Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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M. Ferreira

13. Januar 2022

Magic on this one!

One of the Best Plugins, ever!

J. Meese

11. Januar 2022

Excellent sounding plugin

Great plugin, very useful presets as well!

B. Hamann

11. Januar 2022


Only thing I miss is to touch the knobs and making settings by hearing and feeling - but with my special Midi-Controller it feels ok;)...

Great to have it. And with the satelites I can run a lot of them in my mixes:).
Again and again it is astonishing what it sounds like. Not only an EQ for "technical fixes" - it's "sound and character building" in a musical way - I think.

UAD User

11. Januar 2022


The sound you get from this makes it hard to resist putting it on everything! Incredibly musical EQ. It's happy being subtle or in your face. Love it!

M. Blackburn

10. Januar 2022


Super useful, really close sounding with the hardware version.

B. Rovo

4. Januar 2022

Best Pultec Emulation ever!

I’m using this plugin on every single project I work on!

J. Manning

3. Januar 2022

Another classic

Must have.

C. Bors

17. Dezember 2021

Very gentle :)

Wow one of the best, and UA quality

L. Angelici

16. Dezember 2021


A real game changer on my bass sound.

J. Delgado

15. Dezember 2021

Excellent !!

Nice ..!!

G. Tasnádi

10. Dezember 2021

Classic sound

Best emulation on the market.

M. Hoppe

9. Dezember 2021

Full warm sound

I was using this Plugin from other companies before. But this one blows all other version away. Such a rich and warm sound.
Instant buy

UAD User

9. Dezember 2021

classic sheet

sound nice

D. Davis

7. Dezember 2021

What's not to love, it's a Pultec! XD

The ever famous boom and fizz. Most people know the pultec trick where you boost 60 hz and attenuate at the same time. When they made them originally they didn't realize the frequencies weren't quite the same, so you actually scooped out low mids just above the low end frequency you were boosting. That of course got us closer to the Fletcher Munson curve we all love so much. This plug in is really something. UAD makes the best. I have the legacy version and eventually want to get the newest one as it sounds a bit more modern, even though I think it's meant to be a newer take on the vintage EQ.

A. Lindelöf

22. November 2021


I love this collection of Pultec plugins. Putting the EQP-1A on any track makes it sound better just by passing the sound through, like the tape and summing plugins. And if you really need to change the sound it’s done quickly and easily. It keeps the sound natural and smooth without harshness. Among my favourite and most used plugins. Highly recommended.

P. Slater

9. November 2021

Such a difference

I am used to the Waves version and people always told me there was a difference. I was so surprised at how much better it sounds. Waves is very good but this is just perfect

L. Martella

25. Oktober 2021

Great sound

Great plug in, it softens the track where you put it, it also works just by inserting it without turning any knobs.

K. Thabthimthong

13. Oktober 2021


Great sound just put it on a track without rotate any knob. Get better sound when choose some preset from UAD.

P. Wright

8. Oktober 2021


A Flawless emulation of the Pultec EQ. There's only one reason to get this plug-in... ...Character!!!


20. September 2021


I was familiar with other Pulteq emulations, but Universal Audio's is much superior. If you put it on a track without any adjustments it feels and makes a difference. I will do great mixing (at least I hope).

1-20 von 645 Ergebnisse

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