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Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection


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M. Song

22. Juni 2020

There are 4 things u need to live

There are 4 things u need to live.
1) Place to sleep
2)Food to eat
3)Clothes to wear
4)Teletronix LA-2A

C. Haeki

22. Juni 2020

best ever

best sound bb

J. Davis

19. Juni 2020

Best you could ask for

If you want that classic tune sound This is it! Truly amazing...I’ve worked with the real thing and the LA2A Grey sounds exactly the same!

F. Fwang

18. Juni 2020

Teletronix La-2a collection good

What a great compressor!

A. Pervaiz

18. Juni 2020

Perfect Compression

Perfect Compression for Vocals and Bass.

S. Adams

17. Juni 2020

LA-2A Vocal Goodness

The LA-2A Silver is the fastest way to get a pro sounding vocal I've come across while tracking. The Grey is useful for instruments and smoothing out a variety of attack times. They bring the sound forward in a non harsh way. Great tools.

j. molina

16. Juni 2020



R. Johnson

16. Juni 2020

UAD LA2A’s are amazing!

Perfect tone... super smooth and adds the perfect amount of colour to my tracks!
Love it!!

J. Banon

16. Juni 2020

Favorite “instant vibe” compressor

For a nice in your face pop/rock vocal you’re still gonna need another compressor in most cases. Normally I’m using 1176LN > LA-2A gray. 1176 will be your speed and LA-2A is your vibe. Just demo it and buy it during the sales! It’s worth it

E. Ok

15. Juni 2020

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

clear handling. Great sound

E. Ok

15. Juni 2020

Helpful tool

Clear handling. Great sound

E. Ok

15. Juni 2020

Helpful tool

Clear handling. Great sound

O. Oredein

14. Juni 2020


The sonic quality and clarity of this collection is amazing. Especially recommend if you have the Legacy version - these are really steps above!

A. Keuter

14. Juni 2020

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection are super !!!

r. wegner

13. Juni 2020

Best Ever

This is the best LA-2A ever **..**

H. Lima

12. Juni 2020


One of my favorite compressors, adds tone and clarity.

A. Kolomvatsos

11. Juni 2020

A must have

Great sound and simple to use

S. Alderton

8. Juni 2020

So much choice

Love the versatility of these

N. Ibañez

17. Mai 2020

Amazing upgrade

I own the LA2A Legacy version and I find it great, but this one is amazing!

G. Merino

15. Mai 2020


by far, the best LA-2A emulation in the market!

181-200 von 1121 Ergebnisse