Sonnox® Oxford EQ

Sonnox® Oxford EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Sonnox® Oxford EQ


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J. Callahan

25. Mai 2018

Great Surgical EQ

I own the native version of this plugin (the code is the same in both). This is a great surgical eq with a very nice character. Don't be fooled by the negative reviews, most are just annoyed at UA for providing the official version after them having bought UA's unofficial Cambridge EQ.

K. Lučinskas

14. Januar 2018

Very musical, always great results

This EQ sounds great even in extreme settings.

D. Kayumov

14. Dezember 2017

Puzzled by the low rating

Musical, powerful. Cambridge EQ is used now extremely seldom.

K. Smith

7. Dezember 2017

Clean, clear, and musical

Faithful to the Oxford console, it's a nice, useful eq on a lot of different things. I mostly use it for output because the top octave or seems a little sweeter than others when brightening a mix. The GUI looks cheap but the sound quality isn't.

m. linett

25. August 2017

great to have it back

Great having this eq back .Thanks UA !

F. Lorenzen

3. Juli 2017

Sehr gut

Der EQ ist am Anfang etwas unübersichtlich und verwirrend aber nach kurzer Arbeitszeit läufts .
Man kann sehr steil damit arbeiten, der Rest ist fast wie immer aufgebaut aber er klingt zudem sehr sehr gut.

e. hartwell

31. März 2017

EQ's are critical

There are so many uses for simple EQ's. The Sonnox Oxford EQ is easy to use, its perfect for ear training instruments to frequency ranges, has a familiar look, and its simple. Having used the base digital eq for years, when I finally puled the trigger on the Oxford EQ, it was seamless transition.
I highly recommend!

L. Alin Gabriel

1. März 2017

High end eq

High end sounding plugin. Good for everything. A little different than the native one. Null test UAD vs UAD : nulls at -144db, Native vs Native : nulls at -144db, UAD vs Native : nulls at -96db.

A. Crute

6. Februar 2017

Flexible, accurate and musical

The Oxford EQ is about the best I’ve ever used - it always has been, all the way back to when a studio I worked at got it on their ProTools TDM rig when it was first released by Sony. (I never got it for my own TDM / HD rig - it was very pricey, especially with the GML option)

When I changed recently to the UA platform I was pleased to see Oxford EQ was available as a UAD plugin, but it was still pricey. I also noted some people saying UA’s Cambridge EQ was as good, so I gave that a try: Cambridge is a decent EQ, but I can’t agree with anyone who says it compares to the Oxford EQ - it just doesn’t! So I bought Oxford instead (although did wait for a good UA offer to come along!)

The Oxford EQ is astonishingly good - and still about the best I’ve ever used, hardware or software. It can range in action from clinical precision through to big broad-strokes, and at all times sounds sweet and "musical". The UAD version lacks the GML model, which is a shame, but there’s a very similar model in there so I don’t think I’ll miss it too much.

j. king

3. Januar 2017

Amazingly good

This eq is excellent, it's very clean and precise on the audio on the mix, I am so happy and satisfied with it, my next eq is will be the neve 1073.

C. Huseyin

4. Dezember 2016


Being on a HDX system, I love how I can save voices by placing the Sonnox EQ on the UAD Chips. The plugin itself is a very tight sounding EQ, great for gain reduction and boosts have body across the spectrum.


10. November 2016

Sonnox - the name says it all

Simple yet powerful eq. I like the surgical capability and transparency on this plug....
Bit pricey.... make use of the UAD custom offers....

D. Powell

16. Juni 2016

Neutral but beautiful... do not let the negative rules fool you!

Most of the negative reviews here are about price and other things that don't have anything to do with the actual sound of the EQ. For those who are saying this is not different than other "transparent" EQs, I just have a hard time believing that they are listening in the most critical ways. This is one of the only EQs I know use where I never fear degrading the signal or altering it beyond my intention. I would never consider running a mix through the Cambridge EQ, for instance... not a chance, and wouldn't use it for critical vocals. With the Oxford, I am not afraid to run a whole mix through it, and that is saying a lot. I am never hesitant to use it...... it is very smooth and never adds harshness or mud.

D. Shaw

6. November 2015

OXFORD EQ - Very Close to the Original

After moving my studio and family down here to Austin and faced with having to mix and edit projects "In Da Box" until studio construction is completed, I needed an EQ on every channel like on my Sony R100's. I was very pleased to find out that the Sonnex Oxford EQ was able to duplicate the original. Before purchase I demoed the Oxford, Manly MP and the Dangerous BAX. I found that I was able to get much more low freq and low mid detailing with the Oxford. And the plugin count lets you use lots of the them, also its very musical, you'll notice that even 15db boosts and cuts won't cause ringing or other artifacts. It's also easy to overlap top or bottom shelves with a parametric. There's a reason Oxford EQ is loved and the plugin is as well!

T. Setter

24. September 2015

Where are the other 4 reviews?

The Oxford page shows that there are 9 "one star" reviews for this EQ. I can only find 5 and am very curious abut the others. Where are the other 4 reviews?

V. Waltinger

29. Juli 2015

Simply great

This EQ is simply great! Fantastic, smooth and super musical on leadvocals. I really love it! This still is one of the best sounding EQs for vocals out there.

S. Ivarsson

27. Juni 2015

Good but faulty in my case

I think it's worth the price, but it gives a really annoying PEW sound every time I start it.

This sound effect seems to be rare so you probably shouldn't let that spook you.

Can you help me out UAD?

5/5 plugin, just... this sound... every time I press play...

K. Nesheim

6. März 2015

Sonnox Oxford eq

This was my go to eq for years on the TC powercore platform. I've been using other eq's for about 9 years.
I bought it today after using it in demo mode on a project, with my Apollo quads. Instant gratification and feels like home.
Great sounding eq, thanks

C. (buck)

7. Oktober 2014

Very Nice!

This a Sonnox there it is there you have it. I own quite a few of the plug in's they offer, and this one is spot on . I wish you guys would handle more of em in the UAD platform

M. Popoola

5. Juli 2014


One thing people need to know is that the investment into UAD platform is bcos of their plugs and DSP. even if Sonnox also have this plugin. The fact that I do not have to use my computer power is why I am buying this plugin. I also want it to be either exactly like Sonnox's or better. Same goes for say bx digital V2 or other plugins that were originally made by other companies. This is why even though I have the Waves API Bundle, I still bought the UAD API versions.

I am also looking forward to UAD making versions of izotopes Ozone and Alloy, so that I can use the UAD version with both my Apollo and Octo card for power when I mix or master.

With all that said, the Oxford EQ is an excellent and transparent plugin, I highly recommend it.

21-40 von 69 Ergebnisse