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Waterfall B3


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g. bynes

12. Juli 2024

how do I connect or access the waterfall b3 plug in on my Mac air?

How do I connect to my Nord electro 6d?

K. Kincaid

6. Juli 2024

Tried and bought immediately. Note to UAD: You should make an acoustic guitar emulator.

This is the first virtual instrument I've ever bought immediately on demoing it: Electra 88 Keyboard, also Waterfall Organ and then Waterfall Rotary Speaker. All amazing, almost the second I dropped them into my mix. Instantly legitimate sound.

I'm writing this review to praise it, but also in hopes that Universal Audio will hear my plea for a next-level acoustic guitar emulator (play electric, get acoustic sound). Something better and different than all the other acoustic guitar simulators, something that takes the signal from an electric guitar and then models it through some old vintage blues acoustics, nashville dreadnaughts etc. It would be amazing for in the box recording.

Thanks UA, this stuff is great.

U. Oehm

21. Juni 2024

Alles Gut - Klasse B3 Orgel

Meine Sound-Vorstellungen werden erfüllt. Klasse B3. Ich hatte mal ein B4 VST2 Plugin von NI (das jetzt nicht mehr funktioniert) das mir noch besser gefallen hat. Die hat noch mehr geschmatzt.

N. Andreassen

12. Juni 2024

Beautiful, but unreliable for me

I LOVE how the B3 sounds, when it's working right, but sometimes it only makes harsh noises for me, and on one occasion it started out fine but then suddenly would only play the lowest octave of an already recorded MIDI track. I suspect these are compatibility problems—I'm running this in Cubase on an M2 Mac—but the problems do seem to be unique to this one instrument. I tend not to try to solve these kinds of problems, but instead to switch to a different instrument (even if I don't like it as well), so that I can keep working. In other words, some of the blame for this might be on me and my work habits. I'm more an end user than a tech-person.

J. Chilcott

10. Juni 2024

More than an emulation… it’s an instrument

I used to think B3 organ plug-ins were the same… That is until I tried this one. It surpasses all the others, not only in sound, but in feel as well. Something about Waterfall B3 that allows me to play this thing like an actual instrument as opposed to a simple plug-in emulation. It has immediately become my go to organ plug-in.

C. Thordin

10. Juni 2024

Getting the real sound for unreal small money!

Very useful in the studio...

R. Rutle

2. Juni 2024

Full and juicy

From using competitors B3 emulations, this felt like a wonderful and complete update. Fills in its space in the mix and can carry a song as a lead instrument if you like. The leslie has a wonderful fullness, texture and space to it.

N. Gotzl

16. Mai 2024

Buen audio pero…

El audio es increíble, el unico problema que en pro tools a veces falla y las notas quedan sonando si parar. Para arreglarlo hay que desactivar y volver a activar el plugin

M. Cristea

13. Mai 2024


The best organ plugin.
Congratulations UA!


22. April 2024

The Realest B3 Organ On The Market

This B3 Waterfall Organ Is The Exact Emulation Of The 1958 Hammond B3 Just Amazing Sound Quality.Check It Out For Yourself Peace.

O. Frey

14. April 2024

Best VST Organ I've got to know so far...

...unfortunately UA Connect gets opened in the Background each time I open a DAW project containing a UAD instrument which brings my CPU and RAM down

S. Echevarria

6. April 2024

My new daily driver

Feels like I’m sitting on an actual B3.

S. Katzman

21. Februar 2024

Sounds analog

Sounds exactly like a real moog. Don't know how UA pulls it off, but this is amazing

M. Hale

1. Februar 2024

Perfect Sound

An amazing sounding plugin. Super inspiring and fun. Tones for days for tons of genres.

n. tesla

25. Januar 2024


lovely warn sounding organ with bags of character great addition to my studio

C. Hempel

21. Januar 2024

Nice one

It´s a nice one. Authentic sound. Got it in sale with additional voucher. So no regrets, just fun.

R. Leal

15. Januar 2024

Waterfall B3 Organ

Es muy realista y su manejo recuerda 100% a un B3. El Leslie es muy bueno y la colocación de los micros y otras cosas que te permiten personalizar tu sonido de una manera precisa. También puedes obtener sonidos ásperos si lo deseas, aunque yo soy más dulce. Corre dentro de los DSPs de mi Apollo 6; y eso me llena de alegría especialmente si me encuentro ante una producción densa y cargada de elementos.

A. Scheele

2. Januar 2024

The best vst B3 so far

Love the sound, amazing!

A. Kouthoofd

23. Dezember 2023

The resson I upgraded my bundle.

Awesome stuff. Love it!

E. Roth

20. Dezember 2023

Wonderful, but could be more flexible

I 've used many B3 plugins, and I must say none sound better or offer more fidelity to the B3 sound than the Waterfall. Here's one simple improvement: Flexibility of choice of Midi numbers for choosing manuals and pedals, and flexibility of choice for choosing cc numbers. Why do they have to be fixed?

1-20 von 126 Ergebnisse

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