMT140 offer, that only works on Apollo. And this one, although being an EMT140 emulation does not have the name in it. I already had to do some searching to figure things out. It's hard to keep an overview. The name is confusing. All this keeps from being satisfied with my purchase. I could have been better off.

B. Rucker

19. Mai 2024

Really nice reverb

The plug in is good,but for me not what I was looking for as far as using it on a snare drum,not enough selection for me.

M. Metalli

14. Mai 2024

Great Plate Reverb

Essential in its controls but great sounding out of the box. Very useful

P. Sviyazov

12. Mai 2024

Useful and easy

Got this reverb plug-in when it became native. It's very handy and fast to set up! Plus it sounds exactly as it supposed to!

S. Kottis

30. April 2024

The best reverb

Always the best software

E. Sedrick

16. März 2024


This pulls off the organic plate reverb vibe very convincingly. It's very easy to seat into a mix, and seating reverb into a mix is often a challenge when working itb.

Protip: don't just use this for the classic vocal plate sound, but also try out the shortest or near-shortest reverb times on various sources. A little dab does a nice job of putting bone-dry recordings into a large studio space.

One thing is for sure, when eating dried fruits, and nuts, and other trail-mix fodder, if you then slap a mic on yourself, you now get to eat off of a classy virtual plate in your headphones.

S. Peterson

17. Januar 2024

Love it so far

I’ve only used on a rough mix but I love it so far. Very usable.

A. Ogarev

25. Dezember 2023

Pure Plate Reverb


M. Jansson

13. Dezember 2023

Great reverb

Perfect on a bus and gently send half of all tracks in to! Warm and dark like I like them!

I. Gala

12. Dezember 2023


very good plate

L. Marchetti

22. November 2023


F. Antonio

19. November 2023

Really good plate sound!!!

THE plate sound. I would love to see this guy with a little bit more control.

N. Antonio

19. Oktober 2023

Plate reverb en su pureza

Grandiosa la plate reverb que ofrece éste plugin

F. Lakatoš

27. September 2023

very good

I love it, it sounds very good. Uad is great

F. Lakatoš

27. September 2023

very good

I love it, it sounds very good. Uad is great

E. Hayden

25. September 2023

Very impressed!

Great great to sing through sits easy in the mix, sounds like money! Love this.

1-20 von 448 Ergebnisse

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  3. 3
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