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Manley Tube Preamp

Manley Tube Preamp

Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.

Erhalte klaren, weichen Manley-Röhrensound für deine Vocals, Bässe und mehr.

Manley Röhren-Mikrofonvorverstärker sind ein moderner Klassiker und verleihen jedem Signal, das sie durchläuft, unverwechselbare Klarheit und Details. Jetzt kannst Du den harmonisch "lebendigen" ClassA-Sound in einem einfachen Unison™-fähigem Plug-in erhalten, das perfekt für Apollo Audio Interface User ist.

Jetzt kannst Du:

Vocals und andere Instrumente mit dem weichen, klaren Klang von Manleys Class-A Röhrenmikrofonvorverstärker versehen

In Echtzeit durch den legendären Manley-Vorverstärker aufnehmen mit Apollo Audio Interfaces

Röhren-Detailgenauigkeit und reichhaltiges, komplexes Schaltungsverhalten hinzufügen, um Deine Tracks zum Leben zu erwecken.

Gain Staging und Impedanz des Apollo Mikrofonvorverstärkers über das Manley Preamplifier Plug-in mit Unison™ Technologie einstellen

Einfangen eines modern Classics mit Unison

Einfangen eines modern Classics mit Unison

Das UAD Manley Microphone Preamplifier Plug-in gibt dir die Klarheit und den Schimmer eines Manley Hardware-Vorverstärkers, indem es jede Stufe seiner überdimensionierten Schaltung akkurat modelliert. Dank der UAs Unison Technologie verwischt dieses Plug-in die Grenzen zwischen analog und digital und bietet die gesamte Impedanz, das Gain Staging und die klangliche DNA der Hardware.

Gib Deinen Tracks High-End Schliff

Gib Deinen Tracks High-End Schliff

Wie die Hardware sorgt auch das Manley Preamplifier Plug-in für eine sanfte Hi-Fi-Struktur. Leg es einfach in den Unison-Slot der Konsole Deines Apollo Interfaces oder der LUNA-Software, um Gesang und Bass sofort Leben einzuhauchen, Akustikgitarren und Schlagzeug zu verstärken oder Synthesizern mehr Keck zu verleihen.

Verleihe jeder Quelle Klarheit und Substanz

Verleihe jeder Quelle Klarheit und Substanz

Natürlich ist das Manley Preamplifier Plug-in nicht nur für Apollo-Besitzer gedacht. UAD Hardware Besitzer können das Manley Preamplifier Plug-in zum Mixen und zur Klanggestaltung in der DAW ihrer Wahl verwenden — ohne jemals die Box verlassen zu müssen — und ihre Tracks in reine Manley Röhrenqualität eintauchen.


Manley Tube Preamp

U. Soto

24. Juni 2022



Z. Abresch

16. Juni 2022

Clean, with just the right amount of warmth

This thing sounds beautiful and, from what I can recall of Manleys IRL, is like having a $3000 piece of gear you can use on every recording and every channel. This has become the first piece of my voiceover channel strip and believe me, I tested every single Unison available. Get it, you won't be disappointed. It's like having the heart of a Voxbox without all the unnecessary features.

G. Todaro

7. Juni 2022


I put on all my channel…

S. Rakhmatov

27. Mai 2022

Power Ranger

I haven't heard such amazing warmth for a long time. You can safely sell hardware as this plugin works 99.9% like real hardware

e. stewart

14. Mai 2022


This Tube Pre sounds amazing! I use it more than I use the Voxbox its self. I would recommend this Pre many times over.

M. Lajeuness

5. Mai 2022

Warm and Full

It really takes the edge of some sounds and gives a nice full and round sound. I also love how simple it is to use but the only downside is the presets are not that great. I usually start with a preset then tweak it but most of the presets on this one are just so so.

W. Bene

4. Mai 2022

Really adds some ooomph

I have the Voxbox plug-in but for a quick mojo adder, I simply add this plug-in on my unison and boom! Great tone as all Manley stuff has. Love this plug-in

m. Dream

4. Mai 2022

Super warm

I like it very much

C. Alexander

21. April 2022

Very smooth

I love the sound on my percussion. I make mostly reggae and for live percussion recording it’s a nice sound I’m getting.

M. Pearce

19. April 2022


Nice tone with minimal fuss and system overhead

M. Diaz Velez

17. April 2022

Amazing Sound!!!!!

Really well achieved by UA!!!!! More preamps like this please!!!!

S. Mgele

15. April 2022


My new favourite Virtual Preamp! Love how it rolls off the highs for a buttery smooth and natural sounding vocal. Excellent!

M. Prod

14. April 2022


Very Nice For Vocal ! I like this..

B. Ratiu

11. April 2022

Great to have

Great product, sounds good especially if you know how to use it. Great to have in your computer. Voice sounds warm and more clear.


3. April 2022

Very impressive

I used it for my voice recordings for a rap session. One word: GREAT, WARM, DYNAMIC. Very impressed by the well-resolved bass and precise treble without being aggressive. A masterstroke UAD.woaw


4. März 2022

Great for clear classical voices

I use this mainly for classical voices and it works perfect for the genre.

R. Little

20. Februar 2022

Surprisingly useful

I didn't expect much from this guy, to be honest, but the gentle tube saturation and beefy low end are super useful. I used to use Neve on almost everything, but lately it's about 50/50 with the Manley pre. It's not a fast pre (like API, etc.), but it has a certain swagger to it.

I see people complaining that Voxbox owners don't get it for free. I would certainly have appreciated that! But to be fair, we do get a nice discount, and it offers different features than the Voxbox. It's not just Voxbox minus the compressors & EQ.

K. Haritatos

15. Februar 2022

Secret weapon!

Love it! Not only as unison preamp with my TLM103 but coloring tracks.


14. Februar 2022

Great for classical voices.

I have the avalon preamp and the manley, and as a classical singer, I find it worth to have both, tha manley specially dedicated to the more classically oriented vocals.

j. meza

11. Februar 2022

Manley pre

I love it so much is the best and it works great with my TLM 102