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Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor


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j. dominguez

20. März 2023



D. Martinez

15. März 2023

Nice and warm

Title says it all. This thing will definitely get the job done for either recording or any post work.

D. Felix

8. März 2023


I started a trail with this plugin and i had to purchase the next day of using highly recommended

J. Soerensen

18. Februar 2023

Very warm and musical

I really like this plugin, I've used the hardware version in the late nineties and early 2000's and it was my go to compressor. Now I can use multiple instances in a mix, and it sounds awesome.

Z. Abresch

17. Februar 2023

Very musical and warm compression

I love this on synth tracks to give some warmth. The sidechain filtering is really effective. Fixed attack & release makes it truly set & forget.

N. Merrick

16. Februar 2023

Very good.

I have owned and used real Tube-Tech CL 1Bs for years. This is a great plugin!

Y. Worontschak

1. Februar 2023


Possible the most usable comp out there

A. Fotakis

30. Januar 2023

Very good!

Nice plugin

F. Biagiotti

28. Januar 2023

Impressive quality

Impressive how just processing vocals on it just improves 'em, giving them body without ruin all the other aspects, super recommended.

M. Oehmke

15. Januar 2023


One of the best compressors <3

n. Kanchanawat

14. Januar 2023

Great and a standard

1176,la2a, cl1b…. There’s a reason these are the industry standard

F. San Filippo

14. Januar 2023

If you have the 1176, Fairchild, and LA-2A collections, you might consider this next.

A wonderful cross between a Fairchild and an 1176 -- has the controls of an 1176 but the more responsive nature of a variable mu compressor. You can get by without it, and the controls are a little funky and overly sensitive around the sweet spot of the threshold. But it sounds good. Would be nice to have a gain in and out of the plugin, like the native Softube version.

a. vanpourse

14. Januar 2023

Has That Lovely Musical Compression You Hear In Hiphop Tracks

It has that musical compression I hear in HipHop Music...Glad I purchased It

K. Thura

11. Januar 2023

Natural Compression

Great on vocals.

j. king

6. Januar 2023

Excellent compressor

Tube -Tech CL 1B is the only compressor you will ever need for vocals and everything else

F. Massidda

6. Januar 2023



c. rosario

5. Januar 2023


Love it
When you need that classic warmth

M. Zito

3. Januar 2023


Great on vocals!

L. Moreno

3. Januar 2023


No me funcionan los presets

T. Stankiewicz

29. Dezember 2022

One of the top compressors

Perfect pair with Avalon.

1-20 von 294 Ergebnisse

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