Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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N. Dranov

26. Mai 2015

Easy use + great results = LA2A collection

Well, I bought it and love it. I think everything has already been said in other reviews, but I'd just like to second that: Easy to use and easy to get great sounding results - I really like the serial 1176+LA comp 'trick' on vocals and the LA's on bass, overheads and synth/strings.

N. Franks

18. April 2015


Once again as far as others attempts on such classics UAD far surpasses them. Waves doesn't have shit with their versions but with all due respect to audio, everything can have a use. As far as real these are the ones! I am in love with the LA2 on acoustic guitars which I don't care for much compression on them usually but that one is just awesome sauce for it. The classic analog bundle is just pure bliss and daily uses for me and I don't hesitate their use thus cutting my mix times considerably not wondering what flavor I want.

A. Parish

15. April 2015

LA2A Magic

These plugin are so good they find there way onto most of my tracks.

B. Sheppell

10. April 2015

Very impressed

One of my new favorites. Very glad that I added to my UA collection of plug ins. UA is making some great stuff.

UAD User

8. April 2015


Sounds GGreat! honestly tho the LEGACY version sounds better on vocals then all these to me except the LA 2. The LA 2 is the better of them i feel, on vocals. Worth grabbing and judging on your own though!

J. Barber

5. April 2015

Just Love It

I got this collection voices these work magic. Having three classics for a third of the price of the hardware. THIS IS A MUST HAVE.

D. Young

25. März 2015

I Am A Believer!

I've used quite a few LA-2A's in my day and I was super skeptical when purchasing this plugin.... It didn't take long before i saw its core power! This compressor became my permanent compressor for my vocal chain when tracking/mixing in the box. Male, Female, low voice, a high nasally voice, it doesn't matter! UA made the compressors like virtual tanks!( And not a DSP hog like other units are.) *thumbs up* , Cheers!

J. Pierre

23. März 2015

love it

thx uad for taking my mixes to the next level

B. Miranda

19. März 2015

Sounds great!!!

I have the actual LA-2A at the studio I work at, and I have to say I am surprised how well this emulates the real deal. The only difference is the hardware adds more low end. That's all I noticed. I don't even care about that minor difference. Great plugin for vocals.

S. Gouillard

19. März 2015

So simple and so powerful

Load it and the job is done.

F. Calle

17. März 2015

Worth updating

I take advantage of a promotion and update the stock LA-2A to this collection and it's worth every penny. Each version has his own character and they sound amazing.

B. Klukovic

12. März 2015

Simple and sweet!

My limiter of choice, you can do so much with them on almost all kind of tracks. My favorite combo is a 1176 in front to squeeze and add some dirt with "all-buttons-IN" and then place the LA-2A in the back of it OR vice versa, put a LA-2A at first to limit and to even out the sound a bit (but only a little bit) and the compress it. Unfortunately I cannot give examples, would be too long for this review box.
Another swiss army knife collection, MUST HAVE!

B. Albrecht

16. Februar 2015

Just Amazing - the LA-2A

The most often used compressor in my setting - just a brilliant sound! After years of using it, it still has the "WOW" effect.
The crazy thing is: These emulations sound better than the original analog LA-2A in the studio i am working at the moment...

C. Norgrove

11. Februar 2015

Classic and still the best!

I've been using this collection for a year or so now and I never tire or using it. It adds that classic LA-2A sound to pretty much anything you throw at it, whether you're looking at adding some dirt to a drum track at seriously high settings or just nicely leveling a vocal track, this can do it all from mild to wild. Absolutely in love with this plugin, it finds a way into every one of my mixes in some shape or form. You've got 3 to choose from although I do find myself always using the Silver, I dunno, it just does it for me! Buy it!

A. Lotto

1. Februar 2015

2 knobs ...

2 knobs ... 100 000 combinations of sound pleasure, essential in any mix.

R. Bruno

26. Januar 2015

La-2a review!!

Just plan and simple DOPENESS!!!
Perfect on guitars and on vocals

A. Kornilov

21. Januar 2015

Sound like a stars!

If you want best quality, punch and enhance - take this plug and use all live tracks (vocal, guitars, oboe and more....)

E. Dearatanha

17. Januar 2015

Instances on every track!? Yes please.

I couldn't be happier with this plugin. I pretty much use it on every track on every project.

H. Boomsma

14. Januar 2015

Volume control

This is where it al started with UAD especially the for the D.
so you won't find any better than these. In code that is.


C. Grouard

14. Januar 2015


Of course, I read the reviews before purchasing the LA-2A collection, of course it encouraged me to purchase it, of course I was confident knowing the extreme quality of UA products, of course I'm not a pro, neither mastering engineer nor HFO, of course one could considere that I'm not sufficient an expert to write a review, of course I never used the hardware equivalent BUT what I can tell you is that with these plugins, my music sounds soooooo well! so, what else?

601-620 von 1098 Ergebnisse