Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool

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Regulärer Preis: $99.00


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Little Labs® IBP Phase Alignment Tool


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G. Hardman

19. September 2018

Invaluable tool for mixing and recording

Great for snare phase issues, drum overheads and any other multi mic source. Very simple and straight forward to use.

p. gaucher

14. Juli 2018


bon couteau suisse avec pas mal d'options et qui m'a permis de résoudre musicalement quelques problèmes de phase sans remettre tout mon mix à plat.

S. Roefs

18. Juni 2018


Good tool for getting to know about phase. But once you understand it there are easier alternatives and this one becomes hardly used and is therefore overpriced.

R. Davis

10. Mai 2018

black boX

I love this little black box...not for what it's meant to do....but it's a creative tool as well....Nice!!!!!

Y. Dayong

4. Mai 2018



J. Rachansky

14. April 2018

Tone masher!

Great for experimenting with new tones in a mix when things sound a little stale.

A. Reverberi

31. März 2018

Back to basics

This is a little nifty tool, does what is it supposed to do and it does it well. Most often than not we forget that great sound on multi-miced instruments comes from good phase coherency, the IBP, just like his hardware counterpart helps you achieve just that without the need of visual reference.

A. Lee

21. März 2018

Could be mistakenly overlooked.....

Wow! what a difference this makes to helping solve phase issues due to plugin latency. I've started to use parallel processing again via an aux send, rather than using plugins on a channel strip with a mix knob (which tends to mean using more plugin instances).

This will now be in EVERY mix

M. Kipp

19. März 2018

Phase alignment tool after re-recoring

I recently did a vocal recording the 3rd time, and was wondering why it did not sound as I expected. Fortunately I remembered the IBP Phase Aligment Tool - and now the result sounds excellent - like I had expected. Somehow the hole in mid-range frequencies disappeared.

M. Vera Sánchez

17. März 2018

Simple and perfect

Simple but very practical. You can adjust the phase step by step, it has worked very well to correct phase errors in grand piano recordings and drums.

K. Sluiter

13. März 2018

great to have in the "toolbox"

Admittedly, I wan't too excited to spend $$ on a plug in that isn't nearly as "sexy" as, say, the Chandler Curve Bender, or the Lexicon 224; but this thing so dang useful!! There's no quicker way to get drum samples in phase with the original drums, or to take the "recorded with a snorkel" sound out of a poorly multi-miked guitar cabinet. Nudging tracks in a DAW does not work nearly as well. Now that I have it, I can't work without it. Thanks to Jonathan Little and UA!

J. Boyd

6. März 2018

IBP Phase liner upper

Yup it does what it says. Too easy to just get on with tracking and stop chasing phasing issues in your mic placement or room.

O. Tewes

5. März 2018

Klein, aber fein

Ein kleines Tool, was einfach zu bedienen ist und im Mix richtig Arbeit sparen kann. Ich wusste vorher nicht, dass ich es wirklich brauche, aber jetzt will ich es nicht mehr missen! Der Sound ist viel definierter und sauberer. Gute Sache!

UAD User

14. Februar 2018

goooood tool

very good tool, I really never cant do a mix without it

L. Alin Gabriel

23. Januar 2018

straight forward

excellent tool, does exactly what is supposed to do.

R. West

17. Januar 2018

small plugin big difference

wasn't sure on this one but after using it on many things, i love it. thanks uad

P. Jonsson

15. Januar 2018

An important tool

Very good for stereo guitar recording

M. Buzniak

27. November 2017

This is a must have tool!

This is a dream come true for me as I'm always kind of crazy about my phase coherence. I love how much control this thing is giving me. Multiple guitar amps with multiple mics? No problem. DI - MIC? No problem. Direct shell mics - overheads? No problem. Thank you UAD, I will sleep so much better now.

D. Kreutzberg

19. November 2017

Nice little tool

It‘ll definitely get its place in my chains. Something that was really missing in my tool box!

p. gandhi

16. November 2017


its very good plugin to solve phase issues, as little tweeking here and there helps alot to improve your mix

61-80 von 234 Ergebnisse