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Waterfall B3


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B. McDade

13. Juli 2022

Awesome swirlyness!

An incredibly faithful recreation of a classic! The ability to fine tune the way you hear the Lesley is alone enough to purchase this wonderful plugin and then add the classic sounds to your pallet? What have you got to lose ? Especially at this price!

A. Smith

8. Juli 2022

Wonderful sounds. Better then Garage Band instrument.

I really enjoyed garage band Hammond B3 organ. The waterfall B3 organ is better. More versatile and realistic. Love it!

H. Svoren

27. Juni 2022

Contender of the best new VI of 2022?

A joy to use! It’s hard to mic up a Leslie and make it sound this good, not to mention keeping a Hammond organ in perfect shape to compete with this. Love the mic choices and setups. The gui has to be one of the best ever - for ANY plugin! The reverb is super cool, as is the way it can go from clean to driven. The «mechanical noises/samples» make it feel very realistic. Since the Leslie sound sooo good I would love the option to use it for other sources as well. Would be interesting to add even more extreme mic setup for more stereo-movement and maybe even stereo-miking for the drum. Happy to live in an age where VI’s and plugs are this good!

E. Bureau

20. Juni 2022

First time I'd actually consider putting a software B3 on a record

This thing sounds awesome! It really feels and sounds like the real deal. Moreover, it's not easy (and requires a lot of gear) to actually record a B3 so truthfully as this! I can always tell when someone used a Nord or similar, but this thing is so good that I'd actually feel comfortable using it on a record.

My only wish is that you'd also get the Leslie as a separate plugin, as it would be stellar on vocals, piano and guitar..

K. Korade

19. Juni 2022

Amazing job UAD!

Incredible sounding, destroys the plug in competition. Amazing job UAD!

D. Lawlor

17. Juni 2022

A must-have

This UAD instrument is an absolute must-have.

T. Jux

14. Juni 2022

Great B3

Plug-in - it’s definitely worth demoing it and I am sure you will end up buying it.

T. Marrison

13. Juni 2022


The new benchmark for virtual B3's. My previous got was the UVI B5, and that still has a richer deeper tone for some applications. But the leslie on the Waterfall is leagues ahead, rich and lush! Great plugin. Please make the leslie independently available so I can stick my guitars through it!

J. Burman

12. Juni 2022

Waterfall wonder

The best B3 software i’ve heard, it’s definatly a good investment!

J. Volinsky

11. Juni 2022

Great Organ/great price.

This is a great sounding organ especially at the current sale price. It is well worth it. FYI. Download process is different from the standard UA plugins because it is one of the Spark plugins.

A. Mtz

11. Juni 2022

with the right controller it feels…

with the right kwrd controller it feels as much as the real thing

d. curtiss

11. Juni 2022


I have waited a long time for a B3 that sounded realistic. The wait is over. This is AMAZING!

s. Horton

11. Juni 2022

Looks good but how does it compare to IK Multimedia Hammond B3-X?

Was quite excited to try this new hammond B3 but was quite dissapointed in what sounds it was capapable of when compared with the IK multimedia Hammond B3-X.
Also the transpose +/- doesnt work!! cant believe they would release this without this working.
Has some great sounds but lacking compared with other B3 plugins.

R. Nagy

10. Juni 2022

Love at first sight

I have many B3-like soft instrument. Some is good enough, some is not so bad and some is horrible. I tried the Waterfall when the Spark had released. It was obvious after a short period than Waterfall is more interesting, more "organic", more authentic representation of B3 in every aspect as the others. Waterfall IS the sound. I like it very much. Thanks the summer sale I could bought it.

G. Waddington

10. Juni 2022

Demo it !! You will end up buying it if you are looking for that true Hammond sound

I have been around Hammonds for over 50 years both using them and repairing them. This is the real deal, but don't take my word for it, just demo it yourself, If you don't end up buying it, you aren't really looking for a Hammond analog, it is simply that good !!

R. Nagy

10. Juni 2022

Love at first sight

I tried Waterfall B3 in that moment when UAD Spark had released. I have many B3 emulating software instrument, but I'm dissatisfied with all of them to some degree. Each is more or less appropriate, but Waterfall B3 is the first that provide the feeling: "this is THE sound". I think currently the Waterfall B3 is the best B3-like software instrument in the market.

N. Brooks

10. Juni 2022

Exceeded expectations

By far the best B3 organ VI that I have ever used. The Leslie cabinet and mic choices are fantastic as well. If this is any indication of UA's future virtual instruments, I am very excited!

E. Hasselberg

6. Juni 2022

Who knows?

Stupid me bought this thing and thought that I was able to use it. So now I am waiting for UAD to release spark for Windows so I can check this thing out.

B. Verbaan

7. April 2022

Beautiful organ

I love this organ! Better than the NI that I tend to use when using software. It does unfortunately make MainStage a little unstable, not being able to prosess audio correctly from time to time, getting popups with error messages.

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