Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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Pultec Passive EQ Collection


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J. Brown

11. Mai 2021

Yes yes yes

A must have in any studio! Can be used on almost anything to warm things up, but I use it mainly on drums to really fatten them up while making them nice and warm. Amazing plug in that works wonderfully. Just like the real thing only cheaper. Get it!

D. Grossman

5. Mai 2021


UA has changed my life in so many ways....But if I had to pick one plugin that has LITERALLY been a game changer...the Pultec. I am fairly new to professional level mixing and mastering...I loop my djembe live ....pretty much everyone agrees that getting the low end is one of the hardest aspects of pro audio mixing....I was stymied and have been for years how to capture my djembe drum. I had everything sphere microphone and 76 UA plugins but it wasn't until I discovered the "Pultec Trick" on the low end that my life got so much easier! Look it up....boost the low end and attenuate at the same time....really shapes the sound!

O. Downie

23. April 2021

Way better tha I thought

To be honest, o thought this was for rock. Just the sound shen you turn it on is nice. I have the B M , but this sounds much richer.

R. Tulloch

23. April 2021

If unicorns were Real (Deciphered Audio)

If unicorns were Real this would be it, Love it on vocals and on my vocal buss, magic i can't do a mix without

D. Long

13. April 2021

The Best Emulation of the lot

I have tried the other emulations of this legendary Eq, but with the UA emulation I love subtle coloration it gives to my vocals, and the smooth high ends that never seems present any distortion even when pushing the gain on the plugin. It's my go to EQ along with the Pro Q3 which I use for surgical cuts when mixing. Great plugin.

B. Paik

11. April 2021


So Good ~~

T. Gregoire

9. April 2021

Alway in my master chain

Absolutely needed.

C. Gramaglia

5. April 2021


Top sounding eq. works a wonder on master buss, vocals, drums and bass (everything basically!)

I. Villareal

2. April 2021

Love it!

This is scarily close to the analog one I had the pleasure of using. The high band just lifts in such a musical way. I would definitely recommend it!

R. Whitfield

30. März 2021

Slowly updating to Analog classics. This is the key item.

All the fully modeled Pultecs! Slowly adding to the legacy classics that came with Apollo Twin X. This was the 1st key purchase to get Pultec everywhere.

C. Brown

24. März 2021

Classic and Straight Forward EQ

A true to life, straight forward emulation of the classic Pultec. Easy enough for beginners and powerful enough for experts. Thanks for keeping my home studio less cluttered.

A. Wadkar

23. März 2021

One Of The Best Eq Plugin Ever

Pultec Eq Character Is Very Smooth And Outstanding

M. Ramos Jiménez

20. März 2021

I love it.

The best Pultec plugin. Load this passive equalizer on any sound and it will make it sound better.

K. Dobracki

18. März 2021

Pultec EQs love :)

When I first boost some frequencies with these plugins I couldn't belive. It's magic, it's like real Pultec! It just worx!@

e. selle

6. März 2021

Puissant efficace précis

Bravo à l’équipe un EQ professionnel un outil indispensable pour un excellent travail.

J. Kim

5. März 2021

It's Real!

I've used many Pultec EQ clone plug-ins so far, but the final choice is the UAD plug-in.
It's the Best.

A. Leclerc

21. Februar 2021


Great sound

D. Dembek

18. Februar 2021

Desert-island EQ

If I was to choose THE ONE EQ - this would be it. It is perfectly balanced and rounded. Simple yet powerful. Corrects the tracks and brings it to life.

A. Ashkenazi

10. Februar 2021

Great on anything but...

Pretty awesome but barely discernible from the Pultec Pro-Legacy.

A. Ashkenazi

10. Februar 2021

Sounds great but so does the pro legacy

It sounds great but I honestly can't tell the difference between this and the pultec pro legacy that comes on the analog classics bundle for free.
I can only notice a slight difference on the bass trick in EQP-1A in both but honestly I think I should've just taken another plugin that doesn't come in the stock for free.

21-40 von 622 Ergebnisse