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Sonnox® Oxford EQ


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K. Thura

11. Januar 2023

I like it

Great sounding EQ

S. May

24. August 2021

A Go to EQ

Didn't start using this EQ till recently love the different colour settings an enjoy the results I get from it.

D. Torr

30. April 2021

Very transparent!

Nice EQ and very very transparent and good precision!

P. Gent

11. April 2021

Nice "Surgical" EQ

A precise parametric EQ is an essential tool in my vocal chain. For a long time I used the Precision Channel Strip and got good results. Stepping up to the Oxford EQ has taken my workflow to another level though.

This is a really nice EQ to use. I love that you get four EQs in one and I love that you can hide or show the numerical information and even the graph.

M. Oki

4. März 2021

It gets my job done

It's an important tool that gets my job done as expected.

s. donat

24. Januar 2021

great precise eq

great precise eq use it on every tracks. just one things why the Luda 2 version does not have the gml type option like the hdx version?

F. Ullmann

24. Januar 2021

Ein EQ der greift!

...lässt sich gezielt einsetzen, ohne Nebeneffekte. Super Werkzeug.

R. Brook

23. Januar 2021

First choice

I love this eq. My first choice to get exacting, clean eq on every instrument.

b. martial

14. Januar 2021

I like it

Clean, transparent..., powerfull, nice

J. Santos

10. Januar 2021

Another EQ?

Who doesn't have a ton of eq's in their arsenal? This one is getting used more than any other now, sounds great and I love the interface (like all of the Sonnox stuff).

M. Sciotto

25. Dezember 2020

Go to EQ

Great EQ easy to use..sounds great love it on drums.

R. Henry

25. Dezember 2020


I had many of the real units in the studio with a MTR 100 and now I feel at home again.
You get what you pay for as the saying goes. With LUNA it all comes together. I had an
Apollo and they give me the LUNA free. This is what you need to hear. Thank you

R. Paananen

19. Dezember 2020

Still one of the BEST

Great sounding EQ

M. Lleshieshi

18. Dezember 2020

Sonnox EQ

I am useing it as demo plugin . I can say it is awesome very sensitive and clean. Im thinking to buy it . But I didnt decide yet. It would be great a lot if the sonnos would put the grafic form of the track inside plugin

J. Anaka

17. Dezember 2020

Best EQ

Great eq, one of my all time favorites and my go to EQ . I use it on anything from snares to vocals , simply transparent and sounds like a big British console.

イ. オサフネ

1. September 2020

there's no GML type

In fact, this is my favorite EQ. I have used it for 10 years. I will use it in every project. The reason for giving 4 stars is because there is no GML type. I hope to add GML mode like TC Powercore.

UAD User

22. Juni 2020

Best EQ for guitars

The best EQ for eletric guitar!!! Awesome!!!

C. Vurnis

17. Juni 2020

Sounds great on all material !!

This EQ never disappoints !! Always sounds good on everything I use it on !!

UAD User

16. Juni 2020


I enjoy mixing with this eq on my mix bus. Very smooth top end with out the little artifacts you get from boosting.

A. Levy

23. Mai 2020

Powerful Clear EQ

Actually like having 4 different eq's that are super precise and clear.

1-20 von 84 Ergebnisse

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