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Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance


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J. Grindstaff

19. Juli 2020

Absolutely Necessary !!!

As always Universal Audio gets the full 5 star treatment. I love this plugin for all its intended uses. It gets ran through it’s paces on all my mixes since I bought it. Get one and see for yourself.

R. Bernatchez

17. Juli 2020


Ce plugin grossit la voie d’une façon magique. I love !!!!

A. Lepori

14. Juli 2020

Its name says it all

Unmissable secret weapon


Andrea Lepori

The Rolling Stones
U2 The Europa EP
U2 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - The Gotham Experience
U2 E+I European Tour
U2 The Blackout - Vid Mix, Songs of Experience
U2 One Tree Hill - St Francis Hotel Remix, The Joshua Tree
Régine Chassagne - Arcade Fire
Jack Savoretti, Stealth, Violetta Zironi, Kevin Simm, George The Poet,
Island Records, BMG/Chrysalis, Universal Music UK, Ultra Music

The Mix Room - Studio45


B. Mora

13. Juli 2020

Quick and easy low EQ boost

Male voice, kick drum, even bass. Can't be any easier or quicker. Plays well with any EQ/strip.

R. Denisov

8. Juli 2020

Not bad

a good alternative to Rbass

J. Marshall

6. Juli 2020

Useful for adding weight

I am mostly using this for adding some weight to my voice for voiceovers at the moment. Will need to experiment more with it on drums and other instruments.

b. lugay

3. Juli 2020

Bass heaven

Love this on bass n drums great simple plugin.

b. lugay

3. Juli 2020

Bass heaven

Love this on bass n drums great simple plugin.

N. Pinto

1. Juli 2020

Simple and powerful.

Work as expected. Perfect on low end elements & vocals.

L. Isaac

1. Juli 2020

2 knob wonder

Does exactly what it says on the tin. It's a goddamn Christmas miracle!

T. Akdeniz

30. Juni 2020

Low End Game-Changer

Simple operation to really shape the low end of a mix. Has sounded great on kicks, electric bass, and lower register vocals.

J. Volinsky

27. Juni 2020

Fat Bass Sounds

This will give you that fat,deep,rich bass sound you’ve been looking for. It’s a great buy especially at the half yearly price!

B. Lewis

27. Juni 2020

Boom Boom Boom

This little gem of a plug-in makes it very easy to identify and enhance the bass drum and with a very short amount of work turn it into the sound I’m looking for.

M. Biniaz

26. Juni 2020

Great little plugin !!

Love this plugin on kick drums and boost up a bit does magic !!

D. Bishop

25. Juni 2020


If I could, I would put it on everything!

H. Christiansen

24. Juni 2020

sehr gut

sehr guter Sound - gut zur Bearbeitubg aller tiefen Frequenzen

UAD User

24. Juni 2020

Wide Fat Bass

Add it to your analog synth bass and live bass sounds and wow! Fatness!

D. Berriman

24. Juni 2020

One word...


P. Rackley

20. Juni 2020

Nice for Bass clarity and Energy

This plugin is very cool for clarity of bass. It is definitely one that I will be using more!

A. Al Raisi

20. Juni 2020


its give Body to the Bass !!! like 3D ...

101-120 von 592 Ergebnisse