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Opal Morphing Synthesizer


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T. Salt

14. Januar 2023

Fell in love with three

1st purchased the Ravel piano. Definitely blown away. Opal & Polymax purchased at end of Dec. Glad I did, as super sounds & very easy to use. Songwriters tool kit.

V. József

6. Januar 2023

The sound design is with you.

Unusual hybrid synthesis, ingenious sonic possibilities, impressive filter unit, quality effects section.

A. Bertók

4. Januar 2023

Great synthesizer!

Cool synth. Very easy to use and sounds awesome.

V. German

2. Januar 2023

Great synthesizer!

Cool instrument, interesting presets, easy to manipulate. Very clear sound. Thanks UAD!

J. Maasakkers

1. Januar 2023

Opal-Good sounding synth!

Straightforward user interface and can easily and quickly navigate around and get some great sounds.

S. Campbell

21. Dezember 2022

Needs Organisation!

I was absolutely blown away by how good this sounds. I'm still not the best at sound design, so many of the presets aren't really what suit me. Non the less, its sound and versatility is really impressive. My main issue is how presets are organised. You can't filter certain types of sounds such as keys or bass - you have to scroll through them all...

D. Fore

19. Dezember 2022

Cool synth with very playable, ready-to-go sounds.

I like Opal's straightforward user interface and can easily and quickly navigate around and get some great sounds. Especially funk synth basses! The matrix is essential in dialing in everything just right. I enjoyed this synth enough that I made a preset pack for it on killerpresets.com. I hope UA continues to release original synths that aren't emulations of existing products. Well done!

J. Sanchez

9. Dezember 2022

Sintetizador muy versátil

Gran sonido y múltiples atmósferas gracias a sus facilidad de combinar sus osciladores…. Un sinte con carácter y sonido de gran calidad atemporal

W. Simpkins

6. Dezember 2022


I literally just scored 95% of a short film score on this plug in. It’s my favorite synth plug in right now! So well designed!!

j. nilsson

29. November 2022


Very easy to use and sounds awesome.

j. nilsson

29. November 2022


Very easy to use and sounds awesome.

C. Domenico

11. Oktober 2022

Opal Synth

i like the combination of the virtual analog and wavetables synthesis ... it sounds just wonderful.


1. September 2022

Modern classic

Moder but classic with very good options to modulate the nice (but not so many) presets

C. Valle

28. Juli 2022

Very Good

It is an easy synth to understand. Creating new and interesting sounds can be achieved with a few parameters being changed. It has a rich and deep sound. It is a very good synth.

R. Holladay

23. Juli 2022


Was so happy they finally released this as a non exclusive for Spark. It’s a fantastic synth, combining analogue warmth from their built in plugins with wavetable capabilities, at the price, it’s a great buy.

C. Calinescu

18. Juli 2022

It's Okay

This is an okay synth. Nothing really ground breaking here. The sound is good but the interface doesn't really live up to modern standards. Modulation is done through a matrix rather than drag and drop, there is no MIDI learn functionality, UI is non re-scalable, the ensemble option only includes two voices with no ability to modify the stereo spectrum. If you compare this to Serum it pales. What I like about it is the filter morphing and the decent sounding oscillators. This is simply okay overall. I was expecting something great from UAD.

R. Chiga

14. Juli 2022

Top Synth!

Amazing Sound, I just open it and i want to use more and more

A. Smith

14. Juli 2022

Cool sounds. Inspirational.

This plug-in has limitless inspiration for my music enjoyment. A whole new approach for me. I’ll start learning to play keyboard!

p. ormerod

13. Juli 2022

Good sounding synth!

I’ll be using this on a lot in my future productions

M. DeHaan

12. Juli 2022

Easy architecture, but not much new?

It's ok, but wait for a sale. This brings wavetables to a "moog style" programming interface and has a slightly interesting filter model on top. It misses out on some usability by not having a single button to turn off the effects, and could use more interesting filter types and more aggressive sound design options. For another take on simple, maybe look at Thorn, but everything here is executed pretty well, but doesn't take me easily into new sonic territory. Does seem to be pretty automation friendly in the DAW, but could also use much more modulation in the synth itself.

41-60 von 65 Ergebnisse