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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Neve Summing


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F. Chatelain

3. Dezember 2022

L'outil parfait pour donner du relief

Avec cet outil de summing, fini les bus avec un son plat / terne ou il faut empiler les plugins pour donner de la présence et du corps. Ici on a 2 contrôles minimaliste pour donner de la présence plus ou moins chaleureuse ou brillante, et un second qui permet de pousser la saturation harmonique Neve. Avec des réglages très subtiles, on travaille vite et la différence s'entend immédiatement dans un bon mix. Une petite pensée pour nos amis sur ProTools / Logic Pro / Cubase etc qui ne peuvent avoir accès à ce Neve Summing ;-)

E. Peterson

17. November 2022

Cool sounds and options

Sounds cool and doesn’t use a ton of cpu on m1. I like the impedance switching to really drive it on drums and vocals. I use it a lot and really dig the sound

J. Long

13. November 2022

A Difference Maker.

After having sometime with this plug. It’s definitely in the process now. I’ll mix it as good as I can first in Reason and then bounce it down and head into Luna just to get the glue and polish that the Neve Summing is giving.. Then ideally, I’ll hand it off to my favorite mastering engineer. I do wish it would make its way to VST format somehow to keep it all in Reason but in the meantime I’ve found a viable solution to implement it. Whatever magic is underneath the hood, it does indeed make a difference.

A. Rosell

8. November 2022

Makes that little extra flavor

This one works so well with the Studer and it makes that little extra flavor that puts beautiful color on my mixes in Luna.

J. Lambert

10. Oktober 2022

Sounds pretty amazing!

This is one powerful tool! I don't own an outboard summing unit- but i have used them! So, my first idea was to send a mix/master to some mastering engineer friends who DO use the real vintage units to see what they thought.
Only one of the three could tell that i hadn't sent my mixes to be mastered by one of the others! Hahaha
Passed my test with flying colors!

A. Scammacca

10. Oktober 2022

Great summing plugin

Works great I use it on all my mixes provides punch depth and clarity

M. Lleshi

30. September 2022


Awesome neve summing . What I wonderful color

R. Tuominen

18. September 2022

Neve Summing

Makes my mixes sound better

P. Lira

1. August 2022

What does it do, really?

I haven't yet heard any improvement to my mix after using the Neve Summing. Is it just hype? Well... back to mixing in Logic.

J. Lowman

27. Juli 2022

only for people new to DAW.

not going to pick up years of key binds, shortcuts, samples areas, and workflows to work in Luna.

A. Smith

14. Juli 2022

It makes fantastic difference!

I finally got a summing buss for Luna. It made a nice difference in my recordings. They actually sound more polished almost like a pro. I have lots more to learn and Neve Summing is a good leap forward.

A. Lozano

14. Juli 2022

Analog Warmth

I've put it on all my buses ever since I got this and it gives the songs a subtle warmth touch. Can't go wrong with Neve Summing.

M. Malloy

6. Juli 2022

Totally legit

I grew up on Neve and I’ll grow old with Neve.

S. Kaiser

4. Juli 2022

Eine weitere Option

Das Neve Summing bietet eine weiter Alternative, den Sound in der Summe oder auf den Bussen, wärmer auszuformen. Wer überlegt, welche Plug ins zu einer Grundausstattung gehören, sollte diese Position mit in Betracht ziehen. Ein, meiner Ansicht nach, hörbarer Unterschied und ein kleiner Beitrag zum guten Mix

D. Daniel

29. Juni 2022

Almost everything you need it to be.

This Neve Summing system is almost everything you need it to be, anywhere from subtle and clear to dirty and crunchy. The only thing missing to make this perfect is a channel instance that speaks to the Bus instance, similar to what other Summing plugins offer.

J. Woods

25. Juni 2022

Sounds great!

I love the feel this gives to a mix.

M. Verblakt

13. Juni 2022

Should have purchased this much earlier

Awesome summing. My mixes sound much more transparent en coherent.

m. boddi

29. Mai 2022

Punch and spatiality

A better perception of the instruments in the mix landscape! fantastic


27. Mai 2022

Why ?

Why it's not avalaible for all DAWs users, not only LUNA ? Such a shame guys.

J. Anderson

22. Januar 2022

Sweet and Hot!

I love the sound of this thing. I like to pop this on my bass and kick and vocs, and also sum the mix with this. I have the API and I like that some songs sound great with Neve, and some with API. It elevates the mix.

1-20 von 67 Ergebnisse

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