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Nimm mit den besten jemals hergestellten Mikrofonen auf.

Das UA Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone System liefert Dir den Sound klassischer Mikrofone, wie sie von den Beatles und Beyoncé bis hin zu Radiohead und Frank Sinatra verwendet wurden.

Schnapp Dir die Schlüssel zum ultimativen Mikrofonschrank

Mit 38 legendären Mikrofonmodellen von Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Sony und weiteren* liefert das Sphere DLX Deinen Produktionen die begehrtesten Bändchen-, Kondensator- und dynamischen Mikrofone, die je hergestellt wurden.


Finde Dein perfektes Mikrofon in Echtzeit mit Apollo

Mit dem Sphere DLX kannst Du klassische Mikrofontypen vor, während und nach der Aufnahme mit jedem beliebigen Interface in jeder DAW ausprobieren. Und in Verbindung mit einem Apollo Interface kannst Du dies mit nahezu null Latenz tun.

Großer Stereo-Sound und mehr mit einem einzigen Mikrofon

Dank des Doppelmembran-Designs kannst Du mit dem Sphere DLX problemlos Klavier, Schlagzeug, Streicher und mehr in Stereo aufnehmen. Du kannst sogar unterschiedliche Mikrofonmodelle für den linken und rechten Kanal verwenden, um ein facettenreicheres Stereobild zu erhalten. Außerdem kannst Du den Sound von zwei Mono Mikrofonen im Dual-Modus mischen und klassisch klingende Mikrofonkombinationen für Snare Drums und Gitarrenboxen erhalten.

Reduziere den Raumklang für bessere Aufnahmen

Mit IsoSphere™ und seinen professionellen Presets, die auf alles zugeschnitten sind, vom Bedroom-Studio bis hin zu den beliebten Isolationsfiltern von sE Reflexion Filters, Aston Halo, Kaotica Eyeball** und weiteren, lassen sich ungewollte Raumeinflüsse für saubere, professionelle Aufnahmen ganz einfach bändigen.

Gebaut, um ein Leben lang zu halten

Mit zwei goldbeschichteten Membranen und dem geringsten Rauschen aller Mikrofone seiner Klasse stattet das Sphere DLX Dein Studio mit einem erstklassigen Großmembran-Kondensatormikrofon aus, das mit Präzision gebaut wurde, um jahrelang Inspiration für Deine Musik, Podcasts und Voiceovers zu liefern.

Enthält alles, was Du zum Aufnehmen brauchst

Das Sphere DLX Mic kommt direkt mit einem professionellen Shockmount, einem 7,5m Kabel, einem Stativadapter und einem robusten Trage-Case — damit Du im Handumdrehen mit dem Sound legendärer Mikrofone kreativ werden kannst.

Nimm mit 38 der begehrtesten Bändchen-, Kondensator- und dynamischen Mikrofone auf

Ändere Mikrofontyp, Richtcharakteristik und andere Mikrofoneigenschaften, selbst nach der Aufnahme

Hol Dir das ultimative Mikrofonmodeling-System in einem Großmembran-Kondensatormikrofon mit zwei goldbeschichteten Membranen und dem niedrigsten Rauschen aller Mikrofone seiner Klasse

Nimm akustische Gitarren, Streicher, Bläser und vieles mehr in Stereo auf — mit einem einzigen Mikrofon

Inklusive Shockmount, Stativadapter, 7,5m Kabel und Trage-Case

**Alle Marken und Markennamen sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Besitzer und werden nur zur Darstellung der Mikrofone und der Klangbehandlung verwendet, die als Teil der UA Sphere DLX Microphone Software modelliert wurden.


UA Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone



A. Bose

16. Mai 2024

One stop solution!

Wow!! Just what I was looking for! I've tried it on multiple instruments and vocals for various recording sessions, it's incredible and detailed! The software is really easy to use as well!

J. Metzger

14. November 2023

The led

This mic is pretty cool , minus the light show and the fact that you have to place the mic 90 degrees from the actual source seems rather peculiar . I havnt tried every modeled mic as of yet , but notice that the sensitivity seems to be consistent between models . This mic is really quiet which is a plus and set up was a breeze . Sound quality is a solid 8 out of 10 , 9 if the light was removed and 10 if it could capture stereo without having to turn the mic away from the source .

M. Pardalos

19. Oktober 2023

Good but waiting on V2

UA have done a well job making the originally Townsend microphone, and Sphere GUI look sexy. At its core it is a good microphone. Personally I didn’t use it like a Swiss knife, I just found a sound profile I liked and stuck with it. Sadly the sound profiles don’t change the build of the microphone, so whatever Mic-sound I chose, it still had that Sphere artifact highs. Being able to change settings from the control room is very handy! (Pad, polar pattern, lowcut, profile)

If there ever is released a version 2 where the overall quality of the mic is raised, I can’t wait to jump back on it.

R. Miller II

27. September 2023


everything top notch I sild my 1084 rack after using the plugin

P. Singh

10. April 2023

This Mic makes my decision simple.

Awesome Product! Sweet Stereo! I was in the market for a new vocal microphone and this one hit it out of the park! Find the model best suited and the color is there, simplest decision instead of grabbing different mics I can just click a new one and backup vox are separated instantaneously, recording an acoustic? Then just click which one fits the rest of the palate and your mix is clear just from the emulations alone. I’ll use this DLX for life! You can spend your money on the real microphones and I’ll have the audience not know the difference. SWEET DEAL!!!!!

E. Peterson

6. April 2023


I am an owner of the Townsend Labs L22 which is the same as the sphere DLx. It has been the most amazing and versatile mic I’ve ever used. The software is the stuff of science fiction and lets you use the right mic every time and fix it if you didn’t setup properly. I will get more in future and convert all my mics to the l22/ dlx. Thank you to UA for making the best products that help me make my best music.

J. Aponte

17. Februar 2023

Incredible value for the money

I work as a professional musician and voice-over artist and for me, this mic kills it on everything! I've auditioned for tons of major VO jobs with it, many of which were for some of the biggest companies and projects out there, and I've not had any complaints. And what gigs I've booked with it, it's aced it. Having access to a number of the industry standard mics plus extra features to be able to optimize their sound is a big deal, especially at its price point.

By far, my current favorite VO pairing is doing a 50-50 blend of the TLM-103 emulation with the Brauner VM1 emulation. Absolutely fantastic, production-ready sound with very little need to do anything to it. Add onto that the UAD emulation of the Helios Type 69, and you've got a combo that works with just about every kind of VO imaginable.

And that's not even getting into the musical applications either; this has been my go-to mic for recording acoustic guitar and vocals and it aces both of those! Having a massive amount of choices means i can have mics for just about every single style of music. Its' flexibility cannot be overstated. This is a good mic to have in the arsenal.

L. van Laer

13. Januar 2023


I’ve been using a Neumann U87 for vocals for several years. On first listen out of the box using a classic vocal preset, the transparency and presence on the DLX surpass the Neumann. Wow.

B. Schumacher

13. Januar 2023

Best innovation since the microphone was invented

I own a Townsend Labs Sphere L22, which is technically the same thing as the DLX before the project was taken over by UA. Additionally I own all of the additional emulations for the UAD system. This is absolutely great. Finally I can use one mic and focus on the recording, taking care of the exact microphone characteristics later. No more testing of multiple mics before recording, often resulting in the performer getting a bit tired of performing already before hitting the record button. UA taking over this product was the best thing that could happen as the production never could keep up with the demand, resulting in long preorder waiting times. And I already experienced first hand how well UA now takes over the support for the buyers of the older Townsend Labs version. It's great to see that the software now also got an update and I hear that they are working on an update of the two UAD plugins for the mic as well. Both thumbs up from me!