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UA Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone


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L. van Laer

13. Januar 2023


I’ve been using a Neumann U87 for vocals for several years. On first listen out of the box using a classic vocal preset, the transparency and presence on the DLX surpass the Neumann. Wow.

B. Schumacher

13. Januar 2023

Best innovation since the microphone was invented

I own a Townsend Labs Sphere L22, which is technically the same thing as the DLX before the project was taken over by UA. Additionally I own all of the additional emulations for the UAD system. This is absolutely great. Finally I can use one mic and focus on the recording, taking care of the exact microphone characteristics later. No more testing of multiple mics before recording, often resulting in the performer getting a bit tired of performing already before hitting the record button. UA taking over this product was the best thing that could happen as the production never could keep up with the demand, resulting in long preorder waiting times. And I already experienced first hand how well UA now takes over the support for the buyers of the older Townsend Labs version. It's great to see that the software now also got an update and I hear that they are working on an update of the two UAD plugins for the mic as well. Both thumbs up from me!

2 Artikel