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Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier


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N. Bufkin

5. Februar 2017

Holy Smokes!

My brain and my ears just can't reconcile that I am hearing sound processed by machine, and not an actual bass amp. It sounds and feels great!

H. Anh Minh

27. Januar 2017


I used it on every project,awsome

R. Embick

27. Januar 2017


Recording engineer in Portland, OR (Gladys Knight, Kiss, June Pointer, Richard Perry, Milli Vanilli) ha! - great for work flow - great for sound - looks great (just kidding). This Amp was always at the top of the list, so wonderful not to lug it around!! KUDOS UAD TEAM!!!!

P. Wessman

21. Januar 2017


Sounds like The real shit

A. Leger

20. Januar 2017

Best bass amp emulation I've heard!

I've never owned a real bass amp, but to my hears this is a close as you get to the real thing. Instant punch. snap and weight. Turns a good bass tone into a great one. I especially like playing the D.I. presets in Unison mode thru a little compression. Highly recommended!

J. Russell

14. Januar 2017


In my opinion there are only 2 things any bass player needs. A P Bass and an SVT. This plug brings the live SVT/8x10 Thunder into a studio setting.

S. Pappinen Hillert

12. Januar 2017


Do exactly what I hoped it would do. Creates great middy bass sounds.

r. pierrot

9. Januar 2017

LOVE IT!!!!!!

What more can I say...This thing is AMAZING! Glad I made the move over to UAD....SansAmp is great but this thing is the Real Deal Holyfield!

B. Weik

8. Januar 2017

Fantastic tone, decided to purchase within 5 mins of authorizing demo!!

I’ve been tracking my bass DI for years. Not a bad sound, but sometimes my bass sounded ‘flat’ in the mix. I was considering getting a small bass amp and micing it to blend it with the DI signal. I demoed this over Christmas and decided to purchase within 5 mins of using the demo! The tone is incredible! Love the many cab and mic simulations – this would take all day to do in the real world! Instantly decided to abandon the real amp scenario, no need now!! I’m blown away by the tone I’m getting. Sounds just like the real thing! I should also note i've tried many bass amp sims before, nothing comes close to this! Best out there. Great purchase! Highly recommend it!

A. Thapar

4. Januar 2017

Brilliant and simple.

So easy to dial in the sound I want, especially compared to other amp sims I've used. I tried them all B2B and this one gets me the sound I want super quickly.

M. Tomko

4. Januar 2017

Startlingly Accurate

I was relatively shocked at how good this sounds with just a budget Ibanez bass plugged in direct. This is the far superior Ampeg plugin from the UAD collection and it is already becoming indispensable for me. Also, love the included noise gate!

A. Moest

28. Dezember 2016

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Why break your back lugging a massive bass cab into the studio when this sounds as good.

C. Laine

26. Dezember 2016


its a whole new world out there and this is the shit

C. Laine

26. Dezember 2016


its a whole new world out there and this is the shit

M. Wilkes

25. Dezember 2016


This plug along with the svt 3 pro really give me a nice ric-o sound.

T. Prilesky

23. Dezember 2016

Amazing! Well worth it.

I have a ton of great plugins from UAD and this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review.
I feel the Ampeg SVT-VR does a better job than I could in all but the most ideal bass re-amp situation, and I've done a lot of bass recording over the years.
Very convincing simulation of a bass amp, all of the notes are evenly produced, sounds big, pretty much mixes itself!
I bought UAD's Bass Amp Room and was very disappointed. Very happy now to have the Ampeg, might be my happiest UAD purchase to date.

d. diersing

22. Dezember 2016

Mixing bass :)

Great, sitten in the mix!

O. Lamas

20. Dezember 2016


So, I had a session that included laying down some bass tracks. I asked the bass player to come in the night before to set up. He showed up with no rig. I downloaded the trial version of this beast and BAM. I could not get the Bass player to stop playing through it. He was immediately hooked, as was I. I bought the thing on the spot (while the bass player played on). I LOVE this thing. Simply perfect tones in whatever situation you throw at it.

m. zallio

13. Dezember 2016

The truth

Never worry about looking for a real bass sound again, just put the ampeg bass amplifier and enjoy with the multiple possibilities of embellish the sound.
Or you can duplicate the original bass track and put the ampeg in the new track and play with the fader to mix the two sounds


13. Dezember 2016

Great amp simulation

Cut through the mix every time! Great presets!

201-220 von 275 Ergebnisse