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Waterfall B3


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S. Saied

20. November 2023


I'm no keyboard player by any stretch but I have used many B3 emulators and this is by far the most realistic. It's very simple to use especially with the number of presets available. Easy to find the right sound and easy to play. I wouldn't even begin to compare this to the real thing in functionality but sound wise, I can't tell a difference between a real B3 and the plug-in.

a. campbell

3. November 2023

on going issues with this plug in

Ive got a load of UAD plugins...but on this one..when working its great..but for some reason, it seems to get overloaded and notes end up changing / depleting in quality like its overloaded..Im playing simple chords..
Also some times, the Leslie does not work...so I end up creating an aux track and bussing in the stand alone leslie..not sure why..I had contacted UAD on thi and reported the issue ..but the issue keeps resurfacing...any body else have some issues surfacing with its plug in?

J. Syoufi

1. November 2023

It's Alive and screamin

To me it sounds the most realistic emulation so far

M. Schisler

1. November 2023

Six stars for sound, two stars for the rest

Waterfall sounds fantastic, but the UI is very minimalistic. The reverse color keys on the far left of the registers cannot be programed to save your own presets, there is no midi automation even for drawbars, so it has to be run in Gig Performer or Cantabile to play live (and the one time hassles of setting up all the automation). But it does sound fantastic. I also own the officially endorsed by Hammond product and find the Waterfall sound to be very complimentary in nature. Would not want to give up either one of them. Six stars for sound quality, two stars for depth of UI control.

It also requires either iLok dongle or an internet connection to use it. For some reason UAD does not provide iLok computer activation like every other plugin maker on the entire planet using iLok protection. Its a major concern for a lot of people commenting in forums. And to make matters worse, UA Connect launches every time you use it unless you uninstall UA Connect, which you can only do if you have a dongle...

T. töteberg

1. November 2023

Good, but details missing

Definitiv great, but the higher you play, the more harsh the sound is. Most plugins have that. also, when u go low, there is too much bass free. I played many Hammonds in my life and had Leslies too. I know what I m talking about. This is good, don't get me wrong but the last final touch on all details is not done....

M. Król

31. Oktober 2023

A Compact B3 that sounds wonderful!

Fantastic B3 emulation that sounds super vibey and realistic! The GUI is not oversized and can even be made smaller (75% scale)! Huuuuge plus! <3 The only downside is the fact the Sound Settings (rotary mechanicals, organ key thuds, organ mechanicals and organ noise floor) are not stored in the presets! Manually setting this every time can be frustratin'. Because of that alone, I'm taking away 2 stars. Dear UA, please fix that! ;)

C. Jensen

17. Oktober 2023


Sounds really good

F. Sparagna

14. Oktober 2023


Love the sound but with a hammond sk1 keyboard you cannot use the drawbars and other cc command in order to control the plugin.

a. falesi

12. Oktober 2023

A great organ, a little effort

No doubt, Waterfall is a great plugin, all the feel, all the nuances, all the vibe of the original. But remember, it's a plugin, so it's obviously a loooot less heavy.

A. Phillips

11. Oktober 2023

Best B3 Out There

I was using another "well known" version and this one just sounds better in the low mids and over all richness of the high end. Not shrill when you push it.

M. King

11. Oktober 2023

Very nice model!

Great sounding Hammond with a nice stereo field! Also very nice that you can change the Leslie belt tension for customized speed change ramps. It is now my go to, over both Halion and Arturia.

W. Essen

10. Oktober 2023

I cannot instal the software

I cannot download. the software what i need more to use the organ?

J. Tait

8. Oktober 2023

Simply the best!! Better than all the rest!

I bet every plug-in that I have that you can’t show me a better sounding Organ in software form. This is simply the best!

A. Macpherson

13. September 2023

Very pleased with this.

Took a chance on this and glad I did. Transforms the ordinary into a great sound .

K. Schulte

30. Juli 2023

Money well spent !!!

So I had a choice between this product, and another that was higher. It was recommended to me that I would be very happy with this one, and they were correct. But since I couldn't compare them side by side, I can't be 100% sure that I chose the best one, but I can't imagine how incredible the other brand would have had to sound to out do this one.

M. Tomlinson

17. Juli 2023

Excellent Reggae B3 Organ Sound

I used to create the Organ bubble for a Reggae track, it was nice that it had a reggae pre-set that I could tweak minimally to get what I was looking for. Wort h the small price tag.

d. white

13. Juli 2023

Very Solid B3

I am not a keyboard player but use VIs from time to time in my own productions and with my clients. Having a great-sounding B3 and rotating speaker is a must with a lot of the music I play. This ticks all the boxes for me... great sounds, easy to use with a good variety of customization. I would definitely recommend it!

M. O'Brien

13. Juli 2023

If Only...

I'd love to write a review but I can't use the software because my version of OSX won't run UA Connect. I was expecting just to download the software as its a native version but you can't.

N. Fragile

10. Juli 2023

The game changer!!!

I have a hammond C3, for work needs I bought several simulations, I was never happy! now things have really changed. Thanks

S. Pereira

5. Juli 2023

A charming instrument!

Waterfall sound has "something" I don't know in the sound that simply makes us believe we are in the presence of a true organ from the Chicago factories where the legend was created.
Congratulations Universal Audio, you've achieved something uncomplicated that makes us believe we're in front of the real thing.

1-20 von 105 Ergebnisse

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