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Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance


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C. Klutts

14. Juli 2022

I don’t get it - voodoo?

This thing makes zero sense to me. It’s basically a single band eq + wizardry that somehow majestically clears up the low end. Perfect EQ pockets for bass and kick in seconds.

E. Sandoval García

27. Juni 2022


use this on your 808 and you will see god

A. Gray

12. Juni 2022

A little gem

Immediately adds more depth to the bottom end

S. Thajville

29. Mai 2022

The name says it all!!!

I have been using it since i purchased it & i can't get rid of it now!!! So dope Sounding!

J. Nickel

5. Mai 2022

808 hittin hard

808 hittin harder then ever

R. Bexx

25. März 2022

Für den Preis unschlagbar!

Einfach zu bedienen, nutze es insbesondere beim Mastering! Verleiht untenrum Fülle und Magie!

A. Tyler

20. Februar 2022

Magic box

I guess you could try to do this yourself with an EQ plugin and a limiter plugin and a compressor expander plugin but why haha. This is the easiest way to pick a freq/tone in the range of an instrument and then blend it up in parrallell to the dry signal. Miracle on Bass Drums and anything percussive.

UAD User

14. Januar 2022

Krass viel Spass mit Bass!

Love it. So good to spice up your low-end:)

A. Hicks

13. Januar 2022

Bass Necessity

I did not realize that I needed this plug-in until it became a go-to for every bass chain I created. Demo it, try it & you’ll be a believer too. It dials into that perfect bass frequency every time.

UAD User

11. Januar 2022

Does what it says on the tin!

I use this on my double bass section stem and they just sing. I see this as one of those underated secret weapons in low end mixing.

I. Williams

7. Januar 2022

Love it!!!

Happy customer…Great plugin.

M. Haga

31. Dezember 2021

Something for Bass!

Hardware or software, it's up to you! This software is something unbeatable what comes to it's price and how easy it is to use.
Buy it before it will eat your bass.

R. Edwards

29. Dezember 2021


Easy to use and adds thickness to the bottom end where needed.

M. Seven

22. Dezember 2021


How did I make music without this. This thing is everything for bass

UAD User

9. Dezember 2021

love it

he does exactly what we need! love it

j. kozlowski

13. November 2021

crazy on the 808s

deadass just put it on ur 808s or bass and tweak the amplitude knob to taste

S. Tydeman

9. November 2021

It's all about the girth baby!

I have been mixing a rock album and this VOG bass resonance has found itself on each mix I have delivered. It really just gives that thickness that some tracks are missing. Super impressed. Highly Recommend.

g. Kim

24. Oktober 2021

Wholesome, Thick and Warm Bass Maker!!!

I literaly use this Plugin on every Mix Session. Bass, Vocals, Drums,,,, etc... My Best go-to Plugin :)

C. Clivio

8. Oktober 2021

I overlooked this for way too long

Title says it all. Thought this was achieveable with dynamic eqs but its too easy to dial in vog everytime to not use it

T. Callahan

4. Oktober 2021

Big ole bottom

As an engineer that also plays bass in a band this plugin is amazing for tracking bass. I mostly play a thunderbird that just doesn’t have the Sub that I want. This plugin is exactly what I need if i want a super deep, subby bass sound.

21-40 von 593 Ergebnisse