Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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G. Sharp

22. November 2014

Easy to use in every mix

I give this plug 5 stars, because it will find its way into every mix and is easy to use

S. Smersh

21. November 2014

Better than Waves

Great sounding plugs. Had to knock one star off cause every instance of any of these versions eats up roughly 10% of UAD processing of my Apollo Twin Duo. Means I can't have too many of them up at the same time. Highly recommend getting a quad or octo if you plan on using these across multiple tracks.

C. Garges

20. November 2014

Teletronix La-2A Classic Collection

I'm particular about optical compressors. I love the original LA2A and the LA3A, but I have yet to be excited about any of the "clones" or other types of optical compressors that I've used. I've found the Legacy version of the LA2A to be surprisingly useful. When I finally got around to demoing the Classic Collection, I was REALLY blown away. All three of the units have unique characteristics that make each one useful, but the sound of the silverface LA2A makes the package worth the purchase price. This version of the LA2A is so much closer to the sound of the original units that I've used than any of the hardware clones I've heard. This was an easy purchase for me and I've used the Classic LA2As on every mix I've done since I bought it.

A. Shaw

20. November 2014

Very different from legacy plugin

I ve been using the legacy plug for a while and got pretty comfortable with it. I recently purchased this new one and I using sparing because it sounds very different. I like it but need to continue to experiment to truly figure out which one suits my need more.

P. Martin

17. November 2014

Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

I was finished with a session at the end of the day, before I purchased. After installation, I went back to the project I had been working on and tried these out on several different things in one of the tunes. On bass guitar, vocals and acoustic guitar they all were "jaw dropping." I have used the hardware versions many times through the years, and was so happy to know that I could get the same sound without having to fork over several thousand dollars, not to mention maintaining such wonderful hardware pieces. I think you would be happy to have these in your arsenal.

G. Funes

16. November 2014


A really great plugin but too expensive (regular price).

M. Kinzer

16. November 2014

Love this, powerful, warm, yet subtle

You can tell by looking at these effects that there are not many knobs to turn, so you'd think your options would be kind of coarse. Not so. From the little I know (beginner in the UA world), these instruments allow a surprising variety and depth of sonic manipulation.

T. Friesecke

15. November 2014


So much better than the LA-2A Legacy.
If you just have the Legacy-version and you don´t know, if it makes sence to spend that money for the LA-2A Leveler Collection - just do it.

L. Perillo

15. November 2014

Natural compression

Found the final solution, perfect on acoustic instruments,

D. Powell

14. November 2014

love it...

I remember when it came it reading a review that it wasn't as exciting as the Fairchild updated plugs, etc....... but I have to disagree. I have used it for many applications at this point and it just excelled at all of them..... basically has sounded great no matter what I use it for, just as you would expect the real vintage hardware items to sound.... so, I'm very happy and once again heading into "how can I live without it" mode....

R. Doerfler

14. November 2014

a Variety of usage possibilities

I really enjoy to be able to transport that glueing character of the LA-2A on many different sources of program material. With the altering behavior between the different models you can treat signals almost in the same way as you would with an usual compressor that has attack and release time settings. Besides that, the input and output distortion just works quite magically on some tracks.

N. Palmer

14. November 2014

Slow & sexy

Far superior to the legacy version, these three emulations are a superb tool for bass, brass sections, drum buses - I haven't had the opportunity to try them on vocals yet.
I find the emphasis control critical for the correct response. I'm working on a lot of retro music & they seem to really capture the vibe. True I've never owned the originals but I'm loving these compressors. Be careful not to drive them too hard though as they can easily bring in unwanted distortion. If you like John Barry, Morricine etc then you'll love these beauties!

G. Jennings

14. November 2014

Sounds great

I was already a fan of the freebee version. But I figured I'd be missing out if I didn't get the collection. I can't say I hear much of an improvement (maybe some), only because I liked it so much already. But now I have more models to play with, which makes it worth the money.

C. Brown

14. November 2014


They sound amazing! Leaps and bounds beyond any other compressor emulation I've used, and I've used quite a few

P. Roussel

14. November 2014

I thought the hardware version of the LA-2A sucked....

I've tried countless times to use the LA-2A plug ins from other developers and I always thought to myself this compressor can anyone use this. After using the UAD LA-2A.....I get it.

D. Iljes

14. November 2014


Great update.
Significant sound improvement compared to the legacy version.
Unfair price-ing to existing users.

D. Gillis

13. November 2014

Better than the freebie demo

Very surprised how good, warm, natural and functional these plug-ins are.
I thought the demo was enough and put off buying them.
After putting them to use I wonder why I put it off.

A. Davies

13. November 2014

worth the buy

If you want an LA2A for your in-the-box mix, this is the one. Really, this one has it. Try it and you will see.


J. Boydstun

13. November 2014

It sounds the same...

The same as my thousands in hardware I used to have!! I got all the new collections of the classics and I honestly think they're do everything I always grabbed them for in the real world. Love this UA system. I missed letting my studio go when I retired, but now I have it all back, for a lot less...LOL

S. Suarez

10. November 2014

Very nice comps

Love all! now im using these comps on all of my Techno tunes, thanks Universal Audio.

681-700 von 1089 Ergebnisse