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Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance


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E. Zorgman

29. November 2023

Weapon of choice

Great on vocals, great on bass, great on master channel. This plugin provides a lot of juice. Experiment and give it a go. This adds character, as well as a unique drive to the sound.

J. Kelly

20. Oktober 2023


secret weapon. low on kick, 200hz on snare.

J. Kelly

20. Oktober 2023


secret weapon. low on kick, 200hz on snare.

J. Aguilar

16. Oktober 2023

Awesome Basses!

This literally make my kick and bass sound so huge!

M. Kozlowsky

15. Oktober 2023

Nice plugin

R. Sortwell

10. Oktober 2023

Voice of god

Great little exciter, using it a lot

T. Cherry

20. September 2023

Game Changer!

OMG I love this plugin! You don’t have to twist knobs…just put it on your kick and/or bass. From stock, it changes the sound!


13. September 2023

Voive Of God

Had heard about the pro's to using within professional mixes. It is subtle and powerful when used within the laws of perceived hearing.✅✅

F. Verjux

10. August 2023


God has a very low voice ! It adds really useful sub to kick or bass. I love it

J. Vranken

4. August 2023

This works instantly

I know there are a lot of comparisons between a regular EQ and VOG but try it and you will hear it does something else. Immediate deep punch to all frequencies you want in your tracks! Amazing UAD nailed it again!


22. Juli 2023

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance


C. Domenico

28. Juni 2023

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

we buys things where we are convinced that needs them, unfortunately one catches oneself again and again that one actually could have done without. But in between you grab the right thing, something unusual and, above all, without an expiry date. the little labs is just such a thing, ingenious and without an expiry date :-)

C. Velandia

9. Juni 2023

Big low end

You could say this is a one trick pony.... but what a trick it is!!

M. Grodzki

11. April 2023


Das Teil macht genau was es soll in dem Arbeitsbereich!! Kann es nur empfehlen.

F. Aiello

29. März 2023


Amazing tool to enhance low end, great sound and easy to use.
Very useful preset too.
Gave new life to tom track in my last work!
Thanks UAD

S. Hen

20. Februar 2023

Little Labs - VOG

Hello there.
At first I used the trial , And after using it for the first time , I must tell you that plugin is totally insane!!!!
That plugin push my kick low end and make it in the front of the mix and he did it without destroy my kick and the low end!
I went quickly like psycho to the uad website to purchese it.
100 star!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Lardinois

17. Januar 2023

Voice Overs from Heaven

There's not much to say except this is the deep voice magic formula. Fantastic for male voice overs or any deep voice. You'll sound like a voice from the heavens with very little effort.

J. Berthier

14. Januar 2023

I use it on kick and bass

Haven't used it on vocals yet, but definitely useful when your recorded bass drum lacks boom and sub, and also to add a nice, powerful body to a bass; can sometimes save a badly recorded instrument...

B. Lyons

14. Januar 2023

It does what it says!

Sounds great on 808’s and drums!

c. rosario

12. Januar 2023

Game changer

I literally just got up grab a cuppa coffee headed into my studio, pulled up the bass track and this plug-in made a big difference
All I can say is wow!!

1-20 von 608 Ergebnisse

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