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Volt 1


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R. Ritz

25. November 2023

Volt 1

I was very pleasantly surprised with this interface. I can't recommend it enough.

T. Dlamini

17. Oktober 2023

Volt 1 & 2

I bought volt 1 & 2, one of the road and one for home. I can’t even begin to describe how much of a gap it filled coming from an entry level focusrite. Everyone suddenly sounded better. I’m hoping to get the Apollo soon.

A. Santana

3. Oktober 2023

The small interface of great quality

My first experience with UAD's physical product. And it was simply the best investment, worth the price, and it is far beyond expectations. Thank you!

S. Jones

30. September 2023

Volt 1 Review

I was so excited that I got this interface for Christmas, I hadn’t noticed that every headphone jack I’d plug in would stop working somehow. I didn’t think it was the interface so I never sent it back but my computer has had some issues with my device.

O. Kudin

24. September 2023

Best for small budget

Great interface for daily tasks. Great sound, stable driver and good portability.

M. Gany

29. Juli 2023

Excellente interface audio !

Au départ, je l'ai achetée comme interface audio secondaire mais elle est devenue très vite ma principale ! Je l'utilise tous les jours, avec autant de plaisir !!! La qualité sonore est plus qu'excellente, sa prise en charge plus poussée de l'ASIO mais aussi son support du 192000Hz la rend exceptionnelle tant pour mon utilisation diversifiée que pour la production musicale. J'ai à la fois du plaisir à l'utiliser dans FL Studio que pour écouter de la musique (en lossless quand c'est possible). Rien à redire sur l'interface logicielle ni à la prise en charge matérielle instantanée (sans avoir forcément besoin d'installer quoi que ce soit ^^). Bref, que du bonheur !


29. Juni 2023

Good Interface

I'm not a specialist or musician, but I believe this interface is very good performance for DAW newbies as me.
very good preamp tone(vintage mode is very good for my guitar!), fine grained surface of metal hardware and knobs, ease of use, plug & play and budget friendly. And can get many plugins.
I used instrument/guitar only audio interface before, but I'll never use it.
I connect this to MacBook Air M2 2022, there is no problem.

x. xxx

1. Mai 2023

Definitely be wary of this company

nowadays, an interface must also measure itself against the quality of the software and also the seriousness of the services.
I'm very shocked at uad's methods of gaining tracking access to a local computer by just a simple driverinstallation.
why are you trying to lie to your customers? - really uad? such a preservation gives a deep insight.
people be careful. don't be fooled. there are far better interfaces with much better support / software (e.g motu / focusrite) for making music and a less complicated process of installation.
Unfortunately, you have substantiated my and our concerns about being a dubious company.
never again

R. Pimentel

29. April 2023

Great Interface!

Excellent recording interface... I've been a UAudio user for many years.
From the first PCI boards to plugins... and currently with the Thunderbolt Satellites...I have two Interfaces VOLT 1 ​​and VOLT 2...they are very practical with great sound and very easy to install...the warm VINTAGE button will never be turned off...laughs

M. Katz

24. April 2023

Plug and Play

This small footprint unit does its job and does it well. No complaints. Set up and rolling in minutes. Decent quality and good sound. For the price of admission, I don’t think you’re gonna beat it.

r. weber

28. März 2023

Bitte um Hilfe

Habe ein Volt 276 und ein Volt 1 gekauft und registriert erhalte aber partout keine Sodftware. Antwort auf eine Anfrage habe ich auch keine erhalten. Bitte helfen sie mir.

J. Meinhart

8. März 2023

I guess it works?

I went to my retailer to get an audio interface that doesn't crackle during playback. The Volt 1 KINDA dos that, there are less crackles.
I've submitted a help ticket for troubleshooting and all I get was the same answers I already know. So I listen to music through my television instead of the Volt. Pretty disappointed in the level of "support", but hey, not their problem, they got their money, so I'm not their problem, right?

J. Loureiro

4. März 2023

Pretty straight forward

The most amazing part about the Volt 1 was how simple and straight forward it is... from opening the box to play my guitar using Amplitube within 10 minutes, no complicated configurations or giant downloads, just plug it in, let it install the volt driver and done! It's a really worth product for the money, I've paid 126€ in Portugal. I'm happy with it.

E. Abdalla

3. März 2023

Great Sound

i buy it. Really sound professional and warm with vintage preamp.

J. Gabriel

24. Februar 2023

Good quality

Very good sound quality for this price. Very happy with the purchase.

J. Henry

21. Februar 2023

Great little unit.

This thing just gets out of the way and allows you to focus on creating great music. Been a joy to use, well worth every penny.

r. fernando

5. Februar 2023

Outstanding performance with classy analog vibe design !

recently i bought UAD volt 1 for my youtube channel , it is amazing performing device and its design is outstanding , I'm really enjoy the perfomance and i really fall in love with this classy design

A. Siniavin

25. Januar 2023

Cheap and cheerful!

A wonderful audio interface for recording vocals and instruments, but I was very disappointed by the complete absence of a mixer console, even the simplest mix-console, it is very inconvenient for online collaboration, it is difficult to set up a loopback.

S. Rico Hernandez

30. Dezember 2022

Increíble para el camino

Grabar con Vintage es lo mejor!!

M. Lawrence

26. Dezember 2022

Ua volt 1

There's something wrong with it or it has a ton of feedback.

1-20 von 56 Ergebnisse

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