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Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool


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16. Januar 2024

Useful Little tool

For correcting Phase issues and for Time Correction as well.

G. Patro

19. Dezember 2023

One of the best tools during Sound Editing

When we do time correction or waveform allignment during Sound Editing, it simply retrieves phase cancelled low frequencies and vanished elements of sounds

w. gause

14. Dezember 2023



J. Keilig

23. November 2023

Great for fixing phase of tracks with multiple mics

Works perfectly on drums, guitars, bass, whatever. Instead of "mouse-aligning" tracks and flipping the phase with, just take this one and get the best possible phase alignment.

J. Aguilar

16. Oktober 2023

Fix my problems!

Is so easy to solve fast those phasing issues

E. Zorgman

4. Oktober 2023


Works great on aligning kick and bass on electronic music. Also if there are any other disturbances, how it on and make some space. Would love for them to add dial if there is already delay on the track to shift forwards as well.

O. Cuellar

2. August 2023

Great sounds

Gives warmth and add bass to out of phase tracks

T. Bernsdorf

22. Juli 2023

You need this for multi mic’d instruments

I use this primarily on drums, but works great on any multi-mic’d instrument. Adds punch and weight when you align the kick and snare mics to overheads.

B. Paiz

17. Juli 2023

MIA - check your service requests

Bought it. Never got it.

A. Sanchez

7. Juli 2023

Overhead and drum alignment

Comes in handy when your working on drum alignment

R. Evans

7. Juli 2023

Great tool

Does exactly what it says it will do. Great tool.

J. Avera

29. Juni 2023


Perfect tool to keep phase and timing lined up!

I. Lekic

26. Juni 2023


Perfect Alignment tool . i use it on every project

R. Roehrich

9. Juni 2023

Great utility

Perfect for drums

A. Lee

29. März 2023

Weight added

Turn that phase adjust knob and the weight and depth that you never knew was missing suddenly reappears - another essential tool fo the mix engineer.

S. Lontano

5. Februar 2023

Indispensable tools

This is the perfect tool for fixing phase issues With multiple mics recording (like drums).
Love it

J. Lardinois

17. Januar 2023

I've never found this useful.

I just never really use this. I've tried many times, but it's much harder to dial in than competing products considering that it doesn't have any visual feedback. Even though it's possible to dial in just fine, it's not worth the time if you own other, better products.

E. Morgan

16. Januar 2023

Great utility!

I've been using this quite a bit since I got my new Apollo x8 set up.
Been super handy with lining up multiple kick drum mics, overheads and room mics.
Super easy to use, just slowly turn the delay dial until everything fattens up and sounds the way I want it to.
Excellent utility plugin.

V. Ruzicic

12. Januar 2023

Cool one!

So precise and helpful when multichannel is out of phase…great stuff

D. Salepakis

8. Januar 2023

Bass and snares

Very nice plug-in

1-20 von 275 Ergebnisse

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