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Pure Plate Reverb


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N. Cifaldi

15. Juli 2022

Sounds great!

This sounds awesome on pretty much everything. Nice to have the native spark version too for more flexibility.

D. Matas

20. Juni 2022

Fantastic reverb plugin!

A. Gray

11. Juni 2022

Dub be good

Sounds fantastic on drums, in fact sounds fantastic on every source I’ve applied it to.

J. Rucker

13. Mai 2022

Super versatile!

I used to struggle finding the right reverbs that sounded subtle and natural, but yet still audible and musical. Enter, the Pure Plate Reverb. I had no clue I’d be able to refer to ONE plug-in for about 90% of my reverb work on my tracks. You have a wet/dry knob with the option of going “wet solo”. You can even then shape the frequency even further with low cut options to make your effect cut through the mix even more! Being able to tweak the pre-delay AND reverb time is a life saver. So far, the Pure Plate Reverb hasn’t sounded bad on any source I’ve used it on: drums, guitar, piano, vocals… knocks other reverbs out of the park easily. Thank you Universal Audio!

R. Pulley

17. April 2022

Pure Plate Reverb

Use this in the headphone mix, but don’t record to the track. It helps me to do better vocal takes. I’ve proven that by listening back to previous vocals prior to having the DSP available.

A. Hombach

15. April 2022

I had to buy it, didn't want it.

This was part of the Apollo Heritage edition. I haven't tried it because I wasn't interested in it. And because I didn't know I bought it. UA is so annoying. It lists you all of the ca. 200 plugins, and you have no idea of which of them are demos and which you own. And scroll 200 plugins. Are you kidding me??? All I was interested in, was C-Vox. The rest I cannot recommend. And I don't need the rest for what I record with my fantastic Sound Devices MixPre-3 II.

J. Dearness

7. März 2022

Great reverb

I don't like high levels of reverb and this allows me to dial it in to the sweet spot

B. de Graaf

23. Februar 2022

Another plate?

Yes, another plate... I was sceptical, tried it on vocals I love it for that, but can definitely be used on more. Great sounding verb and for a great price after 50% discount and some vouchers :).

V. Baranov

22. Februar 2022


Great reverb! Minimum settings and great sound! I recommend it!

J. Wallstén

19. Januar 2022

New favorite

My new favorite for acoustics!

V. Vlodarchyk

13. Januar 2022

Pure Plate Reverb

My first UAD reverb plug and I very happy this plug-in is Fire

M. Ferreira

13. Januar 2022

Great tone and easy to use

A good reverb.

D. Birtwistle

12. Januar 2022

Very nice

After the unison preamps it's the reverbs that have drawn me into the UAD world. They are so convincing and natural - somehow better than native equivalents - I can't quite put my finger on it. This plate reverb is a great example. Sounds great on everything from drums to instruments to vocals.

K. Fulford

12. Januar 2022

Good starter verb

My first UAD reverb plug and one I reach to as an additional buss to supplement more sophisticated options. Really solid choice for that classic plate sound.

P. Nyström

11. Januar 2022


A pure plate and simple but awesome sounding reverb. Works perfect as a guitar reverb.

I. Yunakov

10. Januar 2022


Great depth for vocals and nice dimension

B. Walters

7. Januar 2022

Awesome reverb!

Just got this as part of a promo bundle with an Apollo Twin. Already used it a ton on a current project. Sounds killer on vocals and acoustic guitar!

Z. Rivera

5. Januar 2022

Great reverb

Great plate reverb, it's my go to for vocals.. Smooth sound

UAD User

9. Dezember 2021

a good one

not my best but sound nice

R. Cremasco

16. November 2021

Nice and Neat

Simple but lacking nothing. I’d love to have a mid control but that’s not common in plates anyways.

41-60 von 374 Ergebnisse