Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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F. Ramirez Rios

13. Juli 2020

A MOST in every production!!

The level and compression on the voice has a magical effect in my final mixes, i'm very happy with this plugin, you must have this on your UAD plugin library.

P. Hoier

13. Juli 2020

The Special One

Fairchild is a special compressor. It kind of have more of everything. More color, more presence; more sound. In cases of what I call "dead source material", typically due to bad digital recordings and/or the sound of early softsynths with obvious weak algorithms, the Fairchild can bring such things to life. Thicken things up, but at the same time it can knock dynamic inconsistencies, as well as inappropriate resonant frequency responses, into place, in just the right way. In other words, this is not an invisible compressor. There's lots of color. Still it's got depth and transparency. But where the LA-2A is more sweet, the Fairchild is more agressive. Especially in the mid-range. And even more the 660. But all in a good and warm way. We're talking the old-school rock'n roll vibe. :)

As I've never tried the original hardware, I can only compare to the competition of other software models. Still I feel enough like a nerd on the Fairchild subject (as I almost have all of the other emu's, and I certainly sense a thin red line between all of them) to conclude the above; the very fairchild sound! I was therefore very excited to try out the UAD models. (I'm fairly new to the UAD game. (What took me so long? :))

Needless to say the UAD Fairchild package, beats the competition on fairly all the above parameters. And where the competition lacks, the UAD kicks in.

If one thing comes to mind, I was quite suprised that the UAD models seem slower in the Time Constants? Not that it sounds that much slower. Maybe just a bit? Maybe it's the metering that differs? Well, if the modelling of the tube technology is done right, such possible real world fluctuations should transfer right over. And as we're talking tubes, they oughta be slower than FET's anyway. So this makes me even more convinced this is the most precise modelling of real world. And it's prefectly convincing on real music. ;-)

G. Fata

12. Juli 2020

Love it!

Exactly what I was hoping to get from this plugin. Simply putting on an insert gives the audio that warm coloration. From there, adding in compression it can be very transparent or really squash the transients. Look forward to using this on all of my tracks.

N. Pinto

1. Juli 2020

Best 670 plugin out there!

By far ;-)

S. van Servellen

26. Juni 2020

My favourite compressor

This Fairchild really adds a unique sound to my mixes I so far was not able to achieve with other plugins. Boosting input adds a subtle warm distortion that gives character to certain instruments. Love that this unit allows parallel compression and side-chain making it versatile as well as awesome sounding.

J. Lee

22. Juni 2020



o. romer

14. Juni 2020

I just like it.

It make sounds alive in a sweet way.

C. Einhorn

2. Juni 2020

Great compressor!

Great compressor! I especially like the pre sets which get me close to what I need depending on the instrument I'm compressing. Easy to use despite its intimidating facade.

Q. Griecken

1. Juni 2020

Wow.. just Wow..

Demo it and compare it to other companies versions of this plugin and you wont be able to live with yourself if you dont buy this one because simply, it is just better. I have been critical about UAD before and how SOME of their plugins are on par with other brands or maybe 2-3% better and 3x-5x more expensive and dont run on your computer DSP but THIS is just amazing. It's a good 10%+ better than other versions and 10% is a sh*^ ton in audio. It handles the low end better, it sounds wider, the clarity of each instrument is better and the Mid/Side is something else! If you're not using Mid/Side you're missing out, and its so easy to understand on this Plugin. You also get the Legacy version for free so if you wanna run the legacy version on a Drum Bus to save some DSP and use the New Version on your mix bus you're set! This is gold. Hoping for a SSL 9000 plugin in the future but the Avalon is a great start for Pop/Hip Hop & RnB!

R. Pressman

15. Mai 2020

Bus and mix enhancer

Love using these as gluing tools. I mainly use these on drum busses, vocal tracks, and stereo bus. Hard-pressed to find a mix where I don't use one of these nowadays.

B. Senter

30. April 2020

Sound great!

Adds warmth!

L. Liu

24. April 2020

warm tubey sound

this compressor really adds a warmth and shine to any track. love it!

D. Godleman

18. April 2020

Tube limiter

Tube based warm limiter

R. Gun

4. April 2020

special thing

It behaves like expected. The newer Version sounds even more expressive, makes the snare come out, does compress the lower frequencies.
The upgrade now has a sidechain filter, but still no real sidechain in the DAW.
The GUI is ugly as before, now even larger and some useless graphics show a PCB.
The Power i requires is not so high as other new incarnations have on this platform.
In general i would say a nice compressor not for every signal but when it matches then it sounds incredible dense, it was a finalizer for records and thats what its specs are.

D. Scheffler

7. März 2020

It's like hugging a hot girl

I use my 670 subtlety on my main mix bus giving only .5 to 1db of compression and the only way I can describe it is like hugging a beautiful woman. It just gives that something extra to the sound that is uplifting, cohesive and gives you a sense of "mmmmm"

R. Maynard

24. Januar 2020


Another wonderful collection from your good friends at Universal Audio. If you don't have these ,do yourself a favor ,and get this.

R. Maynard

24. Januar 2020


Another wonderful collection from your good friends at Universal Audio. If you don't have these ,do yourself a favor ,and get this.

O. Dramaretskiy

14. Januar 2020

Very good!!!

Very very good!!!!!!

I. Semenov

13. Januar 2020

Best truly sound of real equipment

The best paint for mixbus. Unique plugin with unrepeatable sound character. Number one emulation of real firechild.

P. Sviyazov

2. Januar 2020


Favourite midside unit on every mixbus

21-40 von 644 Ergebnisse