Sonnox® Oxford EQ

Sonnox® Oxford EQ

Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Sonnox® Oxford EQ


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B. Schulz

16. März 2014

The best analytic eq

For me this is the best analytic eq. It has no colouring effect on the sound, but it is perfect to filter out disturbing frequencies without changing the entire sound. For this purpose it is even better suited than the cambridge eq.

D. Wheeler

8. Januar 2014

Should have been better

I did not find this plugin was very effective, a bit disappointing

L. Kasprzyk

3. Dezember 2013

best parametric eq

no discussion needed. very comfortable and fast way to get the sound you want

A. Fuller

25. Oktober 2013

I've heard so many mixed reviews about this eq

Honestly, I didn't hear anything special with this EQ. I don't find it as smooth as everyone is stating. I was really disappointed.

J. Devries

27. September 2013


The EQ itself is very capable, but not worth the 299 price tag. There are many newer EQs with MS and lots more options for that price.

S. Renius

24. September 2013

a little bit to espensive

cool to use, sound is smooth
a little bit to espensive

J. Hudak

11. April 2013

Ellite bundle

Dear UAD,
please add GML option for this wonderfull EQ, and i will buy it for the price immediately.
Also i am wondering when you release other plugs from Ellite bundle. I will buy all of them at once.
Thanks for all great job done !

G. Darmody

15. März 2013


Fast to get what you want from eq ""this is it"" with a b comparison Brain works being over the top for a channel strip and this being the sweet-spot you can just get to that un involved Sonnoxs oxford eq is good . What really is the Swiss army knife eq constraints of host software there ain,t a good choice for not wanting scope and oxford has that most would choose mabe brainworks over most choices channel strip is not going make process that much easier than just going for the eq max g being faithful one way best way is sort of academic until you have gone to some experimentation variances and some of them work great with Sonnoxs oxford because it user friendly .

D. Griffith

18. Januar 2013

A true Desert Island Plug-in

This is a truly great plug-in! It is always #1 or #2 on those "Desert Island" EQ plug-in lists. I don't understand the less than perfect reviews some has given it, which are not based on the sound and performance of the plug-in itself but because Sonnox sells the exact same plug-in.

Since I don't own any Sonnox bundles, it does not get much better than this. The UAD version is a few dollars cheaper than the stand-alone Sonnox Native instance, I had a small discount coupon which lowered the price even more, it takes advantage of my UAD DSP power, & I have been told the interface feels a tad better.

I was very partial to the UAD Cambridge EQ graphical display, This has all that with famous Sonnox sound. Great a addition!

G. Craveiro

11. Januar 2013


I cannot use it because there isn´t an dll on my Powered Plug In Folder... I have to wait for your new Software Update.. 6.4 is not working with oxford...

Guido Craveiro

U. Borjesson

20. November 2012

Clean and smooth

I need an EQ that change what I need to change but with no artifacts and colorizations, as I use like the Pultec, Trident, Helios, when I need character and Cambridge for surgery:-)

I now have the Oxford, to grab, and I do that very often as a Pro sound and mastering engineer.

(One star away from full poll, as it is not 100% comp with Wavelab)

Thanx UA

J. Miguel

9. November 2012

not worth it

If you have the Cambridge why on earth would you get this plugin. The Cambridge is amazing but for a decent prize of 150, but to pay 300 for this Oxford Plug-in. A total rip off. Doesn´t offer any AMAZING differences. If it cost 150 like the Cambridge ... then it would be like either Pizza Hut or Domino Pizza, but for 300 ... no way. Not worth the price.

D. Shkuro

4. Oktober 2012

Transparent and very musical eq!

Must have! That what you need for your DAW,not expensive then original Sony Console (;

J. Perno

1. Oktober 2012

Oxford EQ

The Oxford EQ is the EXACT algorithm as the Sonnox version. After speaking with the East Coast regional manager of UA, I learned that UA didn't market this plugin to people that already own the Sonnox version. This is for people that don't already have the plugin but prefer to have the UAD card handle the DSP processing. It's all a matter of personal preference. And for those of you who think the Cambridge EQ is the same thing, you are mistaken. The Cambridge EQ was UA's best crack at the Oxford type EQ before they had license to sell the real version. The Oxford EQ is the EXACT sonnox authorized version which also comes with 4 different EQ types which the Cambridge doesn't offer.

T. Spirka

30. September 2012

Happy to see more plugins on UAD

With Apollo you can track or monitor through this amazing eq, can't you? So why not to compare it's price to the TDM version? 300 UAD and 350 TDM? 50 less for not having the GML :) Found also much more enjoyable using the uad interface...

L. Hughes

11. September 2012

Amazing EQ but...

This is an absolutely amazing EQ. I own the native version and use it all the time, however I really don't see how the $299 cost for the UA version can be justified. Being a Logic user, I would almost be tempted to buy it anyway if this version included the GML option but it does not.

One point I think is worth mentioning - other users have posted that they don't see why UAD have released this. The reason is this is a third party plugin developed by Sonnox with probably little to no input from UAD. I totally get the point of it, but not at this price and definitely not without GML.

G. Kurtz

9. September 2012

very good

Oxford Native $200
Oxford TDM - AAX $350
Oxford Ua $299

The price is HIGH, i agree, but shoulndt be a surprise to anyone... I think in the future there will be an Oxford bundle at a better price....
Upgrade from cambridge would be cool also, but i dont think they can do this, once sonnox must agree with something like that, and they wont.

This is exactly the same code as native version. A very good eq! Much like cambridge, but not the same, they are different....

Why GML is not an option? Very bad....

K. Dcosta

30. August 2012

WOW! Clean machine

Why do people only think of themselves and whats in front of them only. There are other people out there with less processing power that would welcome this on the UAD-2 Platform.
And guess what some people also are migrating from the old tc cards etc to one UA platform so would love to have all their old dsp'd original plugs on the UA instead.

However $299 LOL is a valid to comment on the high price, especially in this economic climate with less credit at hand to dive in :(

I nearly have all the UA plugs too and just am waiting for this and a couple more others to give up the tc ghost :)

G. Yacobacci

29. August 2012

Nothing To Write Home About

First, I love UAD products and always get excited when new ones come out, unfortunately I have to wait for the next product to get excited........As previously stated the native sonnox version is the same and actually sounds a little better in my opinion. Demo the product and A/B the two before you purchase. I cant wait for V6.4

J. Sosa

21. August 2012

not recomended

I''m sorry guy''s, but this plugin is to expensive, considering you can do the same with the Cambrige EQ. I have the cambrige EQ so why do i have to buy this one??

41-60 von 69 Ergebnisse