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AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb


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C. Stimpel

26. Dezember 2018

An industry standard brought to the digital platform.

What's not to love! I've never had the privilege of using the real unit but I can tell you this unit brought a whole new level of creativity for me. It's in ever single mix that I do.

M. L\'Esperance

14. Dezember 2018


Some sounds just personify an era, and this has to be one of the archetype 80's Big Studio reverbs. Sounds exactly as I believe it should, though I've not had the pleasure of using an original hardware unit. One of the more unique verbs in the UA collection, and one I will use a lot, as I am discovering it can be quite capable of subtle realism as well as the famous NonLin type big drum sound. Not included in my Ultimate bundle, but I picked it up as part of the recent 3+1 extra bundle sale. Very glad I did. A great alternative to the ubiquitous Lexicon sound.

T. Urbanski

14. Dezember 2018

Absolutely amazing!

At the time of writing this review, this is in my wish-list and hopefully it'll land in my cart soon!
I just had to buy the cheapest plugin in UA library, to renew my 14 day trial and be able to finish the track I am currently working on. When I loaded my project and hit play, the vocal and drums completely fell apart, only then I realized that the trial has ended.

The richness, the vibe and amazing color that comes from this plugin is something I never heard before from any other reverb. I have a few reverbs in my collection and this one is a monster! I am sure that anyone trying this, won't be able to stop thinking about this plugin every day until they finally got it in their arsenal!

PS I don't even make any 80's flavored music and this thing is irreplaceable.

M. Shahhosseini

9. Dezember 2018

meghdad shahhosseini

very nice sound and warm .

R. Bogdanovic

5. Dezember 2018

Hello '80s

What to say? Amazing! The Ambience program is just stunning!

D. Clarke

3. November 2018

Extremely pleased

Almost three decades ago I often worked in a studio in Nottingbham and had hands on experience of this reverb unit. All these years later I’m bowled over by the accuracy UA have achieved in this plugin. Absolutely fantastic truly amazing.

D. Tidmarsh

15. Oktober 2018

My new ‘go to’

The 80’s in a plugin... I bought this for a a specific mix & is now getting used every time. Amazing plugin!

m. lloyd

10. August 2018


As a user of the original hardware ...I am very grateful for this fantastic virtual version. Its everything I could hope for. Great! From....producer Michael Lloyd

D. Crawford

6. August 2018


Super lovely reverb sounds, easy to fit in a mix...... some interesting things can be done to vocals using non-linear and that too.

N. Antonio

22. Juli 2018



M. Routledge

21. Juli 2018

Sound of the 80's

If you're looking for the perfect 80's drum sounds... look no further. Great sound, very true to the original unit.


13. Juli 2018

Reverb emblématique

Je me la suis procuré dans un bundle, 6 achetés + 2 gratuits. Je n'aurais pas pu l'acheter à 349€, mais franchement j'aurai regretté. Sur un batterie, vous rentrez dans une autre dimension, dans un kif, et moi j'adore. J'adore UAD, j'aimerai juste qu'ils fassent des plugins un peu moins cher, mais la qualité à un coup!

K. Volpe

20. Juni 2018


Such a great reverb. Sounds so much like hardware unit. Really unique and versatile. My only complaint is that it really drains so much UAD memory. Hence, I usually put it on an Aux and not an Insert.

H. Yamamoto

2. Mai 2018

Back to Golden 80's

In the 1980s, it was the sound I admired. Awesome.

E. Brands

26. April 2018

My new reverb I go to first..great job guys

I am a big fan of 80's production and this gets the job done

I. Brooks

9. April 2018

Great Reproduction plugin

Really nice job on this plugin. I can get a lot of the 80’s drum sounds/effects as well as vocal effects with it. All without trying to find the hardware piece or keeping a dinosaur functioning.

T. Tsubaki

3. April 2018

AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb


J. Moore

29. März 2018



H. Kim

19. März 2018

80년대 음악 팬이 아니더라도

상당히 긴 리버브나 모듈레이션이 들어간 리버브 등은 요즘 유행이 아닐지도 모르지만, 전혀 촌스럽지 않게 잔향감을 만들 수 있습니다. 80년대 하면 떠오르는 리버브 중에 하나라서 스네어의 긴 리버브를 떠올리지도 모르겠는데 짧은 룸 리버브도 좋은 공간감을 들려줍니다.

e. hartwell

17. März 2018

Need Reverb?

Need Reverb?
The AMS RMX expanded unit is rather simple to use and full of color.
Drop it on anything! Take a few mins to add or subtract the highs or lows , or five in some of the presets and boooooooom... you can’t go wrong!

81-100 von 294 Ergebnisse