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Our infinite, larger-than-life synth that always sounds like a record.

Opal is our epic-sounding flagship synth that's perfect for producers, sound designers, and musicians. This analog-meets-wavetable synth gives you huge-sounding morphing filters and powerful UA effects — yet always keeps you close to album-ready sounds, no matter how deep you explore.

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Läuft auf Deinem Mac oder PC ohne UA-Hardware.

System-Anforderungen: UAD Native Plug-ins laufen sowohl auf macOS 10.15 Catalina oder neuer als auch auf Windows 10 und 11. Schau auf unsere UA-Support-Seite für Systemanforderungen.

  • Get giant, inspiring sounds from the world's best-sounding analog‑meets‑wavetable super synth
  • Use morphing filters, oscillators, LFOs, and noise to unlock new creative paths
  • Add studio-quality UA effects like vintage spring reverb, tape delay, modulation, and authentic 1176 compression
  • Go deep into synthesis without getting lost, thanks to impeccably crafted presets

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Fire Up a Super Synth

Fire Up a Super Synth

Opal's unique analog-meets-wavetable synth engine lets you create epic sounds and craft songs within minutes. With morphing filters, oscillators, LFOs, and noise, Opal is a modern soundscape maker with deep analog roots.

Create with World-Class UA Effects

Create with World-Class UA Effects

With onboard studio-quality UA effects like ambience and vintage spring reverbs, tape delay, modulation, and authentic 1176 audio compression, Opal makes any production fuller, and more professional sounding.

Find Inspiration Fast with Album‑Ready Presets

Find Inspiration Fast with Album‑Ready Presets

Get just the right sound using Opal's gorgeous presets, lovingly crafted by the synth geeks deep within the halls of UA. Curated for fast use across genres, Opal's presets ensure you'll capture inspiration the moment it strikes.


Opal Morphing Synthesizer



G. Lion

28. November 2023

Simply Beautiful

Be warned, if you install this you're writing off the weekend! You won't want to leave it alone. The word "lush" occurred to me most often. It's pretty much everything in an analogue-esque synth you could want with the "morphing" front and centre. If you need some superior leads/poly as well as GORGEOUS pads this has got what you're after in spades. Excellent piece of software.

j. briere

18. November 2023

total rave synth

super sounding rave synth, dark sounds , powerfull morphing bass noises

s. bosewicht

14. November 2023

Triple awesome sonic deliciousness

I own almost every decent software synth out there and Opal is as legit as can be. Luscious complex sounds that are captivating. Just scratching the surface of all this synth can do.

I. Kumpel

9. November 2023

Top synthesizer.

Top synthesizer. Above all praise.


15. Oktober 2023

Possibilities and a great sound

There is depths to exploring the sound, and the sound itself is high quality. Presets show what it is capable of and it is alot, though it will benefit from QOL updates.

W. Manke

15. September 2023


Great Filters! Amazing OSC. Superb effects. BUT....
It's the interface that is what makes Opal stand out. It's so easy to morph from sound to sound and make big changes. And not only hear but SEE the changes you are making. That's how I want to learn about wavetable synthesis. The wavetable sounds themselves are very inspiring, and mixed with the "analog" filter getting great sounds is a snap. This is a perfect pairing with my Prophet 10 and JX synths. The way the UX is designed I don't miss having knobs to tweak, and I love getting to dive into the secondary menus. I'm starting to mess with the matrix and it feels decently easy to navigate to add life to performances. Not just a techno machine like the video, its a great basic to very advanced synth. It makes the speakers jump and its the best synth purchase you will ever make.

J. khan

14. September 2023

Phat sounding synth!

Absolutely Phat sounding synth! Blown away by the quality of this plugin. Sounds real. Put a 1073 after it and an 1176 and have an eargasm

A. Alsatouf

9. August 2023

My new favorite synth

The interface is simple yet so powerful, great sounding synth, I always find myself using it in every single production since purchase.
It’s not just another synth you’ll purchase and forget about, it’s something you’ll always find yourself coming back to.


29. Juli 2023

Amazing sound!

Very good and useful..

A. Hunt

15. Juli 2023

Irritating iLok cloud system

I really want to like this synth but although it worked whilst the trial version was still valid, the moment that expired it tells me I don't have a license even though I bought it and activated the license in iLok. It won't put the license on my computer, only in the iLok cloud. The same with PolyMax. Bought it, now can't use it and I have contacted UAD twice via their support page and have yet to receive a reply which has now been over a week. If I don't hear anything soon I shall be demanding a refund for both products....

D. McEnroe

15. Juli 2023


I am sorry that I have not replied sooner with my review of my products, but I was too busy enjoying them!!
I have the Ox, the Opal, the Electra 88, the PolyMax, and the Waterfall B3.
All of these have exceeded my expectations and have become an integral part of my work. You have delivered extremely good audio products that are stable and immediately accessible through their well thought out interfaces. That is an amazing accomplishment and is the reason I will look forward to eventually buying more products from you.
Thanks and Bravo!!!

J. Caldwell

11. Juli 2023

Sounds expensive but there are some drawback...

Very good sounding VST. There are not a lot of frills and menu options but that is it's charm, to an extent. MIDI learn on any VST in 2023 is a must. Why UA insists on not having this option is beyond me. Just put a right click learn function. Not a lot of wavetable options but the ones that are available are good. The analog emulation is very warm and authentic. The FX section is pretty basic. There is more clicking around and tabs that I care for but the UI is sleek and modern. Overall a good experience.

A. Pasco

5. Juli 2023

Awesome plugin

Great sound, easy to use. Had no issues with download.


2. Juli 2023

Not impressed

I admit that it is well made.....good sound....quite analog ...but not impressed at the moment.
Maybe i'll be back on my opinion.
However good vst

M. Péter

2. Juli 2023

One of the best.

Clear and clever GUI. Nice sounding.

E. Kurth

1. Juli 2023

Sonically nothing essential new, and iLok is a pain

Already owning a number of wavetable synths (Waldorf Blofeld, Largo + Nave, Korg Wavestate + Modwave, uHe Hive, Arturia Pigments,), I had hoped for a fresh, new approach to synthesis. I rate Opal with 3 stars, but subtracted one for "iLok", that keeps nagging me to go online - whenever I use the synth.

B. Haandrikman

1. Juli 2023

can't get it working and I am not stupid

So, 2 hours ago I bought Opal. Ever since been trying to get it working. It is installed, but nowhere to find in Ableton. And I really hate these kind of things. Perhaps because it just happes too often. The installation process was full of errors. But UA connect says it is installed. Not to be found in Ableton. And of course it is saturday night. 2 more days before getting an answer that will probably be disliked by me, because I simply want a refund. I don't wanna spend time installing. Trying to install etc. I wanna make music. And NOT be aggitated. Ok? Just make things that work. Is that so diffictult?

P. Petrillo

30. Juni 2023

Excellent sounding!

Absolute great sounding synth with endless possibilities!

J. Oh

26. Juni 2023

Excellent UI

Easy to use and so versatile

T. Ferreira

19. Juni 2023


Easy to use and sounds great. Using it a lot.