Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor


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Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor


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L. Brown

16. Januar 2021

5 Stars

Best compressor I own.


15. Januar 2021

Male Vocals

Demo this on male vocals.. Thats how I discovered its Quality. Im writing this because I purchased it with my Blue Collar Dollars. Its a vocal compressor.

B. Ward

13. Januar 2021


This is an extremely useful compressor that is able to transparently smooth out any source. I have to agree that there is nothing else that can compare to it.

l. lujianfei

9. Januar 2021

Nothing Else Like It

Gives a very good color!

V. Pop Hristov

7. Januar 2021

smooth operator

without this one don't even try to make a vocal chain,it would be a waste of time,same goes for the bass,acoustics etc...i even put this on drums to soften,gather but in the same time spread it a little bit...funny,it's almost indescribable...probobly the best comp on the market...don't think,just buy it

T. Delfini

6. Januar 2021


Gives a very good color!

E. Harper

4. Januar 2021

Nothing Else Like It

Great compressor. There's really nothing else like this. I switched out using my LA-2A's so much now that I have this. Put this after an 1176 for vocals and you'll be amazed!

K. Michael

31. Dezember 2020

Great for tracking vocals!

Incredibly close to the hardware unit, except for at lower threshold values (pumping artifacts are a lot more pronounced in the plugin version), but still an indispensable tool for tracking vocals. Very happy with this purchase!

K. Samuel

30. Dezember 2020


Been hearing about the hardware for years now but wanted to give the UAD emulation a try. Started with the 15 day free trial and on day two I had my credit card ready! #thanksforthe50%off

D. Smith

16. November 2020

A better Emulation than Softtube...

Soft tube do really amazing emulations, until you do a like for like comparison with a Universal Audio version. The UA Tube Tech blows the softtube version out of the water. I guess because it's running on UA's outboard DSP but whatever the reason, way fewer digital artifacts than the soft tube version.

J. Henderson

14. November 2020

Makes vocals a cinch

This thing rules for vox. So easy to dial in and get vox to sit perfectly

J. Monstad

5. November 2020

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

A must have for producers

R. Mahjoub

2. November 2020

Hate it

Nothing compared to the original hardware

J. Mabie

28. Oktober 2020

magic opto

I've tried all the VST opto compressors on vocals to try and get THAT sound. A little EQ and the CL1B and I instantly get the sound I want- up front, super balanced, confident vocal, with no sibilance issues! I love this compressor, can't live without it now.

S. Davis

27. Oktober 2020

mid range push and so smooth

I love the sound of this compressor. It has all of the earmarks of the hardware but I can use more instantiations. It is very smooth with a mid range presence and a little more aggressive than a Summit. It really sounds quite beautiful.

D. Ellington

16. Oktober 2020

My vocal compressor

I love the smoothness of this compressor on RnB and Rap vocals, you can hear when you’re over compressing. Game changer for me.

J. Lukomski

9. Oktober 2020

make it pop

extremely good for pop and hip hop vocals, I love it :)

p. reid

6. Oktober 2020


Bundle of joy ( purchased on custom bundle) with Avalon. Totally satisfied, & I haven’t even delved deep as yet, studio setup just got a lot of love...

D. Martin

29. August 2020

As close to hardware as you can get

Of all the plugins I own (from all manufacturers), this is one that is as close to the hardware as you can get. Very responsive and easy to use. If you've ever used a CL1B, you know that dialing in a balance between Att/Rel can go smoothly or extreme, but once you find the sweet spot, you're completely satisfied.

D. Hampton

27. August 2020

I like the two verison you get, it definitely has it own flavor. The legacy sound more beefy to me, while the MKII has more mid range when using the compressor. I have them both of different vocal chain, with different preamp and mic setting with the Townsend Labs Sphere. Cop it!

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