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Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor


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J. Moreland

3. Juni 2019

This upgrade is made of magic

If you’ve read some of the early reviews about how great the CL-1B is on vocals, then you’re aware of how highly regarded this is for it’s smooth compression. These comments are regarding the new MkII version. This was already a very useful tool for Vocals, Bass, Guitar or any other legato sound. The MkII is that on crack AND steroids. With the new sonic upgrade (a friggin’ massive upgrade), I can no longer tell the difference between this and the hardware. Holy cow, this thing on an Overhead drum bus! - makes your drummer sound like he/she has the touch of a master. It beautifully and subtly rounds and softens the top end like nothing else you own. You can practically hear the air molecules bouncing around in the room now. And your singer not only sounds like they have perfect mic technique (as always) but now they have a heft and airiness that I have only heard previously from an actual CL-1B. To sum it up: sound goes in only way and comes out the other side better (now, way better). When you demo it, be sure to tinker with all the switches. The differences between Manual and Fix/Man mode can be massive.

C. Barazarte Lobo

1. Juni 2019


Soy Propietario de la version anterior de este compresor, y sin duda alguna esta actualizacion lo vale . super feliz por este extraordinario trabajo. Felicidades al Equipo de UA.

E. Olsen

13. Mai 2019


Magic in a blue box – or plugged in as software. Seems to work on everything, and make the sound BETTER!

T. Hatfield

12. Januar 2019

Depth and Tone for Days!

This is my favorite compressor, it's my go to for tracking. The detail and fatness is out of this world, just try it! and you'll see.

C. Cox

11. Januar 2019

CL 1 and only

This is by far my favorite compressor on tracking vocals. The Neve 1073 pre paired with this bad boy is one hell of a classic tone and vibe!

A. Picciafuochi

5. Januar 2019

Tube-Tech CL 1B allow me to control with elegantly instruments and vocals

I became passionate about the Hi-Fi world at the tender age of 12, in 1984 I entered the world of sound synthesis, and from then on I became a composer and producer, mainly, of electronic dance music. From an early age I was educated to listen to Classical Music, Lyric and Pop, then Rock, Classic Rock and Jazz-Rock, I slowly covered all music genres. Now that I am a Mixing and Mastering Engineer I have to say thanks to this beautiful Tube-Tech CL 1B that allowed me to elegantly control with softness drums, bass, double bass, voices, wind instruments, brass and reeds in the mastering and mix of Jazz and Fusion. Also on EDM and Techno, when a compression effect to round off the sound is required.

M. Łuczak

15. Dezember 2018

Tube-Tech CL 1B

Sound great and do the job perfectly. Warm, nice, with nice top.

A. Rankin

14. Dezember 2018

amazing on voice

I use this on my vocal chain, nothing comes close to the warmth and clarity. amazing

R. Marant

14. Dezember 2018

Sonido 5 estrellas!!

Todo lo que he leído sobre el CL-1B, es cierto y para bien. Lo compré para las voces y es increíble lo bueno que es.

R. Marant

14. Dezember 2018

Sonido 5 estrellas!!

Todo lo que he leído sobre el CL-1B, es cierto y para bien. Lo compré para las voces y es increíble lo bueno que es.

N. Angiolucci

10. Dezember 2018


Very impressive, maybe my favourite compressor.

H. Anh Minh

9. Dezember 2018

tubetech sound

sound fat,its ok with me

W. Kaiser

11. Oktober 2018


number one

I. Ivanoff

4. Oktober 2018

Perfectly transforms the sound!

Very sensitive knobs. Suitable for everything except maybe the master, because gives a pretty strong color.

C. Moser

17. September 2018

Desert Island Plug-In

I've been lucky enough to use the real CL 1B and this plugin has 99% of the same magic at a fraction of the cost. Everyone knows it sounds amazing on vocals but I also love using it to tighten up bass. Between this and the UAD Fairchild, I can't think of a better virtual "outboard" for compression.


6. Juli 2018

It's lit

This compressor really brightens the signal organically. Making vocals more defined.

G. Mukanowski

3. Juli 2018

Huge sounding compressor!

Great sound. I really love it on vocals and snare. Great job UA!

J. Jordanov

2. Juli 2018

Great and warm compressor!

Works awesomely well! Will be back for more!

J. Scalia

23. Mai 2018

The “Sheppard” of Compression

There is a reason why all these Nashville studio guys use this thing...because it sounds fantastic!
More importantly, it treats audio in a very musical way. You won’t get that obvious GRAB AND YANK that many other comps do. It ever so smoothly sheppards the audio and leads it to the promise land!

J. Scalia

23. Mai 2018

Just use it.

Nashville studio cats have long known this secret weapon. It is amazing how it makes just about anything sound lucious and full with very minimal knob turning.
For me, it’s just about always the neve pre followed by the Tube Tech on the insert.

261-280 von 343 Ergebnisse