Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Einfache Korrektur von Phasenproblemen und kreative Farb- und Texturmanipulationen

Mit dem Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool Plug-In für UAD-2 Hardware und Apollo Audio Interfaces lässt sich der unschöne, hohle Kammfilter-Sound reparieren, der entsteht, wenn nicht- und teilweise nicht-phasengenaue Signale gemischt werden. Das von Little Labs autorisierte IBP Phase Alignment Tool Plug-In ist nicht nur Reparatur- sondern auch Kreativwerkzeug, das durch Eingriffe in die Phasenlage die Textur und Farbe des Klangs verändern kann.

Ob Du Direkt- und Mikrofonsignale, die Mikrofonsignale von Akustikgitarre und Gesang, Drum-Mikros oder den Gitarrensound mehrerer Verstärker mischt – mit dem Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool Plug-In lässt sich die Phasenlage schnell und einfach in den Griff bekommen und manipulieren.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Phasenprobleme bei der Abnahme mit mehreren Mikrofonen, bei DI/Mikrofon-Kombinationen und bei Live-Material eliminieren

Deine Mikrofone ohne Rücksicht auf die Phasenlage dort platzieren, wo sie am besten klingen

Die Phasenlage in Echtzeit stufenlos im Bereich von 0°–180° Grad verschieben

Für eine genauere Bearbeitung mit dem Phase Center Schalter zwischen tief- und hochfrequenten Quellen umschalten.


Leistungsfähige und komfortable Emulation der preisgekrönten Little Labs IBP Hardware

Stufenlose Phaseneinstellung zwischen 0° und 180 º und allen Werten dazwischen in Echtzeit

Ermöglicht die Platzierung von Mikrofonen, wo sie am besten klingen, anstatt an eingegrenzten Positionen mit Phasenkohärenz

Löst Phasenprobleme bei Mehrfachmikrofonierungen, DI- / Mikrofon-Kombinationen und für live aufgenommenes Material auf

Low / High "Phase Center" Schalter erlauben Dir die bessere Kontrolle über Klangquellen mit mehr Bass oder entsprechend mehr Höhenanteil

Als zusätzliche Funktion des Plug-Ins kannst Du mit "Delay Adjust" die Phasenlage kontinuierlich digital kontrollieren

Benötigt UAD-2 DSP System oder Apollo Interface


Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

B. Marini

15. Januar 2020

Glad I Have This!!

This is a great tool for keeping things in check!!

P. Sviyazov

2. Januar 2020

Very useful

Daily tool

D. Lacroix

29. Dezember 2019



M. Christopher

29. Dezember 2019

Simple but effective!

This little (!) plug in does a specific job in a very efficient manner. There are no complicated graphical GUI things to ponder over - just move the dials and listen - great for tweaking multi-miked bvox etc when you haven't been as forensic as you could have been with mic phase during setup...inexpensive to boot!

J. Marshall

24. Dezember 2019

handy tool for phase aligning mics

I bought this tool for phase aligning a LDC mic with 2 phase aligned (XY) SDC mics to make tracking acoustic guitar and vocals more straight forward. Being able to manually adjust the phase and hear the results in real time through the UAD console is great.

S. Spillmann

23. Dezember 2019

Tool to have, love it

I work in live with UAD console, very useful.
It remind me same tool in the SSL LIVE300 that I use very often. So cool for some strategic adjustment to make take the place of the signal.

N. Dettenbach

23. Dezember 2019

nice handy tool...

...for phase alignment.

Have/had multiple solutions / plugins from other vendors for that too, but this is the most intuitive and fast workflow tool for me. The "lack" of waveform graphics is a "feature" to me, because i have to use my ears instead trusting any waveform stuff which is not working well in many cases / signals / lead me to "false" results.

By the UAD DSP/FPGA platform it works well "live" (during recording) too.

D. Bylykbashi

18. Dezember 2019


Simple and intuitive, visual spectrum would be nice!

j. Hudes

5. Dezember 2019

I own the hardware too! (for once!)

Really useful tool that I use it on EVERY session that has multiple microphones setup in them. It actually adds a delay control that the hardware doesn't have. For electric guitars, it can literally change everything! On a drum kit, you can get a little bit tighter sound if you spend a bit of time tweaking. It should be free with every Apollo! We're in 2019 and we're still limited to those old fashioned 180 phase buttons that consoles had back in the 60s! What's up with that?

J. Greeuw

28. November 2019

"For when you phase problems"

a simple but useful tool to handle phase problems

D. Fries

19. November 2019

Good for adjusting phase issues for room mic's, drums...

A new version should show the wav files so you can visually align them.

A. Krechmer

18. November 2019

Little Labs Phase

Simple controls, tangible results, nothing more and much needed. 10/10

D. Perini

27. August 2019

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Very useful.

P. Miller

7. August 2019

Phase problem solved

I never knew such a simple phase correction solution existed until I used the Little Labs IBP Phase Alignment Tool.
Thanks heaps

T. Feswick

18. März 2019


An indispensable tool when you need it. Works perfectly!

G. Booker

17. Februar 2019

Great tool

I often don't need a workshop tool like this, but when I do it's invaluable. Mostly drums, let me explain, I run 10 mic's and weed out what i don't need, and once in a while I get out of phase toms interfering with the OH's. When I dial in just the right amount of delay it's like a different kit, open and airy. For years I tried to ignore it, but after demoing this it was blatant and with a coupon or 2, I ordered it. I'm happy to say Phase issues are in my past. Thank You UAD!!!!

R. Kremer

16. Februar 2019

Nice Toy :-)

Nice Toy :-)

a. li

13. Februar 2019


gool tool. It can really bring that focus and punch. Very simple tool ,The little labs helps me dial in the little discrepancies in the mic phase and makes every vocal and instrumental nuance glow. I am able to get separation where i had muddinessbut be sure to read the manual to really understand how it works and what it's doing.

D. Syder

13. Februar 2019

Keep it in phase

Perfect for layering live kicks with samples. Perfect for getting live drum recordings aligned and hitting hard in phase. Have tried the alternative plugins - this is the most intuitive, simple, quick with the best results.

W. Marrera

10. Februar 2019

Very precise

It will guide you if you know what you’re doing